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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 258: Battle With A God (I) Bahasa Indonesia


As Edward realized the crack on the Void Shield, he analyzed the severity of the situation. The crack of the shield cannot be repaired unless it could absorb a large quantity of Void Energy. However, the current situation did not allow this.

Additionally, he also understood that the shield can protect from Tier 10 attacks, however, there is a limit to the number of attacks, so, he cannot waste them.

‘Morgana, can you analyze the energy level of an attack and determine its Tier?’

‘No problem.’

‘In that case, be on the watch. If he uses a Tier 10 attack, deploy the Void Shield, otherwise, use other shields.’

Immediately following his order, the void shield was replaced by one created by mana. Although Edward’s tactic seemed unwise to weaken his defense, however, that’s because he has to take the long run into account.

It’s best to preserve the Void Shield when he needs to run away or in case the enemy decides to use another Tier 10 attack. Based on his estimation, Yahweh should not be able to use a lot of these attacks because of his injury.

While Edward was rapidly communicating with Morgana through their soul, he felt the environment suddenly change. He was still in space and he could see Earth and the solar system. However, his surroundings seemed bleak.

‘Danm it,’ cursed Edward internally as he realized another difference in level with high Tier individuals. Their speed of thinking and reacting is on a different level from him; he could not even react and did not know what Yahweh did.

“Morgana, bless me with all your processing power. Plus, quickly review what just happened.”

“Master, your soul cannot bear such massive processing power.”

“Prepare all the Soul Healing Potions we have on board. Have Severus make more in the process, and if things get out of control, use the Pool of Eternal Life to heal me.

“It’s about time that I see what my limits are.”

Morgana nodded and immediately acted. Edward his mind could calculate everything in the universe in a matter of seconds. Although this was an exaggeration, this was how he felt.

He knew that Morgana’s main server–the Brain Room–had a very extraordinary origin and is related to a great secret of the universe. If any of the Gods were to know of its existence, they would not hesitate to massacre everyone in the Empire.

Truth be told, all the rooms that were once located underneath the Ministry of Magic were of similar origins, and they were all equally valuable. Edward has long noticed that the Earth was not a simple little planet.

Whether it is how malleable and odd the frequency of wizard’s mana is, all the Main Rooms and their origins, Herpo’s strange way of becoming a God, Bermuda’s Triangle, Atlantis, and even the unnamed creatures underneath the sea: all proved that this planet was not simple.

And those are probably only the tip of the iceberg.

While all these thoughts rapidly flashed across Edward’s mind, he also reviewed and analyzed what spell Yahweh used.

“Mirror Dimension?” he muttered. This Christian God teleported them to a dimension similar to the Mirror Dimension from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As such, although everything looks the same, it is only a reflection of the real universe.

He guessed that the latter wanted to avoid causing large-scale destruction during their battle. After all, with the Floating City, Edward’s energy level reached Tier 9, which is enough to destroy a few Galaxies. And the same goes for Yahweh.

However, under this enormous processing power, Edward was able to deduce that Yahweh did not do this out of the kindness of his heart. Most Gods are callous and only care about their believers.

All other people or things are nothing but heathens, sinners, godless, and so on. He would not care how many other lives he would kill in the process of a fight.

Unless there were consequences for doing so. Most likely, there are rules which restrict such a powerful god as him from doing so. And who could restrict such a powerful individual?

Two possible explanations: the Universe’s Will or a more powerful individual. Edward favors the latter as a better explanation as this Universe’s Will was very dormant or inactive.

Although all of these thoughts flashed through Edward’s mind, not more than a second passed by since he arrived in this mirror dimension. So, after coming to a conclusion, he focused on this battle.

With a glance, he analyzed that ordinary Arcane Rune Spells would not work on his opponent. So, he decided to use high-class ones. A three dimensional model of runes and magic circles instantly appeared inside his Soul Space before casting a spell:

Star Armageddon.

Although the spell was 3D inside his mind, it still appeared in the form of magic circles on the outside. More than a hundred thousand magic circles appeared around Yahweh, and from each of them manifested a fireball the size of a star.

The sheer size and gravity generated by these Fireballs bend space-time like any stars in the universe, making the space in the surrounding area very chaotic and difficult to teleport.

Then, all of them exploded at the same time. A heatwave powerful enough to destroy countless solar systems if not galaxies headed straight for Yahweh.

However, the Christian God just opened his mouth and blew, and instantly, the scorching heat of these Star Fireballs was extinguished. Nevertheless, this was not the end of this attack.

Seeming to predict this outcome, Edward used another spell to direct the force generated by the explosion to attack Yahweh. This attack was similar to if someone was punched with the force of more than a hundred thousand stars exploding.

Yahweh’s body suddenly lit up for a moment and once the attack reached him, he was only forced to take a few dozen steps back.

‘Physical Attack Immunity?’ thought Edward as he immediately began his next offensive; he did not want his enemy to have any room to breathe.

Arcane Rune Spell: Cosmic Meteor.

This was a summoning spell, and what did it summon? Everything in Edward’s surroundings: planets, asteroids, stars, nebulae. Then, an acceleration spell is applied to them before launching it at the opponent.

As Yahweh watched all these planets and stars falling on him at the speed of light like meteors, he was still calm.

Divine Spell: Death Burst.

A black circular energy wave came from his body and traveled in all directions. And everything that it touched turned into dust; they decayed, they died.

Edward could immediately sense the power of [Death Authority] since he had studied it deeply from Herpo and from the one he stole from Truth. So, he immediately reacted and a black shield surrounded the city to protect it from this attack.

The Floating City was also pushed back after blocking this attack. However, Edward did not immediately attack again. Not because he did not want to but he couldn’t.

By now, he was breathing heavily and sweat was dripping from his body. With how strong his body was with [Aura], capable of blasting a hole through a planet with a punch, this showed how bad of a shape he was.

The reason for that was simple: The massive amount of mana flushing through his veins from the Aether Core that powered up the Floating City was the reason he could use such powerful spells.

However, it started to take a toll on his body. Adding to that Morgana’s processing power that was weighing on his soul, his situation was not ideal currently.

So, he began to use his Gate of Truth to help alleviate the pressure, and also help him better control the energy from the Aether Core. Unfortunately, he also knew that this measure only allowed him to fight a little longer.

But it was enough.

While Edward was doing all this, a sword made of light suddenly appeared in front of him, ignoring both the City’s defense and his personal one, and impaled him.

He had little time to react nor understand what happened to him.




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