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“How is the reception of the broadcast?” asked Edward.

“In general, it is positive. A new wave of enthusiasm for knowledge and study has been detected amongst the citizens. However, the majority should calm down after a while, and only a few people will truly change their lives.

“Additionally, a few people are complaining that this act was barbaric and criticized us for our behavior,” replied Amelia.

“That’s fine. Our main objective was to remove the veil of mystery and awe of the Gods. As long as that is accomplished, the rest is secondary.”

Edward knew that many people were affected by the hype of the broadcast and became motivated or inspired. However, most people will return to normal after a while and forget said motivation.

Of course, a few will actively change their lives for the better, and these people are the ones that have a chance at succeeding in life. Nevertheless, his main objective was not there, although he was still happy that it happened.

As for the people who complained? Well, this was nothing new. Most decisions he made usually had a few individuals objecting for different reasons, and he was used to it.

The Empire was a mix of countless races and ethnicities. Adding to how complex humans are as a race, it is impossible to have everyone agree with all his decisions.

So, he only cared about the majority. Plus, leaving these people alone and even giving them a platform to show their voice is a way to display his benevolence and convey to the people that the Empire respects their opinion and right to freedom of speech.

“How are the people I brought settled?” asked Edward.

“Most people adapted quickly after a few minor attempts to resist. They are currently learning about the Empire and its custom. The people with magic talents are ver excited.

“However, many religious people in the groups are harder to adapt.”

“It’s understandable. After all, their world views have been shattered. Be more patient with them; they will eventually adopt as well. What about the Fur Race?”

The Fur race is the collective name for the cat, fox, dog’s ear, and tail people that The empire conquered recently.

“They have adopted even faster. We have discovered that they are quite talented in the Aura Master department compared to humans–focusing more on speed and dexterity. However, their magical talent is subpar compared to humans.”

“Any high-level talents?”

“Yes. We discovered 12 Level 5 talents, and a couple of dozens Level 4 talents.”

Edward nodded his head as if that was not bad. The Fur Planet had a population of 17 billion. And having such several Level 5 and 4 talents was indeed above standard.

“What about the slaves we bought from Dumbledore?”

Amelia looked at him before saying: “You should be aware of all this information.”

Edward smiled in embarrassment as she was correct. Once he returned to his trip, he should be debriefed on all of this. However, he only received the most basic overview from his aunt before doing his own thing.

After slightly reprimanding him, Amelia continue:

Their situation is more delicate. The majority of them fear us, mistrust us, and resent us. So, it is taking more time to integrate them into the Empire. The council has sent many Psychologists.

Edward then spent the next few hours finally accomplishing his duty as Emperor. And he hated it as it was too cumbersome. Once he finished, he immediately hopped on a spaceship to leave and deal with his affairs–which were more attractive to him.

He headed to one of the barren Star Systems recently conquered by the Imperial Navy. The place was not actually barren, but no lives evolved or appeared throughout its existence.

However, there were still many resources that could be mined.

Edward landed on one of the planets and did not waste time. Countless enchantments surrounded the entire planet. He checked all the enchantments for the next few days and modified a few.

Then, he nodded in satisfaction. These enchantments resulted from his study of the Full-Metal Alchemist World and the Fer race’s Priest ability.

Without hesitation, he activated the enchantments. A multicolored light enveloped Edward, and before long, he found himself in an all-white space.

“Interesting. Someone directly contacted me; that has not happened in a very long time,” suddenly said a sweet and melodious voice.

Meanwhile, Edward found himself in a chair sitting opposite a beautiful woman dressed in a long white gown that looked like it was from the French renaissance.

There was a table in between them with a teapot and two cups.

“Are you Cronai?” he asked with a slightly surprised voice. This woman was, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. However, he found himself not attracted to her.

Instead, she gave him a warm feeling like a mother to a child.

“Yes, that’s me, Cronai, the friendly Universal Will,” replied Cronai. “It is a pleasure to me you, Sir Edward.”

“The pleasure is all mine,” replied Edward with a smile.

“I am a straightforward person, so please state your purpose.”

“I need your help,” replied Edward.

“How so?”

Edward then explained to her about Project Akashic Record. After hearing his explanation, Cronai said: “No problem.”

“Huh? Did you agree so easily?”

“Why not? Your actions are beneficial to the universe, so I don’t see why a reason to reject you.”

After thinking about it, Edward understood why she agreed so readily. Each time he brought a magic system from another universe, Cronai–as the Will of this Universe–could analyze the laws of other universes to strengthen itself and improve the overall strength of the HP Universe.

And that goes for when he brings people or foreign things like the Pool of Eternal Life or Yahweh’s hand. Although the current changes are not enough to be noticeable, Cronai will grow to a point where things will become apparent after a few more voyages.

So, helping Edward with the Akashic Records is in her best interest

“Well, I’m glad that things went smoother than expected. But now that I’m here, can I ask you a question?”

“Go ahead. But I cannot guarantee that I will answer.”

“I have always suspected that someone or something was secretly blessing the Empire, hence why there were so many gifted individuals to the point that it was abnormal.

“Was that you?”

“Yes,” replied Cronai succinctly.


“Because the people of Earth are the descendants of the Magus Race. Although your bloodline is so diluted at an incredible level, you are still their descendants.”

“The Magus Race? That is the second time I have heard of that term. Who exactly were they?”

“How could I explain it simply?” said Cronai as she placed her hand on her chin.

“Since the universe’s birth a couple of trillions of years ago, its entire history can be divided into 4 Eras: The Genesis Era, the Elder God Era, the Magus Era, and the current Faith God Era.

“During the Magus Era was the most prosperous time of the entire universe, and the race that created such prosperity was the Magus.”

“Is that so? Well, thank you for your time.”


Then, the environment changed, and Edward found himself on the last planet, a pondering look on his face. He stipulated Cronai’s motives as he did not entirely trust her.

He knew that the appearance that she showed up in was only a disguise created for better communication with him. As the Universe Will, she was a cold and indifferent being whose sole purpose was to ensure this universe’s maintenance, growth, and survival.

Since she did not have any emotions, how could she smile and chat so happy with someone else?

All of this was a disguise; she appeared in the form most suitable for communication and negotiation.

“The magus race must have been extraordinary.”

Many things started to make sense to Edward now. For example, why is the mana of wizards so versatile? Capable of changing frequency so easily to use other magic systems?

Another example is the Rooms of Mysteries that were once in the former Ministry of Magis: the Time Room, Death Chamber, etc. Edward learned from Albion that they were Divine Sparks of Elder Gods, making them extremely valuable and sought after by powerful Gods in the Universe.

After learning the truth, he erased the memories of most people who knew of their existence–including Albion– and even wiped them out from his history.

Now, he understood that so many of them were on Earth was probably because of the Magus Race. Most likely, planet Earth and even the entire Solar System have a deep connection with that race–including the Lumerian Civilization that once habited this place.

Edward even guessed that the reason that the Solar System had a separate Underworld was related to the Magus Race.

After thinking about all of this, he left to prepare for the final stages of Project Akashic Record. Once that was accomplished, he could begin his next voyage immediately.

Meanwhile, in the white space, Cronai looked at the place where Edward disappeared with an indifferent look on her face.

“Hopefully, my investment in this human is worth it,” she muttered. “The Gods have become cancer to this plane. It is about time a new Era began.

“And the Arcane Era seemed the most promising and closest to the Magus Era.”


Title: Akashic Record (I)


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