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In many novels he has read, the Abyss is present and prevalent, meaning that it stretches to countless universes. And since the presence or aura that the abyss creature emits is somewhat similar, there is a high probability that they are connected somehow.

Or at the very least, there is a Main Abyss Universe whose influence has spread to the Omniverse–just like Merlin, Solomon, or even a place like Atlantis.

Now, the question is whether this is the result of Primordial Earth, or something else.

After thinking about it for a moment, Edward decided not to think about such a thing for now as he was simply incapable of intervening in things on such a scale.

He was nothing but a little Tier 6 ant. In a world like this one, he can act all arrogant as he wants but he also knew his place. Although he had potential that would take time to transfer into real strengths.

Nevertheless, he was slightly interested in the Abyss Dimension of this universe and their connection to the Witch Lords. So, he began to search the mind, memories, and soul of the Witch Queen.

She has lived for a very long time so her memories took a little while to go through. However, Edward did find something. It was a memory of her and her other brothers and sisters taking place in a war before accidentally falling into a space crack with many other people.

Only a few people survived and after waking up, they found themselves on Earth. Because of the situation, the survivors banded together, meaning that the Witch Lords were not real siblings.

Unfortunately, Edward was disappointed as he could not find any memories before that regarding the Abyss–except for that brief war where everything was blurry.

After doing a little digging, he could tell that these memories were erased on purpose, and unfortunately, there was no way to get them back as the person who did it was thorough.

‘It seems that I want to use the Witch Lords to find the coordinate of the Abyss, I might have to rely on the others.’

Luckily for him, he knew where the others were sleeping from the queen’s mind: The Bermuda Triangle. Edward knew that there must be a reason that this place is abnormal in every iteration of Earth.

He looked at Chloe and asked. “Are you alright?”

“I took a few anatomy classes in college, so I’m alright.” Although her complexion was a bit pale, she appeared to be fine as she said.

“In the Empire, unless you are in the field of necromancy, body modifications, human or alien biology, it is not really required. However, as a Dreamwalker, you will have to deal with the soul and mind.”

Chloe paused for a moment after hearing this, “You knew?”

“You mean about your ability? Of course.”

“I did not mean to hide it from you, it’s just…”

“You’re scared of your ability. It is understandable. But I will teach you to control them properly.”

After talking to her, Edward teleported to the Bermuda Triangle to take the body of the other Witch Lords. Although they were more powerful than the queen, they were still easily captured.

Additionally, they had to seal themselves after a certain time to sustain their immortality, which in turn drastically decrease their strength.

Unfortunately, Edward could not find the coordination to the Abyss from their minds, making his voyage useless. Whoever or whatever erased these people’s memory really wanted to remove their connection to the Abyss. Or maybe, the Abyss itself removed them.

Nevertheless, he was still satisfied with learning their ability to convert soul into mana.

Additionally, he had another plan to reach other dimensions through Chloe.

So, after returning home, he supervised her training while studying the ancient weather runes that could manipulate rain, wind, cold, and heat. They were quite the interesting magical artifacts, most likely the most powerful in this world.

They were created by the Witch Lords using an ancient language that they have long forgotten. To be precise, also erased from their memories. It appeared that the Witch Lords were very afraid of anything connected to the abyss. Maybe they were the ones who erased their memories.

So, even after making these runes, they wanted to get rid of them. It was only because the person in charge of disposing of could not bear to and secretly held on to it. Then, at some point, it reached the witches’ society.

The Witch Lords even had rules that all of them could not stay on Earth at the same time in fear that their Abyss aura would garner the intention of people there. The only exception was their sleeping place in Bermuda as it had some sealing effects.

Three days later, Chloe’s physical training ended and Edward supervised the process of her forming her core. Her training did not consist of only physical training, but also mana control.

So, when the time arrived, the process went smoothly. She controlled the mana that was scattered throughout her body and concentrate it on her heart. Using the right method, she finally created a magic core.

Chloe opened her eyes with joy on her face. “Lumos,” she said as a ball of light appeared in her hand. Despite this charm is only the most rudimentary, she was happy. That’s because previously, she would need a long chant of at least 3 seconds to cast a similar spell.

“So, what Tier am I in now?” she asked.

“Still Zero. Luckily for you, you do not have any Limiters so as long as you’re mana reaches a certain standard, you’ll be considered Tier 1. Drink this,” he said as he hand her a blood-red potion that looked ominous.

“What is it?” she asked as she drank it.

“Although your body produces mana like us wizards, however, the mana produced does not go to your core but to your body. Meaning that you have to constantly guide it to the core and waste a lot of unnecessary time.

“This potion will modify your magic veins so that the mana produced from your blood will automatically go to your core. Be warned though, the process is very painful.”

Edward has just finished saying these words when Chloe heard a cracking sound coming from her body, then, she screamed in pain as she fell to the ground.

She started to wiggle as her body twisted in a position that was not possible for humans. If anyone saw her, they would think that she was one of those possessed people in those Exorcist movies.

The process only lasted a few minutes before stopping. As she breathed deeply on the ground, Chloe could not resist cursing.

“Why is everything related to magic so painful?”

“This is the price paid for having rapid success. If you wanted to deal with this issue the normal way, you would have to undergo surgery to modify your magic veins, and spend weeks recuperating.”

“Something tells me that you have a way to make it a lot less painful.”

“Maybe,” said Edward as he shrug his shoulder. “Pain is a way to temper the will. And the stronger the will, the easier it is to control mana and spells. Let’s go, there is more pain coming.”

While walking away, a white light enveloped Chloe and she felt reinvigorated; her mind refreshed as if she had had a great sleep, and the ache in her body was gone.

After entering the next room, she saw a white cabin with a blue liquid inside. The entire design of the cabin looks very futuristic.

“What’s this?”

“Virtual Reality Cabin. I need your help to experiment with dreams. However, your current ability is not nearly enough to help and I do not have the time to slowly teach you. So…”

“So, I have to suffer again.”

“Yes. With this, you will be able to learn 7 years of knowledge in just one month, making you on par with most high school graduates in the Empire. However, every time you use the cabin, a massive headache will hit, almost making you want to die.”

Chloe looked at the cabin with gritted teeth, thinking about whether to get in.

“This is a rare opportunity. In the Empire, only Honors children can enjoy such benefits. And of these people are geniuses among geniuses. Once they finish the program, they are considered the elites.

“All universities will send them invitations, and countless jobs and opportunities will be offered to them. As long anyone can pass the Honors Program, their success in life was guaranteed.”

Edward was not telling the complete truth. The Honors program had to learn 7 years of knowledge in 1 year, not a month. Of course, their course load was much higher than the one he prepared for Chloe, at least 10 times.

Nevertheless, he wanted to push her limit to bring out her full potential.

After hearing this, Chloe took a deep breath. From the general information she gathered from Edward, she knew how competitive the situation was in the Empire. This is a place where the word genius is too common.

After all, so many people have IQs higher than 200.

As such, she understood that only her unique talent might give her an advantage over some people. And now, she had the opportunity to be taught by the most powerful mind in the Empire, how could she not take this chance?

So, she resolved herself for what was to come.


Title: Dream Experiment


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