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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 36: Increase In Strength Bahasa Indonesia

After Edward made the deal with Voldemort and acquired all of his magical knowledge and experience, he spent a few days reviewing all the memories, absorbing them to be a part of himself. Because Voldemort has done countless dark magic experiments, Edward had to absorb happy or positive emotions often through his Patronus Charm.

However, the payoff was worth it. With his abnormal memory and talent for magic, he absorbs all the knowledge in just a few weeks. Because he was so engrossed in his learning process, he almost forgot his rendezvous with Madam Rosmerta. Luckily, Momo reminded him.

After absorbing all these memories, Edward acquired all the skills of Voldemort. All the unique magic he used during his battle against Dumbledore at the Ministry of Magic, the way he can use Unaided Fly, his ability to speak Parseltongue. Well, Edward could already do that, just not as easy or fluent as the Dark Lord.

More importantly, all of his experience. The one thing that Edward always lacked was fighting experience–especially fighting powerful wizards like Dumbledore.

However, from Voldemort’s memory, he experienced all the time that the Dark Lord fought against Dumbledore himself during his rise in the First Wizarding War.

With this experience made up, Edward can say with hundred percent certainty that he is the most knowledgeable wizard in the modern era–except for maybe Nicolas Flamel. However, from his understanding, Flamel is only knowledgeable when it comes to Alchemy, not using spells and the dark arts.

The only thing that prevents him from being the most powerful wizard of modern time is his lack of magical powers, Edward still has not broken through the limit of 25 times the magic power of an adult wizard.

One thing that caught Edward’s interest among all of Voldemort’s experiments was the way that he broke through the 25 times limit. As Edward previously guessed, it had something to do with the Horcruxes.

Every time that Voldemort broke a piece of his soul, an immense magic power wave was produced during the process. What the Dark Lord did was to use his magic core to absorb this excess magic power, then forcibly expand his magic core.

The process is quite excruciating but very effective. Tom discovered this method after he made his second Horcrux after graduating from Hogwarts. According to Edward’s discovery, Voldemort at his peak had a magic power 60 times the average wizard.

This fact first greatly shocked Edward, but he soon realized that it made sense. After all, Dumbledore was barely equal to Voldemort with a powerful wand like the Elder Wand. So, it made sense that he was weaker than Voldemort when it comes to magic powers.

Well, none of that truly mattered to Edward. After knowing how Voldemort broke two shackles of the magic core, he had a plan for his future. Of course, he would not make a Horcrux–unless he discovered a way to make up for the soul after being split.

Although Edward has a tremendous amount of knowledge and understanding of the soul–especially after getting access to Voldemort’s research on the matter, he still did not find a way to make up for a split soul. Even modifying the Soul Section of the Life Code cannot make up for a split soul.

After dealing with all the knowledge of Voldemort, Edward started to ponder for the future. Although he had all the knowledge of the Dark Lord, he was not satisfied; he wanted more.

He wanted all the knowledge of both Dumbledore and Grindelwald. If he manages to accomplish such a thing, then he could not fathom how powerful he would be. At that time, his understanding of magic would reach a realm that even he could not fathom.

Of course, Edward knew that compared to all the truly powerful mages, wizards, and sorcerers throughout countless dimensions, this level cannot be considered anything. However, by doing so, he will set a very steady foundation for himself when he meets these beings in the future.

Now, all he has to do is to find a way to have both these powerful beings sign the contract. However, this is not an easy task to do like both of these people are wizards of extreme will, and will not bend to coercion.

And they would rather die than be forced to do something against their wills, ideologies, or beliefs.

When it comes to Grindelwald, Edward has a vague plan that can be accomplished during the summer of next year after acquiring the Philosopher’s Stone. However, when it comes to Dumbledore, he is quite helpless.

‘Maybe I can use the chaos when the Chamber of Secrets opens next year,’ thought Edward to himself.


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