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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 195: Strange Encounter Bahasa Indonesia


Edward led Fleur to another section of this bar. In front of him stood a girl that was 2.5 meters, green skin, and tusk as teeth. She was a half-orc.

“Sir, do you have a VIP card?”

“Yes,” replied Edward before handing her a black card. She took a device to scan and check the authenticity. After identity the card as authentic, the half-orc girl gave the two a smile–well at least, it looked like she was doing so.

She knew that there were two requirements to become a VIP member: either be a Tier 4 individual that is really close to becoming Tier 5. Or, be filthy rich to pay for the cards.

Either of these methods proved an individual’s ability.

As for how Edward got this card? It was not because of Tier. To use this method requires a test, and registering your information. He did not want to do that, so he used money to buy the card.

After smiling back at the half-orc, he led Fleur into the VIP area. Immediately, the two felt that things were different from the outsider. In here, there were many Tier 5 individuals.

Additionally, the people here had many equipment and jewelry that bloomed with mana. This showed that these people were riched and could afford good equipment.

Not long after entering, Fleur had a frown on her face. She felt many gazes towards, the majority of them full of uncontrollable lust. Without hesitation, she activated her Veeva bloodline.

Then, all the Tier 3 and 4 individuals who were staring at her seemed to have lost their minds. They looked at her not with lust but with adoration. Then, these people took out their weapons and made a slight wound on their throats.

However, before they could kill themselves, she stopped her attack. When these people woke up from their daze, a look of horror appeared on their faces. If the opponent wanted to, they would have killed themselves.

“What a powerful Charm Spell,” secretly commented a few people.

“Do you think she has a Succubus Bloodline?”

“Even if she does not, it would not be too far.”

After giving these people a lesson, Fleur ignored them, As for Edward, he just smiled during the entire thing without saying anything. Once she was done, he led them to a private room that he reserved.

However, midway through their journey, they once again interrupted, This time was a short man with red hair and a long braided beard that almost reached his feet.

Upon closer observation, this man was less than 1.2 meters, and a strong smell of alcohol emanated from his body. It was a dwarf.

“Is there something?” asked Edward, still with a smile on his face. Ever since he stepped in this place, he used a Malice Detection Spell on him, so he could not feel any malice from this dwarf, hence the reason he was smiling.

The dwarf did not respond to Edward; he was not even looking at him. He was staring at the ring on his finger.

“Can I see your ring?” asked the dwarf with some excitement on his face. Although surprised by his straightforwardness, Edward was intrigued regarding his purpose, so he nodded before taking out his ring and handing it to him.

After observing the ring, the dwarf said, “What beautiful craftsmanship. Although the material is pure silver, the material was perfectly purified and processed, bringing out the full potential of the ore.”

Without looking at the two, the dwarf continues to observe the ring. “I’ve never seen this technique before. No, even the enchantment method I have not seen before.”

The dwarf’s eyes seemed to light up and he could see the magic circle engraved on the ring. Of course, it was because this was just an ordinary enchantment and not the Micro-Engravement or the Core Engravement.

“This enchantment seemed better than the elves,” commented the dwarf.

“Stinky dwarf, what did you say?” suddenly ringed another voice. Finally, another man appeared in front of the group. He was tall but looked tin. To be precise, slander.

He had fair skin, handsome to the point of being beautiful, with a bow on his back that added to his masculine charm. However, his most prominent feature was his long ear.

It was an elf.

The dwarf looked at the person who arrived, sneered, “Did I stutter? I say this enchantment is better than the elf.”

“Everybody knows that Elfen Enchantments are the best in the universe, yet you dare say this ugly ring is better than ours?”

“What can a layman like you know. Do you even know anything about enchantments?”

After seeing that these two were about to argue, Edward interceded.

“Gentlemen, this is not the time nor the place.” The two then stopped quarreling. Edward looked at the elf.

“No one likes their work being criticized.”

“You made this ring?” asked the dwarf. “You’re an Artificer?”

As soon as the dwarf said these words, Edward could feel many eyes focused on him, and he knew the reason. Whether is Potion makers or Artificer, they are considered noble professions or classes in the universe.

Not to mention potions, Articers can create magic weapons and are the driving force of technology development of any planet or race.

Despite this world being a cosmic one with planets and galaxies, magic is still the main driven force instead of technology. Because mana exists in many places, pure technology is often malfunctioning in certain regions with large concentrations of mana.

So, the role of engineers is replaced by Artificers. So, their status is quite noble in many places.

Ignoring the dwarf and the other people, Edward waved his hand and the bow behind the elf suddenly appeared in his hand. An act that made the elf on guard.

Runes appeared deep in Edward’s eyes as he used the spell Alchemy Eye to analyze the green bow. The body was made of an unknown wood which seemed to be more resilient than even metals.

Additionally, the wood seemed to have a natural ability to gather mana on its own. The string of the bow was made from some magical animal that was currently unknown.

However, Edward could tell that it was as hard as steel but did not lose its elasticity.

Beautiful designs could be seen on the bow, giving it a more nature-like and ethereal body. Some people might think that this was a design, but he could that this was the so-called Elven Enchantments.

Edward only has basic knowledge about the Elven language and could speak it, but did not know about their magic system let alone their enchantments.

However, he could test the ability of the enchantments by testing them. So, he injected his mana into the bow. At first, he felt some resistance and he was a little surprised.

“It seems that this bow has some level of consciousness,” he muttered. The elf was shocked after hearing this as this was one of his greatest secrets. Once again, he became alert as he slowly took two daggers out of nowhere.


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