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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 296: Curse Bahasa Indonesia


“Damn this Universe Will,” muttered Edward as his eyes gained a certain level of clarity and wisdom.

“After so many years, I finally removed some of the restrictions.”

In the past few decades, he has been fighting with this Universe Will to restore his memory and ability. During that time, he could only slowly influence his second self through hints and random ideas suddenly popping inside his head.

Edward then checked his body.

“My Higher Life Form Essence has been sealed,” he frowned. In some ways, he now is considered a transcendent species or higher life form. And the main benefit of this evolution is the fact that he can live a very long life and is not so easy to kill.

However, now, Edward felt that he was aging like a normal person, and a few stabs in his heart could kill him if he did not protect it.

“Morgana is sealed in my Soul Dimension, I don’t know where my World Gate is, and most of my mana is sealed. However, the good thing is that in the past few decades, I finished the purification process and reacher Tier 7.”

In his seal state, he could still purify the mana inside his magic core. Unfortunately, he could not use most of his powers. With time, the seal in his mana slowly dissipated, but Edward could feel that there was a limit. To be precise, he could only use Tier 6 Mana.

‘This Universe has a power sealing of Tier 6,’ he concluded. Most of the universes he visited had high power sealing, so his intrusion did not matter much as the scope he could affect the universe was inconsequential.

However, the same could not be said for this world. Based on his analysis of the plot, he knew that only Lucifero could barely be considered Tier 6 and that he was only at his full power.

When he manifested in the Spade Kingdom in the mange, he was only Tier 5, and yet, he could still annihilate all the Magic Captains along with the main character, Asta.

And he–an outsider–suddenly entered this universe with power rival if not more powerful than the most powerful being of this universe. As such, the Will was not having it and used a lot of its power to place restrictions on him and even tried to assimilate him into this world.

“There is no way that Akashic Record should not warn me of this possibility, so that can only mean one thing: that damn old man intervened and hid that information.”

He could not help but imagine that old geezer caressing his white beard while laughing at his misery. After gritting his teeth for a moment, he decided to forget this and place Merlin on his black list.

One day, in the far, far, far, far future, he would get his revenge.

Plus, he understood the reason behind this action. In all his years confronting the Universe Will, his Willpower was greatly tempered. He went from a scale of three to a four. He only has to go up by 1 more before he can use Conceptual Magic in some weak universes–like this one.

After thinking about this, some idea came to his mind on how he could increase his Willpower in this world–without going through all that trouble. If he could find a shortcut without any side-effect, he would take it.

Anyway, he was an Arcanist, not a Martial Artist that needed to use the hard way to temper his will. As the saying goes, “play smart, not hard.”

Although he had a basic plan, this was not the time to execute them. Edward removed his clothes to see a black tattoo on his chest. He frowned as he looked at it before putting his clothes back on.

He opened a portal before teleporting to the border of the Clover and Diamond Kingdom. He floated less than a meter from the side of the Diamond Kingdom’s side, and yet, he knew he could not cross it.

The tattoo on his chest was a powerful curse that the Universe Will placed on him as a restriction. Because of the curse, there were a few things he could not do,

First, he could not leave the Clover Kingdom. Second, he could not kill certain individuals. For example, as a magic knight, he is often on the battlefield and fighting against other kingdoms.

However, even with his power, he could not kill certain people; to be precise, certain people related to the main plot. The purpose of the curse seemed to prevent him from completely messing with the timeline and preventing certain characters from being born or preventing certain important events in these characters’ lives.

The only exception to that is Julius Novachrono. To be exact, Edward had to play the role that Julius played in the Sacred Timeline. For example, he invited both Yami Sukehiro and William Vengeance to his Blue Ravenclaw Squad instead of them joining Julius’ Grey Deer Squad.

The more Edward acted like Julius whether through interactions with unique characters or the way he helped a lot of people in the kingdom, the less restraint the curse had on him.

‘This should be another way for the Universe Will to assimilate me into this world. Plus, this could have something to do with Julius’ secret identity as the one the ruler of the underworld, the Time Devil, Astaroth.’

A lot of ideas flashed across Edward’s mind. According to his calculation, the Universe Will has only the strength of the Tier 7 Star Level. Since he is in the same tier, it is no problem to forcibly remove the curse and directly confront it.

However, there is a major problem. This world has a multiverse, and the Universe Will is not only from this timeline but all the timelines. So, confronting it would be like confronting hundred or thousands of Tier 7, if not more.

Without his Floating City or World Gate, this was an arduous if not impossible task. Not to mention that there is an easier solution that it could use to deal with him: exile him from this universe.

So, using a strong approach is not the solution to the current problem. He can accomplish many great things in this world, and he does not want to leave yet.

Of course, Edward was not someone to suffer a loss. Although he decided to bare it, for now. He also decided to be more reckless when it comes to how to deal with this world.

So, he was prepared to go a little crazy and try things beyond his capability. If succeeded, he would benefit greatly. If not, he will run away with the people he cares for while leaving this world in chaos–if not destroyed.

So, after making a plan, he opened a portal and returned to the headquarters of his squad.

Edward then looked at his Grimoire, which was now different after awakening his memories: it had 6 Clover Leafs instead of the previous 4.

“The four-leaf grimoire is said to bring its owner luck, while the 5 leaf contains the devil. What about 6-leaf? The power of God? Does this world has God?”

Edward reviewed his memories of the entire plot of Black Clover. Gods are only mentioned on three occasions: one is the god that the sisters in the church worshipped. However, no real detail is mentioned.

The second is the Sea God that the Underwater Temple worshipped. Finally, the Dryad Spirit is considered the Guardian God of Elysia, a secluded village of elves.

Based on his analysis, he eliminated the Dryad Spirit, so his only chance at figuring out this mystery is through the churches or the Underwater Temple.

After making a preliminary plan, he began an in-depth review of the magical system of this universe. There was a lot to learn.


Title: Grimoire Magic System


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