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‘So, each title is acquired based on certain achievements, and they grant me a buff or ability? Well, let’s see what they are.’

He focused on the first one.

[Arcane Emperor: As the ruler of the Arcane Empire, you have brought peace and prosperity to your people. You have ensured they do not lack food, shelter, health, and education. You have ensured their safety in this dark and cruel world while ensuring that they develop at a sufficient rate to meet most challenges coming their way.

Buff: A three-fold increase in charm.

Aura of Majesty: You can release a powerful pressure from your body with intimidating effects. Warning: The effect of this pressure is based on the individual’s Will or Tier.]

Edward felt he was different somehow, so he waved his hand, and a mirror appeared. As he reflected on his reflection, he knew that he was indeed more handsome than before.

His blue eyes seemed to sparkle like the purest of blue gems.

“Interesting. Is this some kind of blessing type magic or ability? Words have power, and so should titles. I want to know how this title things worked,” muttered Edward.

Then, he focused on the other titles.

[Civilization Creator: In just a few short decades, through meticulous planning and overwhelming power, you have developed a new Civilization from the wreckage of an old one. You went from a Tier 5 Civilization to Tier 9 while ensuring peaceful life for the people.

You created new customs, cultures, and ideologies. You established a zeitgeist of worshipping intelligence and pursuing knowledge and truth.

Ability: Light of Civilization→ When the Arcane Civilization is in danger, you can gather the power of all its citizens to temporarily bless your strength and deal with the issue.]

‘So, an ability similar to Faith. No, it should be more similar to the Xianxia’s Dynasty Luck Blessing of Emperors,’ thought Edward as the method to use this ability came to his mind.

Looking at the description of this title, Edward shook his head as he felt that this thing gave him too much credit. So, he focused on the next one.

[Sage of Wisdom: You are a pursuer of knowledge. You believe it is the cornerstone for any civilization or even universe to strive forward and develop. More importantly, you have no qualm in spreading knowledge to develop more knowledge, even if doing so can threaten your safety and power.

Buff: 500% increase in Mana Control. 350% increase in Natural Soul Development. 300% in both Mana and Soul Recovery Speed.]

‘This time, it is my talent that is drastically increased,’ thought Edward as he felt the changes in his body. He was a little surprised by the Natural Soul Strenght Development.

The soul is fundamental to magic users in general. Without sufficient strength, it is impossible to control mana effectively to cast spells or reach higher Tiers. And the best way to increase the power of the soul is through knowledge.

The more knowledge a caster has, the more powerful their souls are. However, talent still plays an effect. Some people can read and understand one magical book, and the souls increase by a factor of 3, while some others will read the same book and only increase by two or less.

This is the concept of Natural Soul Development.

Mana Control is self-explanatory, while Speed Recovery is, as the name suggested, the time it takes for a caster to regenerate his mana or recover his Soul Strenght after being depleted.

As he felt the changes in his body, Edward could feel that his raw talent for mana control increased, along with other energy, although it did not seem to have the same percentage increase.

[Divine Artificer: You have created countless magical wonders in the Artificer field, with many of your creations breaking through the limit of your Tier. You are only limited by your creativity and the resources available to you.

Buff: Ore Affinity, High Fire Resistance, High Enchantment Affinity, Unlimited Stamina (Forging)]

Edward knew that Ore Affinity was a talent some Dwarves had that allowed them to understand any ore as long as they touched it–even if it was their first time seeing it.

High Fire resistance was a great buff since he will now be the nemesis of Fire Casters. High Enchantment Affinity meant that he had a high talent for all types of enchantment–even in different universes.

Honestly, Edward felt that this was already the case before that title, but he could be wrong. Most likely, this buff would allow him to use some enchantments that were specific to some races or species without having to change them to be more in line with humans.

As for the Unlimited Stamina, he was slightly disappointed that it was only applicable when he was forging something. Other times, it was not applicable.

[Pathfinder: You have created an almost perfect method of Tier Advancement and shared it with your people.

Ability: Passive Meditation→ A small percentage of mana can be taken from everyone who used your method.]

