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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 248: Earth-234 Bahasa Indonesia


A few days later, Chloe once again came to the small house in the middle of her backyard. This time, she saw Edward who was waiting for her.

“So, have you made a decision?”

“Yes. I still want you to teach me.”

“Oh, I thought you would refuse.” In this world, Edward had met a few people who have rejected his invitation, so he thought his luck in this department was relatively poor.

“After thinking about it, I realized that there was nothing I could do to stop you. Plus, your action is not necessarily a bad thing for the people of this world–especially us witches.”

Chloe knew the precarious situation of the magical community. Although they currently have a peace treaty with ordinary people, that is only temporary.

Over time, magic is rapidly declining while technology is advancing. Not to mention the growth of the population of non-magical people. If things stay like this, it is only a matter of time before the magical community is forcibly destroyed or slowly turned into obscurity.

This is the reason that many witches want to revive the Witch Queen so that she can kill most of the humans on this planet and return to the age when witches ruled the planet.

Although Chloe was not one of these radicals, she also did not want her fellow brothers and sisters to become weak and irrelevant, to constantly live in fear of someone like Caulder.

“Very well,” replied Edward. “In that case, let’s begin.”

Chloe then followed him inside.

“So, what spell are you going to teach me first? Flying? Fireball? Or something else?”

“None of these. You’re going to exercise.”

“Exercise? As in running and lifting weight and so on?”


“Are you kidding me?”

“No. I’m not. According to my observation, you witches are similar to wizards in my universe before I came along. Magic comes from your blood. However, unlike us, you do not have magic cores.

“Mana or magic power is not concentrated in one place but scattered in the blood, making it more difficult to control and reduce the amount available. This is the reason that most of you are on Tier 0 Apprentices and even your Witch Queen is nothing but Tier 3.

“This is also the reason that casting spells usually require long chant, casting materials, and ceremonies as aid. So, the first step in your training is to create your magic core.

“Unfortunately, I have discovered that the bodies of you witches are very weak compared to us wizards, so the process has a higher chance of failure.”

Wizards have naturally stronger bodies. Because of it, children can fall a dozen feet from the air while playing Quidditch and only have a few fractured bones.

Wizards can be sent flying by spells and hitting walls and yet be intact. Some magic spell or cauldron can explode in their faces and still be alright. This is both because of magic immunity and enhanced stamina.

However, the witches in this world do not have this natural enhancement.

“So, I need to exercise,” said Chloe slowly.

“You don’t have to worry that this will take a long time since I will use potions to assist you to shorten the process.”

According to Edward, the magic system of this world is can be called “witchcraft” instead of magic because of how reliant it is on foreign aid. In general, it is of no use to him besides references.

However, their potion system has its unique side. Unlike in the Empire where there is a division between magical and non-magical herbs, the witches in this world used all herbs for magical purposes.

They have ways to process non-magical herbs to possess magical properties and effects; it was as if they enchanted the herbs to make them special.

So, Edward was inspired by their system as he had a few ideas. However, he would let Snape do further research.

“There is a room inside with changing clothes and a vest. Put them on. There is an A.I. who will supervise your training.”

Chloe nodded her head before doing so. As soon as she placed the vest on, she heard a mechanical voice.

“Please proceed to the next room to do a 100 km run.”

“What? 100km?”

“There is no need to worry. The vest will inject potions to help with fatigue and strengthen your muscles. However, before activating, you need to reach your limits first.

Chloe gritted her teeth as she realized that this training was also training of her will. So, she no longer complained and proceed to the next room.

Meanwhile, next door, after receiving the message that Chloe has begun her training, Edward teleported away, and slowly walked to a room full of witches and warlocks.

The Witch Council.

“Are you the one who imprisoned us here?” asked Glaeser, the Governess and High Arbiter of the council. A while ago, all the council members received a notification of an emergency meeting.

