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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 54: Exchange Bahasa Indonesia

Before Edward began his creation of the Philosopher’s Stone, he went back to Earth to check on things. It turned out that more than a month had passed during all his experiments and body modification.

So, he spent some time sending letters to his family, friends, and acquaintances to tell them that he was alright.

However, one letter, in particular, surprised him after reading it. Then, with a smile, he accepted the invitation.

The next day, Edward dressed appropriately in his charming black suit. Then, using the floo powder, he teleported to a certain location.

–Scene Break–

Edward appeared in front of a fireplace. He looked around to notice that this house’s architecture was French, there were very old paintings hanging around. Seeing that they were not moving, they were muggle paintings.

At a glance, Edward identified these paintings from the 14th century. Considering the owner of this house, he was not surprised.

Soon afterward, he saw an old man walking from one of the rooms. The man walked very slowly, however, Edward did not care about this; what he cared about was the appearance of the old man.

He appeared decrepit; this person was so old that he looked like even breathing could kill him. He was very skinny; so skinny that even the blowing wind could destroy his body.

Edward looked at the old man while thinking to himself: ‘I guess even my Youth Potion could not help him.’

Then, Edward shook the old man’s hand very gently before saying: “Mr. Flamel, it is an honor to meet you. I have to say, I was quite surprised to receive your invitation.”

“Oh,” replied Nicolas Flamel. “Didn’t you ask Dumbledore to give me your address?

“To be honest, I did not expect him to do it,” replied Edward calmly.

“Then, you do not understand him as much as you think. Dumbledore’s feelings towards you are very complicated. On one hand, he looks forward to your accomplishment and the great changes that you can bring to the wizarding world.

“While at the same time fears that you will travel the same path as him, Grindelwald and even Voldemort. You know, on both occasions, he blamed himself for not stopping these two in time. So, he fears making the same mistake a third time.”

Edward frowned for a moment after hearing this, then he replied: “Well, maybe I have been looking at the Professor through biased eyes. Let’s not talk about this, Mr. Flamel.”

Nicola Flamel nodded and invited Edward to sit down. Then his wife, Perenelle–who was also a very old lady–came in and served tea.

While doing so, she kindly smiled at Edward before saying: “Your Youthful Potion makes me feel at least a hundred years younger.”

Edward smiled back before saying: “I am glad that it is of use to you, Madam.”

Then, the two Grand Alchemists have a little chat before getting into the real reason that they decided to meet: exchange ideas and knowledge.

“Mr. Flamel,” said Edward. “I have a way for us to quickly exchange knowledge if you do not mind. However, the process will be a little painful.”

“Oh,” replied Nicolas with a look of intrigue on his face. “Go ahead!”

He was not afraid of Edward doing anything to him. As long as he lived, Nicolas was no longer afraid of Death. More importantly, ever since Edward walked into his house, he could feel that this young talented magician broke the First Limiter.

From what he heard from Dumbledore, this person was using bloodline modification to do so, meaning he most likely succeeded. Although Nicolas did not know what power Edward received after his transformation, he was sure that it must be very powerful.

So, even if he activated all the enchantments in his house, he didn’t think that he could do anything to Edward. Since he was powerless and defenseless the moment Edward entered his home, he did not need to suspect his motive.

Edward nodded after receiving Nicolas’ consent; then he took out a crown from his bag which has an Undetectable Extension Charm and placed it on his head.

Nicolas Flamel–as a powerful Alchemist–instantly realized the wonder of this crown. After staring at it for a few seconds, he asked: “Is that…?”

“Yes,” replied Edward. “Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem, well one I made myself after copying the original.”

Nicolas Flamel then sighed at Edward’s luck to find such a magical piece of Alchemy wonder and his talent for being able to replicate it.

Meanwhile, after Edward placed the crown on his head, he said: “Are you ready, Mr. Flamel?”

“No problem.”

Then Edward took out his wand and placed the tip on his forehead. A white line came out of his forehead and headed straight for Mr. Flamel’s head. Without hesitation, the old Alchemist allowed the white line to enter his forehead.

Soon, he found himself inside a room that was separated into two. On each side of the room were countless bookcases filled with books. However, one side of the room was extremely large compared to the other.

Then, knowledge of what is going on entered his mind. According to the information, he was in a place referred to as the Mind Palace. The smaller side of the room represented all his knowledge over the past 600 years, while the large one was all of Edward’s knowledge.

For a brief moment, Nicolas Flamel was flabbergasted.

‘My 600 years of accumulation is nothing compared to a wizard in his 20’s?’

After sighing to himself, he soon noticed that Edward had also appeared inside this place. Then he said: “Mr. Flamel, here lies not only your knowledge but also your memories. So, if there is something you do not want me to see, you just have to hide. Now let’s begin.”

After Edward said these words, one book inside of the room from each side flew from one side of the room to another. Following this, the pages of the books started to flip by themselves.

Once they were done, both Edward and Nicolas Flamel felt like another piece of knowledge was added to their minds.

Following the principle of equivalent exchange, Edward traded one book with one another, while focusing more on alchemy as he knew that this was the specialty of Mr. Flamel.

Of course, this method was not completely accurate as no one could evaluate the preciousness of certain knowledge.

So, just like that, the two Grand Alchemists exchanged not only their knowledge but also ideas and experiences.

Two things: First, I decided to change Edward’s height to 1.93m or 6ft 3 as being over 2m was too high and easily noticeable.

Second, I plan to finish the Harry Potter World during this month of August, or early September at the latest, so you guys can look forward to Edward’s adventure in the Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood World. If you can, it’s better to re-watch this anime like I am currently doing, or watch for the first time if you never have. (As one of the greatest anime of all time, you should really watch it if you have not)

Pickup Line: I don’t need to say “accio” to make you come.

Title: “Philosopher’s Stone (II)


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