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After returning home, Edward ignored the complaints of his wives of why he did not take them on a vacation in the universe. It’s not his fault that they decided to ignore him. So, he went straight to work to busy himself.

He visited the Flammels’ Tower to work on Project Uranus: the Floating City. This project can be considered as one of the most important projects of the Empire.

Once done, Edward will finally have a real deterrent against Tier 9 Galaxy individuals. As for whether it can affect Tier 10 Universal, in theory, it should but only in theory.

Once he arrived at the Tower, he saw a lot of remodeling was done since the last time he came. All the Wandcraft and Dragon Language Enchantments that were engraved in all of the city were removed.

The Core Engravement was used to place all the enchantments together inside a pocket dimension. That way, it could function more smoothly and reduce the possibility of the enchantments behind being destroyed during battle or confrontations.

There were two Core Engravenemnts: the first one was used to deal with the average control of the city. Things like Anti-Gravity, Shield, Environment or Atmospheric Control, FLT Travel, Energy Distribution, Weapons System, etc.

The second core engravement was for the enchantments needed to travel to other universes.

Edward and Nicolas Flamel were responsible for this part. After a few weeks, they finished the engravement.

Next was the shield that surrounded the city. The shield had to work as both a defensive measure and also protect the people living in the city from the void.

Since void energy is ver destructive, this part was very important. So, two methods were used to deal with the problem. The first one was to create a dome made of magicium since it is the only metal that can protect from the void.

The second method was the Void Shield that Edward developed to deal with Truth. Once both these methods were built, Edward took the city to the Void for a test. And after finding a few errors, he returned to fix them.

The next problem to deal with was the energy core of the Floating City. The Philosopher’s Stone was still used as the main energy source, however, Edward also knew that there might be some places where mana did not work.

So, an alternate form of energy was needed.

So, he used the Empire’s technology to create an artificial star as energy. Furthermore, he placed Energy Converter Enchantments that allowed heat from the star to turn into mana, and mana to heat.

After building this aspect of the city, Edward’s paranoia got the best of him again and he decided to make the city work on all kinds of energy just in case. So, whether it was nuclear power, electricity, tectonic energy, psychic energy, or even cosmic energy.

Unfortunately, the research on the latter was not completed yet, so, the result was not satisfactory to him.

Finally, Edward focused on the weapon system. This time, he needed Rowena’s help to finish this.

“So, how is the Void Cannon?”

The floating city has many different weapons like high energy lasers, railguns, nukes, space-based weapons, gravity bombs. There are also magical weapons like Fienfyre Cannons, Time Bombs, Dimension Collapse Cannons, and Elemental Riot Cannons.

However, of them are more powerful or as deadly as the Void Cannon.

“There are many problems with the new design.”

“What problem?”

“After firing a few shots, the void energy will destroy the cannon itself.”

“I thought you found a way to enclose it into a case?”

“That was the previous model. In my latest research, I have found a way to gather a higher concentration of void energy. And the magicium case cannot contain it.”

Rowena showed him the new data that she discovered before continuing:

“I tried placing the void energy inside a pocket dimension before shooting it. However, it even destroyed the dimension.”

Edward frowned after hearing this. Right now, the dimension technology of the Empire involves two aspects.

One is to take an already existing space and enlarged it with the Extension Curse. Then, separate that dimension from its encasing. For example, a suitcase has a small space inside.

After expanding the internal dimension, an arcanist can separate that internal dimension from the suitcase to exist on its own, or bind it to another object like a ring; this is one of the ways interdimensional rings are created.

Another method is to use Father’s method to cut off an entire pocket dimension from the space-time continuing, thus existing in the realm between reality and non-reality.

However, no matter what method is used, as long void energy entered these pocket dimensions, they will be corroded and destroyed.

“How is your research on using void energy to create a new ore as we did with the philosopher’s stone and magicium?”

“Still in progress.”

Edward’s mind quickly functioned as he pondered a solution to this problem.

“Could you create the pocket dimension with the void energy?”

“Umm,” muttered Rowena as she began to think. “Void energy contained many attributes with time and space being one of the main ones. If we can isolate or remove these other attributes, it should be quite easy to create a dimension with them.

“No, it would be better to use these attributes to reinforce the main ones.”

After having a direction to go with, Rowena began to design the new Void Cannon. Once she was done, she had to leave as she reached the threshold to advance to Tier 5. So, Edward and the Flammels had to do the finishing touch.

After more than a year, everything was completed.

Edward floated in the air as he looked at this masterpiece of his. He flew over different parts of the city.

There were a few towers for research with the main one very noticeable. There was the Golem Factory Section to create robots or golems for either war or other activities.

There was the Clone factory Section that was next to the Army Training Camp. There was the Fleet Manufacturing Section to create Space Legions, the Civilian Section for people to live and relax, the library, and many more.

The Floating City was designed as a Civilization Restarter of the Arcane Empire. In case something happened, as long as it still exists, the entire civilization can be rebuilt once more from scratch.

As Edward looked at the entire thing, he became more secure in his future voyage. From now on, no matter what situation he faced in the future, he was more confident with the Floating City.

And he was not the only one excited. Nicolas Flammel was also very happy with the final result. He had long guessed of his identity as a possible clone of a powerful figure.

He did not care not suddenly wanted to revolt against the original version. However, he still had an obsession: to make an achievement that was better than the original version who created the Philosopher’s Stone.

And to him, this Floating City was more than comparable.

“I suddenly had the urge to go kill Herpo,” muttered Edward. However, he quickly removed this idea from his mind. With the floating city, even if Herpo regained his full power, he would not be his match.

“It’s better to continue the plan I previously for him,” said Edward slowly before looking in the distance. He sneered.

‘It’s about time that things between us came to an end.’


Title: Legacy


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