However, after arriving here, they realized that someone might have lured them here. What’s more, no matter what they did, what spell they cast, they could not leave the meeting room.

“Yes, that’s me.”

As soon as he said these words, one of the council members’ eyes suddenly glow as he began to chant something. Edward glanced at him and blood came out of his mouth, stopping his spell.

Then, a terrifying pressure came from his body overwhelming everybody in the room. These people felt that it was hard to breathe, and even their thoughts seemed to slow down.

This pressure was not the result of a spell, but Edward displayed a small part of his magic power. It was so vast that it created this situation.

While all of them had fear on their faces, he looked at each of them before growing. He did not find the information he wanted from their minds regarding the Witch Lords.

He walked towards Glaeser before taking her necklace. She wanted to prevent him but the pressure on her intensified making it impossible for her to move.

“You know, you are quite the talented individual. I look forward to your future accomplishment in the Empire,” said Edward. He was not lying. In this world, the witches and warlocks relied heavily on bloodline.

Talent and future achievement are often decided by the strength of their bloodlines. However, Glaeser–as a Half–witch–broke this restriction by becoming of one the most powerful witches in modern times.

Not to mention how she also become the leader of the council, which shows that she is also very politically minded. So, once she is brought back to the Empire, her potential will be further unlocked and she can go far in the arcane path.

Edward waved his hand and numerous white strings entered the mind of the council members. Then, basic memories and knowledge of the Empire were inserted inside their minds. It also includes the fact he will soon conquer Earth and bring the population.

However, Edward hid the fact that he was from another Universe.

Once these people returned to the Empire, they will also interact with other people, so it is very easy for people to discover that they are from other universes. And Edward knew that this information was too important to be leaked.

Truth be told, he was planning on altering these people’s minds to tell them that they were transported to another parallel universe. However, even this would cause problems,

The reason is that Tier 10 Universal Gods need to travel to parallel universes before reaching Tier 11. So, the technology for parallel dimension travel is extremely valuable to the point that once some civilization or individual develops it, the Gods will fight over it.

So, Edward’s plan was to alter these people’s minds that they were from a planet that was similar to Earth when they are transported to the Empire.

“You can do whatever you want with this information,” said Edward. “Prepare beforehand, tell the human governments, organize a desperate fight, and so on.

“I don’t care. But I also need you to use your power to spread the news to as many witches and warlocks as possible, otherwise, I will pay a visit to you personally.”

After saying that, Edward walked in front of the golem that guarded the prison. After briefly analyzing it, he shook his head in disappointment. There was nothing new to learn from it.

In the Empire, golems were divided into different levels. The first level was sculpture golems. These were created after someone sculpted something like a statue, a sculpture, a doll, or anything similar, then use magic to bring them to life.

The second level was energy golem. These golems used energy as golems like mana or something else. Technology robots fall in that category.

The third level was the low-intelligence golem. These golems are the ones who have basic artificial intelligence or used a clone soul for their spirit. They can cast low-level spells depending on the energy core they have.

The fourth level was wisdom golem who have real A.I. as their core or are made with powerful souls. The respective names of these golems are Cyber Golems or Spirit Golems. And they can be counted as intelligent species since they grow and evolve on their own.

They are powerful casters because of their intelligence, and they are also great researchers.

Because of the potential of these types of golems, they are severely monitored and restricted –especially the Cyber ones as they could pause potential catastrophe to humans and the Empire as a whole.

This prison golem is nothing but a first-level one that used the necklace as an activation code. The only thing worth praising was the craftsmanship and the material used.

After shaking his head, Edward opened the door to the imprison and entered. He did not spend much time there as he was only here to take away all these prisoners.

The majority of them were unruly people who refused to follow the law and preached of witches’ supremacy, and a lot of them are fanatics of the Witch Queen.

So, Edward planned to treat them the same way he did the Death Eaters and become their lord. A lot of them are very powerful and can become his support or strength in the future.


Title: Witch Lords


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