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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 213: War Is Unpredictable Bahasa Indonesia


“Something is wrong,” suddenly said the Shadow. “We have been discovered.”

“How is that possible?” asked Wolf. “With these people’s low technology, no divination, and no Tier 5 individuals, how did they discover us?”

“I do not know but the room we are in is currently surrounded and many people are rapidly approaching?”

All the members immediately realized that the level of the mission has changed. Blood Sucker, Wolf, and Rogue quickly locked the doors in the room that they were in.

Then, they looked at their captain to await further orders. No thought of aborting the mission came to their mind. As elite, they are trained to respond to the situation.

After pondering for a moment, Olivier said: “Shadow, quickly control the communication of this site and prevent any information from coming in and out.”

“Already on it, captain.”

In Shadow’s micro-computer, there was a magical artificial intelligence or Spirit A.I. designed with technology and a powerful soul at the core. One of the advantages of the Spirit A.I. is that it can use spells to help in the process of hacking technology, making it not only powerful but also very difficult to detect.

After all, it was using metaphysical means to deal with physical things.

As such, Shadow can easily hack any place or system on this planet. Even if it is a place that is completely cut off from the web and has its own power source.

Olivier then raised her head and said out loud: “If the War Council is monitoring this operation, please sent us any kind of message.”

Back in the Empire, the War Room was in chaos. The divination crystal no longer displayed the operation, so these generals were contacting all the available diviners to see what was the problem.

All the people in the room were well aware of the identity of Olivier, and they could not imagine what would happen if something were to happen to her.

While these people had worry written all over their faces, Edward was the only calm one, thinking about the reason that the divination fail. The Fer race did not have any Anti-Divination Technology, so he wondered what went wrong.

As for Olivier’s safety, he was not that worried. He is the one who designed that suit of hers and he knew all the secret things he placed inside. Olivier is a strong independent woman and she wanted to suffer through danger with her soldiers.

However, Edward would not allow such a thing, so he secretly modified the suit so that in the worst-case scenario to prioritize her safety above everything else: whether mission or her team member.

“Calm down, everyone,” said Edward in an authoritative voice. “The recent event has shown us that in war, anything can happen and we should be ready to deal with any situation.”

The other people calm down. As long as the Emperor did not blame them for the disappearance of the future Royal Concubine, everything else is fine.

“Now, let’s trust the abilities of the Metal Ice Squad.”

Solidium Planet:

After more than a minute with no response, Olivier knew that even the Divination of the Empire has failed.

“Shadow, can you find the location of the manager of the Launching Pad?”

A few seconds later, a projection was shown by Shadow that displayed the room of the manager. It was a blue skin woman close to five meters tall. After seeing this, Olivier’s body suddenly disappeared before reappearing in the same place.

“The space has been blocked so we cannot Apparate.”

With a frown on her face, she said: “Blood Sucker, sent an invisible drone outside to test the water.”

Blood Sucker followed her instruction and a small drone appeared in front of her. Under her control, the drone turned invisible before flying outside; the drone passed through the door as if it was not there.

However, as soon it appeared, it was shot down.

Olivier frowned after seeing what happened to the drone. Logically speaking, the drone should not be detected. Whether it is the Fer race’s technology, or their inability to cast any detection spell, all of these should prevent them from detecting the drone.

Not to mention that based on the video she just watched, all the soldiers immediately knew the existence and position of the drone.

That was abnormal.

“Shadow, take over all the weapon systems in this facility and get rid of all the soldiers of Tier 3 and below. All the others, follow me to the Manager’s room.”

Without hesitation, Olivier and the other rushed outside the door. As soon as they appeared, they were welcomed by a rain of bullets. However, these attacks were useless to their armor, not to mention that they easily dodged them.

Olivier rushed to the Tier 4 Fer races; she faced three people, two of them with large hammers while the last one had a saber. With one glance, she judged that these weapons were made of the skins of dead Fer people.

At some point, a sword was in Olivier’s hand. She dodged the attack of the first Fer whose hammer created a more than dozen meters crater after hitting the ground.

Olivier swung her sword at the opponent’s head, however, the latter completely ignored her attack; he seemed to have the utmost belief in his defense.

Unfortunately for him, this was the wrong move.

As soon as the sword touched his head, it did not go through. However, a mist suddenly came from it, and before his companions could react, his head turned into an ice-popsicle.

With horror on his face, the Fer race fell on the floor, his head shattered into millions of pieces.

His other companions were furious as they swung their weapons madly. Meanwhile, with a calm demeanor, Olivier swung her sword upward. An Ice Spear suddenly appeared from the ground to impaled the Fer race with the saber.

The other one dodged to the side, however, he quickly discovered an Ice Sword Slash rushing towards him. Before he could even react, he was cut into two pieces.

After she finished with her opponent, Olivier looked at the other team members. Wolf had turned into a more than six meters tall werewolf. His sharp teeth and claws slashed through the skin of these Fer races like it was butter.

Blood Sucker would use terrible speed to appear in front of her opponent, and with a touch of her finger, the blood inside their bodies would be instantly drained.

As for Rogue, countless weapons appeared from his suit and he was frantically shooting left and right. After a few minutes, most of the assailants that were waiting for them were dead, and the team reunited.

“The blood of these Fer people is not that bad,” commented Blood Sucker after elegantly wiping her mouth.

“That’s disgusting,” replied Rogue, but he was ignored.

“Worthy of the title of Ice Queen,” commented Shadow as he looked at his captain’s handiwork.

One of the luckiest things that happened to him was being chosen to be part of the same team as the famous Ice Queen of the Navy–especially after she did recently.


Title: Elemental Awakening


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