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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 203: Planes? Bahasa Indonesia

After arriving home, Edward saw the three of them waiting for him. With his senses, he could already feel the condensed mana inside their bodies; it was especially obvious since they just advanced and could not properly control it.

“Excellent,” said Edward after seeing the three of them. He was not surprised that these three were the first to advance. Of all his wives, they had the highest talent.

Nothing needs to be said about Rowena; as one of the greatest witches of her time, her talent is undeniable. Edward guessed that if it was not for her experiment with void energy and her soul, she would have advanced long ago.

Hermione was able to shine in the old era even though she was a muggle-born. At that time, in the Wizarding World, few muggle-born could become outstanding. Whether it was because of lack of resources, systemic discrimination, or talent, only a few could become accomplished in the Wizarding World.

And she was one of these few.

As for Luna, her Seer Bloodline is not something that Edward could even currently understand.

“So, what ability did you guy get after fusing with the Perfect Philosopher’s Stone?”

Suddenly, Luna’s eyes lit up and she said: “Just like you used to say, I think I’m very OP now.”

“Oh? How so?”

“The main thing is that my bloodline seemed to have been strengthened. I can now easily monitor the entire galaxy as long I have enough energy to support me.”

“You mean your divination can cover such a wide range?”

“That’s right.”

“In that case, you are indeed OP,” replied Edward. “However, you have to be careful. We do not know what terrifying thing is there in the galaxy. If you peep at them, you could catch their attention.”

Edward was a little envious of her ability. Although his Cosmic Awareness has a wider range than her, however, there is still a major downside: it only works when danger is approaching or something major related to him.

If something has nothing to do with him, his Cosmic Awareness will not work.

“What else?” asked Edward.

“Well, I seem to be able to see a few seconds into the future and predict danger.”

Edward looked up and down at her, “Are you the protagonist, or am I?”

“Of course, it’s me,” replied Luna, as if this was an obvious thing.

“Alright, you’re the protagonist,” replied Edward as he hugged her. “What about you guys?”

“I can freely travel to other dimensions,” replied Rowena. “I guess this might have something to do with my research on Void Energy.”

Edward became excited after hearing this and asked: “Does that include Parallel Universes?”

Rowena pondered for a moment after hearing this, then she disappeared for a few seconds before reappearing again.

“Apparently, yes.” She had just returned to her timeline for a moment.

Edward nodded happily, although still a little jealous. Although he can do the same thing as her, but only with his World Gate. meanwhile, Rowena noticed his gaze and shook her head:

“Don’t act like a child who sees someone has a toy that he wanted,” she said: “Jist like you tried to create a spell so that we can use Cosmic Awareness, I will try to do the same with my talent.”

Edward was not embarrassed that he was caught. He wanted to say “At least I did not raise you guys for so long for no reason.” However, he did not dare; his EQ was higher than this.

“Hermione, what about you?”

“It’s better to go to a different place to show you,” she replied. So, the group headed to a pocket dimension according to her request. Once there, Hermione activated her talent.

A humongous magic circle appeared on the ground. Then, a large army appeared on top of the circle.

People wearing armors and spears lined up on one side. All their equipment was magical. On the other side were people on horses: it was a calvary.

There were at least a million of them, and based on the mana the others sensed, the majority were between Tier 3 and 4. Hundreds of them who acted like commanders were in Tier 5.

“What is this, exactly?” asked Edward.

“I can summon armies from other dimensions.”

“Excellent, are there any problems controlling them? Can you only summon humans? Are there any restrictions on the number?” He asked.

“No, they are totally under my command. As for variety, I can summon any race, even Demons, elemental creatures, golem, and many more.

“As for restrictions, it seems to be based on the amount of mana I have.”

Edward nodded his head, then suddenly remembered something, “Can you summon people with higher Tiers than you?”

“Oh, I do not know. Let’s try.”

Immediately another magic circle appeared. And along with it, the space began to tremble. Edward quickly ordered Morgana to seal the area and prepared to blow this dimension to pieces in case something out of control occurred.

A few seconds later, a more than 10 meters tall demon with two horns appeared. The scent of sulfur suddenly overwhelmed the surroundings as magma could be seen at his feet.

His body was full of fiery red scales, his wings were at least 30 meters, and his tail was more than 5 meters.

The demon looked in the surroundings and said: #$%$$%&R%%[email protected]@^*(**%&&***.)

A look of excitement came to his face before the magic circle on the ground entered his head, then he seemed to have lost his sense of consciousness and knelt on one knee in front of Hermione.

“I can only summon one Tier higher than me, and based on the strength of my soul, I can only control two of them currently.”

“She’s more OP than me,” suddenly said, Luna.

However, Edward seemed distracted, “Hermione, can you understand what he said?”

She shook her head.

“How about his memories, could you read it?”

“Unfortunately, no.”

“Morgana, check all the new language we gathered to see if you can translate what he just said.”

The little purple hair elf appeared next to him and said: “Alright. Checking the database. Matching Demonic Language. Translating:

“Where am I? This is not the Abyss Plane…Wait, this smell, this sense of freedom, it’s the Material Plane.”

“Abyss Plane, Material Plane?” muttered Edward with a confused look. He was still in a Cosmic setting, how did planes suddenly come into existence?

Suddenly, he remembered Merlin telling him that this world was more complex than he could imagine.

Maybe, he meant this.


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