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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 33: First Meeting Bahasa Indonesia

The map that Edward was looking at was one specially created by him after studying Marauder’s Map. His purpose was to keep track of all the important people of the Wizarding World.

Unlike the Marauder’s map, Edward’s was completely different in certain aspects. For once, his map could track anyone anywhere in the world; in other words, this map was not restricted to just Hogwarts castle.

Of course, such a powerful map also has its restrictions. For starters, if you want a person to appear on the map, you first have to get hold of something of them; it can be their hair, nails, saliva, blood, or a magical item that is very personal to them.

Then, through these items, a powerful Tracking Hex will be used and the name of the person will be shown on the map. Furthermore, Edward has another copy of the map that he brings with him that is linked to this one in the room.

After checking the whereabouts of Quirrell, Edward discovered that he had just teleported to the forest in Albania from Hogwarts’ castle. After seeing this, Edward smiled and also teleported there.

–Scene Break–

Quirrell was standing in a forest with a hood on his face, hiding all of his features. After arriving, he kept looking left and right, as if waiting for something.

“Oh, Quirrell, what have you fallen into?” suddenly said a voice.

After turning around, Quirrell discovered that the person who came turned out to be Edward Bones. Although surprised at first, he remains calm on the surface. After all, his face was completely covered.

“I do not know who this Quirrell you are talking to is,” he responded in a deep and gravy voice.

“You do not need to hide it as I am the one who sent you the secret notes that lured you here. And I am not here to talk to you, but your master hiding behind your turbans.”

As soon as Edward said these words, Quirrell began to attack him.

However, Edward just waved his wand, then the spell was blocked. Then. With a rising motion of his wand, the ground underneath Quirrell’s feet started to shake, following which, a bunch of earth spikes rushed straight to him.

Quirrell used a powerful spell to break all the spikes, however, by the time he was finished, Edwards had already used another spell.

With a jabbing movement of his wand, a powerful wind blast came from the tip of his wand and rushed straight towards Quirrell, who was forced to use the Protego Charm.

Although he managed to somehow block the attack, all the trees around him did not have the same luck. In a radius of a few meters of Quirrell, all the trees were forcibly uplifted by the powerful winds from Edward’s attack.

As for Quirrell, after barely stopping Edward’s spell, one of the pebbles next to him suddenly turned into a giant tail and hit him straight into his abdomen. An act that send the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor flying a few dozens of meters before hitting a tree, and vomited some blood

“Let me take over,” suddenly whispered a voice from Quirrell’s back.

“But master, you are still too weak.”

“If I do not do something, you will either be revealed or killed, thus ruining all my plans. Do you want to be responsible for ruining my plans?”

“I would never, my Lord.”

After that, Voldemort’s soul took control over Quirrell’s body, and Edward noticed the change. In his vision, Quirrell’s magic suddenly turned different; it turned more cold and ruthless.

“So, Tom, are you ready to talk to me now?”

However, the response that Edward received was an Aveda Kedavra. A powerful greenlight rushed straight towards him from Quirrell’s wand.

With a whoosh sound, Edward disappeared and appeared behind Quirrell’s back. With a wave of his wand, a bright red fireball rushed straight towards his opponent.

However, Voldemort also disapparated from his position and apparated next to his opponent, then he opened his mouth and spewed out a snake-shaped fire: this was Fiendfyre. Edward’s fireball changed direction, unfortunately, it was swallowed by the snake.

Knowing that he could not be as casual when fighting Quirrell, and having no desire to continue this charade of a battle, Edward decided to get serious. The first thing he did was to place an Anti-Apparition Charm around the surrounding.

Then, he looked at the gigantic Snake Fiendfyre and waved his wand again. A very terrifying cold suddenly appeared from him at the epicenter and traveled in all directions. Then, everything in Edward’s way was frozen; the trees, the animals, the insects, and more importantly, the Fiendfyre.

The spell he used was dark magic that he created after observing and studying Dementors; this cold was not just based on temperature, but based on the fact that all the joy and happiness in the world were removed.

This cold could not only affect Fiendfyre but even a person’s soul could be frozen. Edward has tested that this spell is useful to even Ghosts.

After the Fiendfyre was frozen, Edward waved his wand again, then a terrible scream came from it.

Following this, Voldemort suddenly felt a terrible headache that assaulted him, making him incapable of thinking, moving, or casting spells. He opened his mouth and spewed out a black mist that wanted to corrode Edward, however, the effect of the Dementor’s Cold was not finished and the black mist was also frozen.

Voldemort did not take long to realize what this kind of pain was as it was too familiar of a feeling; it was the same pain he suffered every time he created a Horcrux and split his soul. This meant that Edward’s spell was dark magic that directly affected the soul.

For a person like Voldemort who has split his soul into countless parts, this kind of spell was quite deadly to him–even in his peak form.

With a little helplessness, Voldemort dropped his wand on the ground as he knelt on the ground and held his head in agony. The scream lasted for a good minute before subsiding.

With great difficulty, he asked, “What do you want, Edward Bones?”

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