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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 202: Legacy Bahasa Indonesia


In the Afterlife Dimension, Herpo has been in a pretty bad mood recently. The only thing that brought the slightest joy to him was the fact that the leyline nodes have started to be activated.

However, Herpo also knew that for his plans to succeed, he still has to face a major obstacle.

He sat on a throne with a book in his hand, checking every soul that entered the afterlife and ensuring that they were sent in the appropriate place. Suddenly, he felt something and raised his head.

His eyes seemed to ignore space until he saw the artificial island that Academy City was located on. He focused on one of the Towers.

“What has this wizard done now?”

A great sense of dread suddenly overcame him; his instinct was warning him to run as far away as possible, otherwise, he would die. Fear of death suddenly overcame this Death God.

It was unfortunate that Herpo could not see what was inside that Tower. And even if he could, he would not dare peep again.

So, he started walking back and forth, pondering what to do. In the end, he decided to reinforce the defense of this dimension to prevent other people from easily entering.

Herpo knew that these measures were probably useless as he was aware that Edward was trying to invent a way to travel to other dimensions. And based on the fact that he vanished more than 5 years ago, he most likely succeeded.

Based on his current strength, Herpo did not know whether his actions were useful. So, after sighing to himself, he decided to always be on guard.

In a separate dimension outside of time and space, an old man stood in front of a log house looking in the distance while caressing his long beard. His eyes seemed to contain both space and time as he watched Edward finish the Floating City.

“Outta boy,” he said with a smile on his face.

“I did not expect to see a floating city in a place like this,” said a female voice next to him. It was as if she was always there and just appeared at the same time.

After Morgana said these words, she was lost in memories. She saw a Floating City that was larger than any universe, killing a bunch of strange and hideous creatures.

“It’s a shame that the Arcane Emperor died; he was a great ally.”

“You’re right about that,” replied Merlin who also had a look of remembrance. “It’s alright as long as his legacy is passed on.”

“Do you think your boy can inherit his title?”

To beings like them, Edward’s random use of the title of ‘Arcane Emperor’, creating the Arcane Empire and creating a “Floating City” is not random at all, but a form of legacy inheritance. Maybe one day, when he becomes more powerful, he will understand these things.

“If he wants to, he still has a long to go.”

Thinking about the Arcane Emperor, Merlin had to sigh that such a genius had fallen; this was a great blow to their cause.

Morgan was silent for a moment, “Do you think we can hold on until these young people grow up?”

“I don’t think we have a choice,” replied Merlin with a sigh. “Luckily, we have discovered Primordial Earth. With the talent of these Earthlings, it is easier and faster to train powerful individuals. Otherwise, the frontline would not hold for so long.”

“I still think we should just send all the people on Primordial Earth to different universes. With their talents, even if only one percent of them reached our heights, we still have a chance at surviving.”

“The people from there will never allow us to intervene on such a large scale in their world. Plus, you should also understand is the more we forcibly intervene there, the more changes will occur in that dimension.

“We are already lucky to discover it and use it as a talent gathering pool. There is no need to destroy a good thing for quick success.”

Morgana did agree with this decision, unfortunately, she was incapable of changing the decision of so many people at the same level as her. Then, she suddenly said:

“Why don’t you let me train that Edward boy?”

“Why are you so suddenly interested in my disciple?”

“Well, this boy has done so many shady things in his magical path, I think his temperament is best suited for a person like me.”

Merlin looked at her up and down.

“Did I say something wrong?” she said with a sneer. “Despite all Arthur has gone through, despite experiencing so many different lives, despite how powerful he became, he still has such a rigid, black and white view of the world.

“And a lot of this has to do with you. So, it’s best to let me train Edward.”

Merlin was silent for a moment before sighing out loud. He indeed was responsible for how that boy turned out. He never let him experience the dark sides of the world turning him into a truly righteous person, and when he realized something was wrong and wanted to correct it, it was already too late.

“You are right. And this is the reason that I’m taking a free-range approach with Edward. As long as he does not lose himself in the pursuit of knowledge, I will not intervene.

“As for you, I will not let you interfere as well. All your apprentices are twisted beyond measures.”

“Hehehe,” laughed Morgana with a little embarrassment.

“I cannot wait for these two to meet one another. I doubt that they will get along well.”

Merlin’s lips twitch slightly without saying anything else.

Edward’s timeline:

After creating the Floating City, he did many tests in the void to fix some issues. Finally, after another three months, he was finally finished. He wanted to immediately hop inside and travel to another world.

However, he still had some stuff to do here before he could leave for his second voyage.

Right after he finished, he received some good news: Rowena, Hermione, and Luna had advanced to Tier 5. So, he rushed to meet them; he was quite interested in their new abilities.


You guys had too much fun with the “Ur Anus” joke in the last chapter.

Title: Planes?


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