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Edward reviewed all the knowledge and information he gathered about this universe’s magic system.

The Grimoire is connected to a mage’s Soul and Life Force. If they die, the grimoire will disappear. However, damage to the grimoire does not affect the life of the mage–with the exception that they can no longer use advanced magic.

The Grimoire carries the spells for wizards and allows them to use more advanced magic than their natural abilities. At first, the pages of the grimoire are blank, but through training, natural talent, and life and death situation, new spells can appear.

“This whole concept of Grimoire is odd. This entire world is odd.”

For one, all the people in this world have mana–with the exception of the protagonist Asta, and a devil called Liebe. Asta’s case can be explained while the devil is a mystery.

Edward knew that magic was a gift, and it was very odd for all the individuals in the entire world to have said gift. Although some people’s mana is so pitiful that they can probably cast one or two spells, it did not change the fact that they still had mana.

The second odd thing is that all the people with grimoires do not have to learn spells, they can invent them. Based on an individual’s talent, training, and desire, the grimoire will automatically create a spell for them.

Edward understood how hard it was just to learn magic let alone create spells. In the Empire, only truly talented individuals with great knowledge can do so.

But in this world, even a street vendor can create spells in his grimoire that suit his taste or profession. And when a talented mage is in a difficult situation or life and death situation, the grimoire can create a spell specifically for them to deal with the issue.

An example of that was in the anime when Yami was stuck in a separate space during the Underwater Temple Arc. He watched all his squad members slowly losing and on the verge of dying.

So, his grimoire developed Dimension Slash to cut off the space and escape to go save his team.

The Grimoire can also respond to when people have character development or learn some life lesson. An example of that is when Gauche learned to trust people, so he developed a spell to make mirror copies of himself and others.

“There are two possibilities I can think of to explain this phenomenon. First, the grimoire has deduction capabilities like Morgana.”

However, Edward shook his head as he studied this thing and did not discover anything of the sort. So, although possible very unlikely.

“The second possibility is that all Grimoires are connected to something that either has a library of spells that it can choose from, or also has deducing capabilities. Or maybe both.

“The question is, what is that thing? Where is it? Who is in charge of it? And could the Universal Will be involved?”

Edward had numerous thoughts and ideas. And as he thought deeper, he realized more and more that Grimoires were not simple. Mages can cast spells without yet but are required to use high-level spells.

To him, the entire situation appeared as if someone used Grimoires to restrain the natural development of mages. Because of over-reliance on the book, mages never developed ways to cast spells on their own.

And this restrain is for all races in this universe–including devils. In the underworld, devils can use their magic as they pleased. However, as soon as they enter the physical world, they have to rely on a Grimoire to use their full powers.

‘This world may hide many mysteries that never showed up in the manga or anime,’ thought Edward with great interest.

He was very interested in uncovering these mysteries. Furthermore, although the Grimoire System has flaws, he can modify it into a system suited for the less talented Arcanists in the Empire.

With it, they will not have to learn spells the hard way. As long as they have sufficient Willpower, determination, and desire, they can learn spells perfectly suited for them.

And there are many other ways this Grimoire can be used by high Tier and talented Arcanists. A lot of people in the Empire cannot instantly carve out Magic Circles inside their Soul Dimensions.

Instead, they have to store the spells they needed and used them when needed. With this grimoire, they can store these spells on it, granting them extra spell slots.

As for the people who can use Instant Engravings, they can also store spells in the Grimoire and have extra spell slots. If they could only use 5 spells instantly, the Grimoire could add one or two more instant spells.

The Grimoire can also be turned into a Magetech artifact. So, if an Arcanist found themselves in a situation where they run out of mana, this Grimoire can be used as a backup while they recover.

The Grimoire can be connected to the Gate of Truth to aid in Gate Alchemy and overall transmutation. Maybe he could modify it to work for Aura and develop combat techniques instead of spells.

The possibilities were truly endless.

While having these crazy ideas, Edward also analyzed his Grimoire. Most of the spells inside were from spells he already knew from other magic systems or variations of them.

A lot of them were brand new spells that he had never seen, thought of, or the Empire was still in the early stages of developing. With just this book alone, his voyage in this universe was not in vain.

However, many spells were still missing. To this day, even after 10 years since he became a Magic Knight, he still could not use Time Magic. Of course, a lot of that has to do with the fact that he did not interact much with Julius; in his previous state, he had to be wary of the devil inside of him.

Once he was done, Edward then focused on the world’s mana. The physique of the people of this universe was weird. Their bodies did not have any magic veins yet using mana was easy for them.

Without a core, their bodies could still hold a large quantity of mana. According to his previous calculations, the most talented individuals of this universe can reach Tier 4 level–not counting devils and spirits.

It appears as if they viewed their entire bodies as a vessel to contain mana instead of storing it in their muscles, bones, or different parts of their bodies.

“In other words, all the people of this world have a unique bloodline that changed the very nature of their bodies and allows them to store a large quantity of mana, without a core.”

Edward became very interested in why everyone had mana in this universe. He guessed this secret involved the fundamental laws of this universe or some unique [Authority].

He could take it away and bring it back to his universe, although he did not think that all the people throughout the universe would have this physique, all the people in the Empire should.

By then, even if some of them were unlucky to be amongst the people with a very small amount of mana, they can still create their cores and start their magical journey. Additionally, people with Mana Poison Mana would no longer have this problem.

So, another crazy plan once again came into his mind.

While he was in deep thought, someone knocked on his door.

“Come in.”

A 15-year-old kid with black hair walked inside.

“Yami, what is it?”

“Vice-Captain Lunette said there is news regarding the Wizard King.”

“Is that so? I’ll be here in a while. How is your training?”

“I finished all the tasks you asked me for.”

“That’s good. I’ll test you later.”

Yami nodded his head before closing the door.

‘The Captain’s Ki has changed once again. Did he find a way to deal with the curse?’

This is not the first time he noticed his Captain’s Ki completely changed as if he was a new person. The first time it occurred, he thought someone was impersonating him and he freaked out.

It was not until later that he knew that this was related to the Captain’s Curse.

“This kid’s method of Ki is very interesting. It is also a great discovery in this world,” muttered Edward as he looked at Yami’s leaving back.

“Maybe one day, I should visit his homeworld, the Land of the Sun, to see what kind of magic system they have and if it is similar to this continent.”


Title: Forebearance


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