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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 244: Purification Bahasa Indonesia


Edward immediately began to experiment with the Divine Flame and whether it can successfully purify mana and help him quickly achieve higher tiers.

After entering one of the experimental rooms, he began.

Immediately, after a few tests on many clones, he discovered that Tier 5 below individuals could not light up the Divine Fire; their souls were too weak to sustain it and would disintegrate.

So, Edward had to spend a lot of resources to quickly train Tier 6 clones for the experiment. Then, that clone used the method given by Dolus to light up the Divine Fire.

Looking at the bright golden flame in front of him, Edward nodded in satisfaction. Then, he began the next step of the experiment. He did not immediately begin with the Tier 6 clone but used a Tier 0 instead.

And the process was much easier than anticipated. The Divine Flame’s sole purpose seemed to purify things. So, after coming into contact with the Tier 0 clone’s mana, a reaction was quickly formed.

Mana is unseen to the naked-eyed and not easily detected. However, using a special method, it can be observed and studied. And based on the Empire’s research, mana is usually manifested in blue color.

This is most obvious when a great deal of it is concentrated or mobilized by an individual. However, after the Divine Flame began to purify the clone’s mana, it changed color from blue to orange, then yellow, then silver, before turning completely white. And each color represented a Tier.

Orange for Tier 1, yellow for Tier 2, silver for Tier 3, and white for Tier 4.

Edward realized that he was slowly discovering something. So, he quickly checked the liquid mana of Tier 4 Arcanists. Before, the concept of purity in mana was discussed in the Empire and studied, but there has been little to no result. However, now, with this recent discovery, Edward could identify the purity of mana.

After checking the liquid mana, he discovered that it was really made of both white and blue mana. And after purification, the blue mana also began to change color from blue to white.

When the blue part turned yellow, the clone entered Tier 5. And when all the mana turned white, it also reached Tier 6. After gathering enough data, Edward finally checked the crystallized mana.

“As expected, it’s purple in color,” muttered Edward underneath his breath. The reason he predicted the color of crystalized mana was because of one of the manhwa that Solomon gave him.

In of them called [The Beginning After the End], the concept of purifying mana was introduced. And the colors of purification were exactly the same with the exception that in that universe, the starting color of mana is not blue, but dark. And the next step after that is red, followed by orange and so on.

(AN: Slight spoiler for the manhwa if you ever plan to read it or do not read the light novel.)

In that universe, after the white purity mana, there is also the purple color which is also referred to as Aether that only the protagonist acquired. Thinking about this, Edward’s eyes lit up as he made a somewhat major discovery.

“By that logic, the crystallized mana is a less purified form of aether. As for the Philosopher’s Stone, it should be a more purified form of it.”

Immediately, he quickly checked not only his magic core that was fused with a Perfect Philosopher’s Stone but also other ones. And as expected, they were made most of the purple while the rest was blue.

Edward then became excited. From many novels he read from his past life, aether is either considered an advanced form of mana or magic power or better yet, the origin of magic.

It is believed that it was the fifth element, the reason that magic or anything supernatural occurred in a world where the laws of physics governed. Although these novels might not necessarily be right as they were essentially different universes, however, they can also be used as reference.

Additionally, there are minor pieces of evidence to support these theories. For example, why could the Philosopher’s Stone (Aether) breaks the strict laws of Transmutation in both the magical world and when it comes to Gate Alchemy.

Why did the stone allow wizards to break Gumps’ Law of Elemental Transfiguration and produce food out of thin air? Why could it grant immortality and many more?

All of these show that Aether was extraordinary, and studying it might lead Edward to the path of discovering the essence of magic.

He then looked at the stone in his hand and said: “From now on, you will be called Aether Stone.”

Although he has not completely verified whether the stone was truly aether, he was 80% sure of his conjecture. Now, all he could think about was how to further purified the giant Aether Stone that is used as the Energy Core of the Floating City.

Once accomplished, he will raise the grade of the Floating City from a Pseudo Tier 9 Artifact to a Pseudo Tier 10, and even more.

Unfortunately, this problem was not so easy to deal with. Based on his calculation, it would take dozens of Tier 6 using their Divine Flame and many years to purify it until it completely turns purple. So far, he was the only Tier 6 Arcanist in the Empire, and you count the other 3 that will reach this stage in a few years, that’s only 4 of them.

Unless he could find a way to create a Divine Flame using countless lesser Tiers.

“That’s a good idea, so let’s put it on the agenda for now,” muttered Edward. Then, he frowned.

‘I don’t like the name Divine Flame, plus using it could bring some trouble.’

Edward knew if some of these gods knew that “mortals” were using their technique to benefit themselves, they would not be able to accept it and try to kill them. That’s how petty these things are after being completely turned insane because of absorbing faith over a long period.

‘In that case, let’s call it Arcane Flame. No. that’s too basic and unoriginal. How about Flame of Arcana or Arcana Flame; Yes, that’s much better.’

He then updated his library using this new name. Then, after creating an Arcana Flame of his own, he began to purify his mana. After calculating the time it would take him to reach Tier 7, he nodded in satisfaction.

He then shared his discovery with the other three while encouraging them to hurry and enter Tier 6. Immediately afterward, Edward tried using the Arcana Flame to purify void energy.

And as expected, the flame was instantly extinguished. Knowing this, he began to test other energies. The flame was very effective. Regrettably, Edward did discover that it was more efficient to purify mana and then convert it into other energies than to directly purify other energy like solar energy.

The only exception was cosmic energy from the universe. However, Edward’s understanding and use of this energy are very low or basic.

When testing the flame on soul energy, he also discovered that it could also be purified. With this method, it is possible to create better soul crystals, remove Soul Curses, and even increase the strength of the soul.

With this method, it will be easier for Arcanists to increase their soul and better control their mana, thus decreasing the time needed to reach higher Tiers. Plus, Edward has yet to fathom other benefits that a pure soul will bring to Arcanists as a whole.

This flame can also purify bloodlines so that in the future, Fleur’s research can be successful. The path of Bloodline Arcanist will undergo a great boom after he returned to the Empire.

Finally, the purification can also be applied to [Aura] allowing Aura Master to also benefit. Not to mention other things like purifying magical herbs for potions, or ores for both magical artifacts and material development of technology.

“This world is truly my lucky break,” muttered Edward who was a little worried that he would use all his luck in this world. However, after thinking about it for a moment, he realized he was being a little too ridiculous.

A lot of the benefit he received from this universe was because he was prepared and had extraordinary means. Another person who came here might not necessarily acquire as much benefit as him.

In the end, it all depended on his ability, ideas, and ability to execute his plans.’

“Alright, let’s check the information that Dolus gave me.”


Title: Parallel Dimensions


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