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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 257: Yahweh Bahasa Indonesia

A colossal blue hand suddenly came out from the Pacific Ocean and began to tear apart the magic circles that surrounded Earth. Then, from that hand, also came a colossal blue head and upper torso.

Meanwhile, Edward had a shocked look on his face. He thought that Yahweh was hiding in a dimension of his own, hence the reason he placed the magic protection on Earth, to prevent or at least, but him enough time so that he could plunder the population.

But he never thought that the latter was hiding deep under the sea. This was an oversight on his part. Truth be told, it was not totally his fault; it was mainly because he was scarred from the first time he tried to explore the deep sea.

Edward knew that there were as many resources under there as in space. So, in the early days of the Empire, he sent exploring teams deep into the ocean to explore its mystery, find natural resources, and discover what kind of life forms could survive down there.

Unfortunately, he truly regretted his decision. He discovered some very terrifying Eldritch-like monsters underneath there. Just gazing at that creature almost drove someone like him with a special soul insane. In the end, he had to erase his memories and labeled this information as the highest secret of the Empire.

All exploration of the ocean was stopped until further notice, even to this day. He also installed emergency protocols to evacuate from the planet at a moment’s notice in case that thing suddenly emerged.

With his paranoia, it was Merlin’s words that these creatures were here for a reason and guaranteed him that they would not leave the ocean or attack Earth. However, he also warned him that if he wanted to understand them and their origin, he had to rely on himself.

Back then, Edward was nothing but a Tier 3 Wizard, however, after his journey to the Full Metal Alchemist World and becoming Tier 5, he tried again to watch those memories once more, and the result was the same–albeit he could last a little longer.

Because of this fact, the ocean in general has become a little taboo for him.

Edward reigned in his thought as he quickly ordered Morgana to hurry up. Then, under his control, the magic circles began to surround the giant blue man that floated from the ocean.

‘Who dare interfere with my plan for humans?’ thought Yahweh as he manifested himself. He already planned to wait a few thousand years and guide humanity to develop parallel dimension technology to help reach a higher level in his God path.

Or at the very least, help him find alien species that have already developed that technology.

Yahweh looked at Edward and roared: “Internal Sorcerer? I thought I already eliminated your kind.” After saying these words, a powerful aura emanated from his body.

Immediately afterward, Edward felt it was very difficult to breathe, the blood coursing through his veins seemed to have slowed down, and it became difficult for him to think, move, or do anything for that matter.

Luckily for him, this was not the first time he encountered this situation so he was prepared. A gray shield appeared to protect him and grant him back his mobility.

‘Is this the suppression of higher life forms?’ Gods and mortals are two different species, two different levels of life. So, just their presence can overwhelm mortals, weakened them, and make them unable to resist.

However, this was not the main reason for Edward’s suppression; the reason was because of the vast difference in their Tier.

The moment Yahweh appeared, his Cosmic Awareness activated, and learned something about his opponent:

“Yahweh, Divine Species, Injured Tier 10 Universal God: can only use Tier 9 strength.”

After seeing this information, Edward also realized another thing that he overlooked. In the path of Godhood, a lot of faith is required to reach higher Tiers. For example, to become a Tier 9 God, an entire galaxy has to be conquered, and 95% of the individual of that entire galaxy has to worship that God. And that is only if the general population of that galaxy is enough to support the god.

However, the Gods of Earth are very powerful with even a minor God as Dolus being Tier 6 in his prime. As such, the faith of a little planet like Earth should not be enough to breed so many powerful Gods.

There must be a secret behind this.

Morgana suddenly appeared next to Edward, removing him from his thought; “Master, all the people of Earth have been teleported to the city. Are we running away now?”

“No, prepare the city and the others for battle.”

“Huh?” responded Morgana before regaining her bearing and nodded. If it was the previous Edward, he would not hesitate to run away especially since he already got what he wanted. However, from what he learned from Solomon, he had to prepare for what to face in the future.

Plus, he also wanted to test the limit of the Floating City. Based on previous data gathered and analysis, he knew that it was a Tier 9 weapon, however, it has not been properly tested in battle against another Tier 9 opponent, and now was the perfect opportunity.

Edward disappeared and when he reappeared, a giant city was floating in the air, facing the enormous Yahweh. He finally had a good look at him.

In terms of size, he was at least 5000 kilometers tall, his blue skin radiated nobility, while his gold robe made him even more divine. He had a jewel on his forehead that looked like a third eye.

With a serious look on his face, Edward looked at his opponent. Then, he talked to Morgana through their Soul Link. “Is everything prepared?”

“Yes, boss.”

Immediately afterward, Edward felt a massive surge of mana traveling through his veins. He grunted for a while as it was a little too much for him to bear.

Nevertheless, a look of fascination flash across his eyes; he felt powerful. No, he felt unstoppable. With this amount of mana, Edward felt that there was nothing he could not do, nothing he could not destroy or create.

He immediately cast the Mechanized Mind Spell to remove these distracting thoughts. He knew that they were simply the result of a drastic increase in strength.

If he believed in his thought and became overconfident, then, he would die in this battle.

Meanwhile, Yahweh also had a serious look on his face after seeing the Floating City. He could feel an intense amount of pure mana. Additionally, he had felt a great feeling of danger coming from something in that city.

So, he became vigilant. He did not underestimate his opponent because he was weaker than him. As wise as he was, he would not make such a mistake. Plus, over the years, he also watched how humans have developed weapons that could kill some lesser gods.

Yahweh raised his hand and cast a spell.

Divine Spell: Judgement.

A powerful light enveloped the city, trying to forcibly destroy its protective shield. Not even a few seconds after the attack hit, cracks appeared on it and Edward became even more somber.

The shield of the Floating City is made of Void Energy, so he was very reassured of it. However, he now realized that he might have overestimated its capability. After all, his understanding and use of Void Energy are very primitive.

With enough brute force, it is possible to overcome.

Meanwhile, Yahweh was truly surprised. This attack of his reached Tier 10 and could destroy an entire universe. Adding to the fact that it was concentrated and focused entirely on the city, it should have not only destroyed the shield but all the people and things inside.

‘Things have become complicated,’ he thought. In his injured state, the amount of Tier 10 attacks he can use is limited.

Has anyone already watched the Multiverse of Madness? I loved the movie, and personally, I cannot wait to write the Marvel Cinematic Universe for this fic.


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