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1935; two years passed since the second Mummy movie.

Edward sat in a comfortable chair with a book in his hand labeled [An Analysis of Negative Energy] which was written by Hermione based on her recent research development.

He had a pipe in his hand like an old-fashion British gentleman. The tobacco he was using was created by him; it contain magical herbs that could relax the mind, help with anxiety, and inspired rapid thinking.

While smoking and reading, the door opened and two people walked in; they were dressed rather lavishly.

“I know this was a kid’s dinner party but it’s only 9 o’clock, so why are you guys back so early?”

“Severus was as grumpy as usual so we had to leave early,” replied Lily as she hung her coat. Despite her words, she seemed to have a joyous smile on her face.

“So, what happened this time? Did you argue with Rick again? You should have given the man some respect, after all, it is his son’s tenth birthday,” said Edward as he looked at Snape.

“It had nothing to do with O’Connell this time.”

“Then, who was it?”

“It was another archeologist, one of Evey’s peers,” said Snape as he poured a drink for himself.

“I thought that O’Connell was an insufferable idiot who only rely on his luck to survive,” said Snape while jugging his drink. “But he can’t compare to that Dr. Jones. The man flirts with every woman he sees.”

“I thought he was very charming,” said Lily with a smirk. To which Snape just scoffed, obviously not happy that he was teasing him.

“Wait, you said there was an archaeologist named Dr. Jones,” suddenly said, Edward. “What’s his full name?”

“I think it was Henry Jones, Jr, However, he seems to prefer the name, Indiana Jones. Some people even call him Indy.”

Immediately, something clicked in Edward’s mind.

“Morgana, you should have a file on this person?”

The little purple elf appeared next to him and waved her hand to show a file on Indiana Jones.

“This person is on the list of people I was monitoring to see if they could be useful for the Empire,” she explained. After seeing the picture of Indian Jones and rapidly going over the information gathered on him, Edward knew that it was the same whip-wielding professor that he knew.

So, he closed his eyes and reviewed the information he had on the subject. He remembered going to see the Indiana movies when he was a boy. He remembered how scary the second one was.

He was a fan for a long time, so he saw all four movies.

Immediately afterward, Edward started laughing out loud like a mad man, even alerting Hermione who was resting in the next room.

“This world is like a present that keeps on giving,” muttered Edward because of how excited he was. However, he also quickly calm down to assess the situation.

So far, three different movies or universes showed, so, there might be more. As such, he needed to be on the watch for such a possibility. As for the Indiana movies, he pondered how he could get the most advantage.

After pondering for a while, he realized that the greatest benefit came from the last movie. Although the fourth installment was the less critically received of all the films, in terms of benefit, it is the one he values the most.

‘It is 1935, so it should be when Indy discovers the Sankara Stones. These stones only have little value in studying. However, next year, he will find the Ark of the Covenant…The Warehouse. That’s my next destination.’

He looked at the three who were waiting on him and said, “Tomorrow, I will take you somewhere.”

The next day, using the information that Morgana gathered overnight, Edward led the group to a warehouse that was guarded by the U.S. military. With an invisible spell, the four of them were not detected at all.

“Where are we going exactly?” asked Hermione.

“A warehouse full of magical items,” replied Edward. After Indiana Jones acquired the Ark of the Covenant, the U.S. government placed it in a warehouse that contained many items related to the “supernatural”, preventing it from being studied or displayed in any museums.

After entering the warehouse, the group was truly surprised at how many magical items there were.

“Why are there so many? I thought magic was almost instinct in this universe?” asked Hermione.

“They were most likely forged by the Gods themselves,” said Edward as he checked a few items; he was suddenly interested in the crafting method of these artifacts.

“Let’s take all of them back to the ship,” said Edward, which proceeded to place all the artifacts into interdimensional bags. Then, before leaving, he placed an enchantment in the warehouse that will display a powerful illusion.

The illusion will show that these artifacts were still here. Afterward, the group traveled all over the world to take the artifacts secrecy kept by the powerful countries in this era.

The Germans were obsessed with the supernatural at this time so they had the most of them–even more than the U.S.

After this, Edward wanted to go straight to Peru for the Interdimensional Beings that appeared in the fourth movie. However, he refrain from doing so as he wanted to be more prepared for his plan to succeed.

He had to wait until 1947 for safety measures, in the meantime, he was prepared to study these artifacts. The forging system in this world can be considered the epitome of Magetech Engineering.

All normal people can use powerful magic items without having any talent or possessing any mana. Unlike in the Empire which requires mana crystals to power up magical items, the artifacts in this world seemed to build with energy embedded deep inside, and even can regenerate such energy after use.

Adding to that the fact that most of the artifacts were most likely built by gods themselves, he was truly interested in them. So, after categorizing the artifacts and identifying them.

Then, each of the four of them took an item that was beneficial to them. Hermione took one that was also related to summoning undead, however, this one was related to Sumerian Gods and their underworld.

Lily found the Shield of Athena in the warehouse. According to information they gathered, this shield was used as a Guardian Artifact for the entire city of Athens; she thinks that she could find inspiration from it.

Snape found an old cauldron that belonged to a famous Chinese alchemist that can help brew powerful elixirs; he was quite excited but he refused to show it.

Once everybody picked their artifacts, Edward also chose his and entered a room in the city.

“Morgana, charge the Void Cannon and locked the room where the experiment will take place,” ordered Edward seriously.

“As you wish,” said Morgana. After she made the necessary precaution, she began the experiment. She used an artifact that contain divine energy inside. To ensure safety, the artifact was previously identified as belonging to a lesser god in the Aztec Pantheon and used the Time Record Spell. The reason for being so cautious was in case the gods were powerful enough to use this opportunity to revive themselves.

Or, powerful enough to attack across space and time. Plus, unlike his world where he feared messing with time, he did not mind that much since he could run away in case something was wrong. Edward has always been cautious when taking risks and irresponsible when needed.

Once the spell was cast, an image was displayed in the room, showing one of the gods forging a magical item. The process was not as complicated as Edward expected.

The god took a few ores and used his power to change the shape to its desired outcome. Then, he muttered a few words while injecting divine energy into the item.

And just like that, the magical artifact was created; there were no runes, no engraving, or anything else.

Of course, this was to the untrained eyes.

Edward could see that the words spoken by this god were actually a form of enchantment, similar to a blessing.

For example, if he wanted to create a magical item that could glow. In his forging system, he would engrave the “Lumous” words on the item as an enchantment.

However, the gods only need to say the “Lumous Charm” in a special way to form the enchantment. Additionally, they also need to insert the divine energy in a special way for the enchantment to remain permanent, and to ensure that there is enough energy for the item to be activated.

Edward became excited after discovering this new enchantment method that he labeled [Word Blessing].

So, he immediately began to use Time Record on other magical artifacts from different Pantheon: Egyptian, Mayan, Mesopotamian, etc. Although all these gods used different languages in their forging process, the general outline was the same.

Then, Edward focused on the Forging Gods in the different pantheons as he knew that these people were the pinnacle of Artificers amongst the Gods.

Although he was a little about these gods attacking him across space and time, he still took some risks to observe some of the powerful gods. Luckily, he seemed to be overthinking things

Just like that, Edward was engrossed in his study until he forgot the passage of time.


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