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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 174: Final Confrontation (iii) Bahasa Indonesia

Truth looked at the five small orbs in Edward’s hand and his soul trembled slightly. He could feel a large amount of energy condensed into these balls. If all five of them exploded at the same time, the entire planet will be instantly destroyed.

Worse of all, if the void energy is not removed, it will slowly corrode the entire universe until it is completely destroyed and return to the Void.

If it was any other people, they could run away, but not him. Right now, all the consciousness in this world was only rejecting him, so his strength temporarily decrease.

But if all the people die, not only would his strength further drastically decrease, it will be a permanent one.

“You wouldn’t dare?” said Truth. “Can your conscious allow you to kill all the billion people in this world?”

“You seem to have underestimated me,” replied Edward calmly. “I am the Emperor of an intergalactic Empire. I do not know how many planets I have destroyed during wars, how many lives have been lost because of me.”

Truth immediately became a little agitated after hearing this; he was a little anxious. Of course, Edward was lying–at least partially.

In the future, as the Arcane Empire grows larger and more powerful, it is inevitable to participate in cosmic wars. As such, he could see that one day, he will have to order to destroy planets, solar systems, galaxies.

And once the Empire becomes strong enough to travel to other dimensions and universes, he might have to wage war with powerful civilizations that could potentially destroy the entire universe.

His journey as an Emperor will be one filled with blood, war, and destruction.

After sighing to himself, Edward threw the five orbs into the sky. A power energy wave emanate from them and began to spread. Luckily, Truth instantly appeared in front of the explosion and used its hand to contain the explosion.

In an instant, he created hundreds of pocket dimensions to contain the explosion. Unfortunately, the void energy inside kept corroding and destroying these dimensions, but Truth keep making more.

Then, a process of constant destruction and reconstruction repeated itself.

As Edward watched this, he could feel that Truth was channeling a massive amount of soul energy to keep the void energy contain. He guessed where this energy came from.

This world does not have an afterlife. After people die, their souls turn into energy that is returned to the flow of the universe. And Truth is capable of accessing and controlling that vast soul energy.

Although Edward does not know how long this world has existed and how many people have lived since the dawn of time, the number must be quite amazing.

After being amazed for a moment, he said to Morgana inside his mind, “Have you been able to analyze anything from his body or his power?”

Countless runes could be seen flashing across her eyes.

“Yes. I have made another discovery regarding the Life Code. After scanning him, I discovered that he might be a pure Energy Species.”

After Morgana showed him the data, Edward understood her meaning. After coming to this world, he checked the Life Code of the people here. At first, he was caught off guard as their code was in a completely different language or runes than the ones back home.

However, since the humans of this world were pretty similar, he could decipher the code by comparison. Additionally, the fact that the code had many similarities with Alchemic Runes made the process easier.

From his founding, the people of this world were pretty similar to the people in the Empire with the exception that they had a gene that made it easier for them to passively absorb life force and increase their physical stats beyond the norm. Edward was elated with this data as it would greatly increase the genetic engineering of the Empire.

However, now, as he watched the Life Code of Truth, he was even more surprised. From his previous discovery, each person’s code was divided into three categories: Body, Soul, and Bloodline.

However, Truth had a fourth one: Energy.

However, after taking a single look at it, he was baffled at how complex this code was; he imagined that deciphering would not be a simple thing.

“Record as much information as you can,” he said to Morgana.

“As you wish,” said the little elf. “However, there seems to be a problem.”

“What is it?”

“The rate at which the void energy is corroding the pocket dimensions is rapidly decreasing. At this rate, it won’t be long before Truth has enough energy to throw the void energy back into the void.”

Edward raised his head to look a Truth who was greatly focused on containing that energy; he realized that Morgana was right.

“In that case, let’s distract him more.”

Edward took a remote from his interdimensional ring and pressed a button. Immediately afterward, Truth’s face became even angrier. He felt something was happening inside his Knowledge Dimension.

Without any choice, he separated a part of his consciousness to return inside. As soon as he arrived, he saw countless explosions occurring inside, creating holes in the dimension, which in turn led to its instability.

At this rate, he could foresee that this dimension would be destroyed and he would lose too much; all his years of hard work would be gone. With the help of the Eye of God, Truth began to stop these explosions and fill in these dimensional gaps.

While doing all of these, he was wondering what led to this incident, so he checked. His gaze seemed to penetrate time and space as he saw the development of the last few decades.

“That damn wizard,” roared Truth; he saw what happened.

Over the past few years, countless Alchemists have attempted Human Transmutation and entered the Knowledge Dimension. And once they entered, they would secretly leave many things behind, including very unstable pocket dimensions that were on the verge of collapsing.

Their activations are what led to all these bombs that destroyed the Knowledge Dimensions.

While Truth was busy keeping this world from being destroyed, Edward smiled at Morgan as he said: “Alright, let’s begin.”

Three things appeared in front of him: the Invisible Cloak, the Elder Wand, and a World Gate.


Disclaimer: I recently realized that the virus plot might be a little too insensitive especially during the current times. So, if you’re a person who has been heavily affected by Covid and did not like this plot, I apologize for that. I did not do it intentionally.

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