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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 18: Introduction (3) Bahasa Indonesia

All the students marveled at the scene that had just taken place. Then, they started clapping; it was a standing ovation. Meanwhile, there were different reactions about each grades

The 1st and 2nd years became upset, while the other students were pondering whether to take Edward’s class.

The reason that some of them hesitate is because the Alchemy class does not offer O.W.L.’s and N.E.W.T. exams. So, they feared that taking such an elective might make their grades suffer as they will have to spend a lot of time there.

After the students calmed down, Edward said a few more words:

“Now, I have a few words for the muggle-born students. I am sure that after spending a few years in the magical world, all of you should have noticed the lack of entertainment. After all, the three most current fun activities of wizards include quidditch, wizard chess, and Yu-Gi-Oh Dueling Cards–which was invented by yours truly.

“However, what people do not know was that Yu-Gi-Oh was inspired by a muggle comic I read once when I was a child.”

Many people were surprised by this revelation, so they paid more attention when they realized that Edward might say something important.

Of course, Edward lied. He did not know whether there was a Yu-Gi-Oh manga in this world. And even if there was, it was probably not created yet when he invented it in the Wizarding World.

“I am sure that all of you, at some time, wished that the magical world had things like television, movies, filming cameras, video games, Walkman or cd players. All types of things that you get to enjoy when you return home.

“So, if any of you take my class, I will endow you with the necessary knowledge and skills to invent the magical versions of these items.”

“And things do not have to stop there. Whether it is some random ideas you saw in a comic or fictional novel, you can try to invent them through Alchemy. Who knows, maybe the next Grand Alchemist that revolutionized the Wizarding World is one of you.”

After Edward finished his speech, people started to applaud again. This time, it was the muggle-born students that first began the applause, then other people followed.

However, the Slytherin table was not that enthusiastic about Edward’s words. Nevertheless, they still showed some sign of respect.

The reason? Because their parents warned them to try to get the favor of Edward Bones. Due to his talents, many pure-blood families believe that Edward will be the next Dumbledore. Or better yet, the Next Dark Lord. So, they planned to get on his good side as soon as possible.

After Edward finished his introduction, he returned to his table. When he passed by Dumbledore, the latter whispered with the utmost gratitude, “Thank you, Edward.”

To which, the former just nodded. In fact, Edward knew the reason that the headmaster thanked him so sincerely. It was because of his speech directed towards the muggle-born wizards.

Professor Babbling little stunt have greatly damaged these muggle-born’ students courage and confidence towards the future. After all, they had just learned that their efforts might amount to nothing in the Wizarding World due to bloodline discrimination.

However, Edward’s encouragement that they could be the next Grand Alchemist further motivated as he pointed out the advantages that they have over pure blood or half blood wizards.

After Edward took his seat, he saw Professor Quirrell secretly looking at him. He could see that he was having trouble keeping the facade of a stuttering buffoon.

And Edward guessed that it was probably Voldemort that was not happy with either his rant about Lily Evans, or his encouragement of the Muggle-born wizards.

Or better yet, Voldy might be a little afraid of his talent; scared that he will reach a level of strength matching his. That would place a big hindrance in his plans after he managed to come back.

However, Edward did not care about him. In his current state, Voldemort is not a match for him. And he is confident that by the time he is resurrected, he will be way more powerful than him. And that is only if he allows him to resurrect.

—Scene Break—

Hermione and Harry were excited after hearing Edward’ speech as they were more than familiar with all the things he listed. However, it was the first time that they have heard that the magical world did not have all these things.

“Do you know any of these things that Professors talked about? What exactly is a CD player?”

“It is something to listen to music,” replied Harry while shoving a piece of chicken in his mouth. He has been starving ever since the train ride, but now he could finally eat something.

While the trio were eating and discussing, a ghost suddenly walked through their tables, almost scaring a few people.

“That’s Headless Nick,” said one student.

“I heard from a 7th year that Headless Nick used to be Nearly Headless Nick.”

“How can someone who used to be nearly headless become Headless?” asked Seamus Finnegan.

“Well, let me explain,” suddenly said Headless Nick. “My neck used to be almost cut off.” Then, he showed the students how his head used to be, with only a little skin attached.

“Now, it can be completely removed,” he then proceeded to completely remove his head.

“How is that possible? No magic can actually permanently damage a ghost as they are already dead.,” said Ron Weasley.

“That may have been true previously,” said Nick, who was holding his own head in his hand. “But when Professor Bones was in his school, he invented a spell that permanently hurt ghosts, and he used it to make me completely headless. Now, I am a proud member of the Headless Hunt.”

Headless Nick was correct. When Edward was in school, he began to study the soul, and that eventually led to him studying ghosts. He promised Nearly Headless Nick that if he allowed him to study him, he would help become completely headless.

And Edward fulfilled his end of the bargain after finishing all the experiments he needed to do.

The dinner lasted a few hours before everyone left for their own destination. Edward was escorted by Filius to his own Professor Quarter.

After entering, he took a note from his coat that read:

“See me in the Dark Forest tonight. You owed me an explanation.

–Severus Snape.


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