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Edward tried to read the Flame Demon’s memory but it was only filled with thoughts of obeying Hermione. The same thing for the other people summoned.

He had a feeling that the information revealed was quite important. Unfortunately, he did not know how to get it. He could ask Albion, however, recently, their relationship has been rocky, so he doubt he would receive any answers.

So, he could only ask Dumbledore to watch out for any information regarding Abyss Plane and Material Plane.

Edward then placed his focus on this demon; he had never seemed such a life form except in television and movies in his previous life.

“Can I dissect him?” he asked.

“No,” replied Hermione.

“Why not?”

“Because mu ability is similar to a contract. I cannot proactively hurt my summon–especially the ones that are higher in Tiers than me.”

“What will happen if you do?”

“They will immediately return to their place of origin.”

Edward nodded his head and did not force it. He began to observe this demon and scan his body with Morgana’s help.

The demon’s anatomy had many organs that he could not understand just by observation. However, they were completely different from humans or any magical species he has ever seen.

“Could I at least get some blood from him?”

Hermione pondered for a moment before ordering him to give some of his blood. The demon did not hesitate to hand it over. Immediately, the four of them began to observe the Demon’s Life Code.

The Code was in Ancient Runes Language, so they quickly deciphered a few things. They discovered that this demon had an unnatural survival ability. He could survive in any environment–no matter how harsh or extreme.

His body would change based on his surroundings to survive. Whether it’s extreme cold, heat, nuclear waste, the vacuum of space, thousands of meters deep underground, or under the sea, they can survive anywhere.

“Fascinating,” muttered Edward. “We need to find a way to capture of them to study.”

“I can try to come up with a spell to summon these creatures without my talent. That way, we will not be restricted by any contracts,” replied Hermione. “However, it will take some time.”

“Take your time, we are not in a hurry,” said Edward, then, for some reason, he became serious.

“Is there anything?” asked Rowena.

“Yes. I know that I promise to take all of you next time I travel to another world, but I have a mission for your and Luna.”

Everyone became serious based on the looks on Edward’s face; they know that he meant business.

“I need you to travel through the multiverse to find a special timeline or timelines for me. Based on my theory, these timelines should be isolated and very difficult to enter.”

“Is that all the information you have?” asked Rowena; that was not a lot of information to go with.

“Of course, not. Be patient and let me finish,” he replied. He then sent a list with the name of a bunch of people.

“This is a list of the name of Hogwarts students during Hermione and Harry Potter’s 7 years in school. The first way to identify these people is if they are not on the list. Of course, each timeline is different, so this is not enough.

Edward paused for a moment to reorganized his words as he felt he did not explain things properly.

“These people belong to a group that can go by many names, with the main ones are ‘Main God Space’, ‘Lord God Space’, and ‘Reincarnation Hall’. All of them have some knowledge of the future and will use this knowledge to their advantage.

“Additionally, there is a high chance that these people will use foreign Power Systems completely different from our universe. Or, they might use a foreign magic system. They might even have technology that is too advanced by even the standard of the Empire now.

“They will usually try either to be really close friends with Hermione, Ron, and Harry or side with Voldemort. Their main purpose is to temper with the timeline as much as possible.”

All of them began to ponder; as intelligent as these three were, they understood that this was not a simple mission. And it may be related to one of Edward’s greatest secrets.

“What is their purpose for doing so?” asked Hermione.

“The best guess I can come up with is the fact that the people behind them can actually absorb some sort of power from the timeline and destroy the Correction of Fate. Besides that, I do not know much.”

“In that case, what do we do after founding those timelines and those people?”

“You have to be very careful not to directly interact with them. You can send clones, golems, or drones to secretly monitor the weak ones. Do not under any circumstances try to read their mind or memories.”

From what Edward remembered, the Lord God Space has a special ban placed on its people’s souls that will annihilate them once someone discovered them and searched their souls/memories.

“What I want you to find is a special group amongst these people will release a watch on something similar after being killed. The watch can be used to join the organization.

“What I want is that watch. However, I do know that not all of them have that watch. Most likely, the group that used the watch is very rare. I need you Luna to use your power to find the most likely timelines that the watch will watch.”

Luna pondered deeply about this, “I should be able to do it. However, searching the entire multiverse will take a lot of time and effort. I narrow our search to timelines that are only between 1991 to 1998, making it easier to succeed.

“Additionally, you said that these timelines were most likely blocked from outside interventions. This is another clue that can help.”

“Whatever you need to help, you can take it. However, you two have to be careful. You can take my Gate for safety measures. In case something goes wrong, you can run away or contact me for backup. I will immediately rush over with the Floating City.”

Everyone nodded, then, Rowena asked: “Why are you interested in these people so much? If the group behind them is so powerful, wouldn’t it be better to stay away from them.”

Edward was silent after hearing this and said, “As you guys already guessed, my presence is an anomaly in this timeline. I feared that because of what I’ve done, these people will place their eyes on this timeline.

“Plus, I’m preparing for a much worse enemy.”

“What can be worse than that?”

“Myself,” replied Edward.


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