Edward was momentarily excited as he sensed that he could connect to most Arcanists in the Empire and take a small amount of mana from them to add to his, without any problems or them discovering.

‘Excellent. Now, I do not have to take much time to absorb mana. And with more Arcanists, the more benefit I have. I only have to focus on my soul and body to reach higher Tiers.’

[Dark Explorer: You have pushed the boundaries of magic through many inhuman and cruel experiments. You have explored many taboo fields at the cost of incalculable lives.

Buff: Dark Magic Resistance. High Dark Magic Affinity]

Edward frowned as additional information was added to the Dark Explorer Title. Usually, this title came with a debuff against Light Magic or even its Affinity. However, his Civilization Creator and Sage of Wisdom Title canceled this debuff.

[Voyager: You have successfully escaped the shackles of your universe and traveled in the void. Although the process involved a little luck, your capabilities cannot be ignored.

Buff: Low Space-Time Affinity, 50% increase in Luck.]

Edward did feel a slight increase in his understanding and ability to wield Space-Time Spell. Compared to the other boost, it was pretty mediocre yet still beneficial as it seems to be a slight increase in his talent or capabilities.

As for luck, he did not feel anything.

He then searched for information on how to acquire other titles. He learned that he was almost qualified for a few others like [God Slayer], [Mastermind]. [Harem King], and a few others. However, he has not met all the requirements for these titles yet.

The second thing he searched was how to get his wives to be members of the record and whether he could use the same ceremony for them. He received a negative answer as each individual cannot use the same method.

The answer seemed bogus to him since he took inspiration from Father to achieve his goal. However, there was nothing he could do about it.

There is no limit on using the knowledge exchanged in the Record, so his family and the Empire can use them. However, this title system benefits his family, so he wanted them to have access to it.

And according to the Record, there are two ways for him to get them to join: one is to use Mission Points to exchange for a pass for each of them or find one of these Tokens that are randomly distributed throughout the Omniverse.

After checking all the information he wanted, Edward thanked Cronai despite knowing the little trick she tried to play. She used this opportunity to connect to the Akashic Records of this universe.

However, she was rejected. Edward could guess the reason. As a cold and indifferent Will, Cronai cannot innovate. She can gather knowledge in this universe but not innovate.

‘Maybe if she became sentient like Truth, the Akashic Record would accept her.’

Of course, that would be catastrophic for all the living beings in the universe if Cronai gained sentience.

Edward shook his head to remove these thoughts from his head since this was just his guess. He returned home and organized the next voyage with his wives and the members of the Illuminati.

They then decided that they would first drop Olivier’s clone to the Star Trek Universe before dropping Edward to Black Clover. Meanwhile, Snape, Lily, Filius, Fleur, and Hermione will go to Konosuba.

Rowena and Fleur will continue their mission in the multiverse, while Bellatrix will stay home with his aunt and the Flammel couples. Grindelwald still has responsibilities, so he also stayed.

After making a preliminary plan, Edward went to see Merlin asking whether the Akashic Record had no problem–especially with the Titles. Merlin told him it was fine and encouraged him to get as many as possible.

And he even told him a secret that most titles can evolve and increase the buff or the ability granted. However, he did not tell him precisely how to upgrade the titles, but Edward had some ideas in mind.

Edward returned home once more to deal with some pressing issues. For example, the resources needed to build the second Floating City were finally gathered, so he tasked Nicolas Flamel to once again supervised the process.

He then dealt with political and military issues with his aunt and Olivier, then left.

Merlin watched the Floating City from some unknown dimensions with a gloating smile.

“This kid is finally about to suffer. Well, it’s the perfect place for him to temper his Will so he can use Conceptual Magic sooner.”

And his words came true. The moment Edward entered the Black Clover World, he immediately suffered a minor setback.

(AN: Although I did not want to give spoilers, I feel it’s best to provide some warnings in advance to prevent people from complaining. Edward will be nerfed. He will not suffer and struggle since this is a Power Fantasy, but he will be nerfed.

(As powerful as he is, it would very boring to write a story when he can bully everyone in the world, so I will nerf him. I promise to use a valid excuse to do so.

Nevertheless, be warned in advance.)


Title: Suppression


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