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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 154: The Promised Day Bahasa Indonesia

After Hughes left, he disguised himself and left for Central in an attempt to prevent the plot of the homunculus. As for Edward, he merely watched everything from the shadows.

As he watched events unfold, he became very disappointed. The reason that he allowed Hughes to leave was that he wanted to see if things would change with his appearance.

Unfortunately, it was not. Only minor details changed because of his appearance. One of which is Olivier asking him to look after his parents for her instead of asking them to leave Amestris.

As he watched things unfold the same way as the anime he watched, he became increasingly more convinced that the events of this world were being manipulated so that a destined path was followed.

He tried to do many tests, unfortunately, he still could not discover any hints or proof of this. Nevertheless, he still believed his intuition.

In that way, as the Day of Reckoning approached, Edward began to worry about his plan; based on his recent discovery, he did think that it would succeed.

Time passed and soon, it was the Promised Day, and Edward finally left his dimension. He suddenly appeared next to Olivier–who was injured in her battle.

As soon as he saw her, he could feel she was sad–even though she had a calm face.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

She hesitated for a moment and said: “I just learned that one of my men is dead.”

“By now, shouldn’t you be used to the death of soldiers? After all, dying on the battlefield is a common thing.”

“I can accept it, but I will never be used to it. No human being should be used to death.”

Edward nodded his head. “If you’re talking about Captain Buccaneer, he’s fine.”

“What do you mean!”

“I placed a spell on him to preserve his soul. Once everything is over, he can be revived after fixing his body.”

Olivier’s eyes lit up after hearing this, then she hurriedly asked: “What about the other Briggs’ soldiers?”

“Don’t push your luck,” replied Edward calmly.

Olivier sighed and did not mention the topic again. She was just happy that her right-hand man was saved.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to take you away.”

“Take me away? I’m in the middle of a battle.” Izumi Curtis had just disappeared right in front of her; she wanted to find her.

Edward placed his hand on her injured arm, then an electric light suddenly came from his hand. Using Alkahestry, he instantly healed all her injuries. Then, he snapped his finger and the two of them disappeared.

The two of them soon arrived in a separate dimension with a large screen in front of them. Olivier was surprised and wanted to ask. However, after seeing the solemn look on Edward’s face, she remained silent.

On that screen, it soon showed what was happening with Father, the Elric Brothers, and the other sacrifices. (Hohenheim, Izumi Curtis, and Colonel Mustang.)

On the screen, tentacles came from Father’s new form and bound all five sacrifices. Immediately afterward, an eye appeared on the bodies of the five people. Finally, Father activated the nationwide transmutation circle.

Black shadow enveloped the entire nation of Amestris. Then, all his citizens started to fall on the floor one by one.

“What’s going on?” asked Olivier.

“Their souls have been extracted.”

“What? We have to do something. My brother is still there.”

Although on the surface she looked like she did care about her brother, however, that was not true. Their relationship could be described as the epitome of sibling rivalry.

“Calm down,” said Edward calmly. “He along with everyone will be fine.”

Olivier looked at what was happening on the screen, then looked at Edward. In the end, she did not say anything else. She realized that even if she returned to Amestris, there was nothing that she could do.

All that was left now was to trust Edward’s words.

Meanwhile, after the nationwide transmutation circle was activated, a gigantic gate suddenly appeared in the sky.

‘Is that the Earth Gate?’ thought Edwards as his mind quickly functioned.

‘All living things have their Gate of Truth. As such, since this planet has a consciousness and is considered a living thing, it also has its own gate.

‘What Father did was to use the energy from opening the Gates of the five sacrifices to open the Gate of the planet and absorb its consciousness.”

Edward then continued to watch events unfold.

After Father absorbed the earth’s consciousness and became a gigantic being, another Gate appeared in the sky with one eye showing. Then, Father began to slowly absorb that Gate.

‘So, he used the massive energy of the Earth Gate to open the Sky Gate– which should be the place that the Dwarf I created came from–and the place that the Eye of God resides.’

Finally, Father absorbed the being he called God and took a new form that looked similar to humans. It’s ironic how Father looked down on humans, but the final and “perfect form” that he pursued all his life looked like a human.

This can only show that this homunculus–just his son, Envy–looked forward to human life; he wanted to have things that humans have.

As Father finished his plan, Edward took a good look at him. He could tell that the latter used the more than 50 million Amestrian Souls to contain “God” inside of him.

As such, he could not be said to have absorbed it completely, more like playing a symbiosis with it just like Kurama is to Naruto.

Edward quickly shook his head to get these distracting thoughts out of his head; he had better things to do now.

As soon as Father contained God, his transmutation circle activated and a massive amount of Alchemy knowledge came into his mind. He quickly closed his eyes and contacted Morgana through their Soul Links and had her accept these pieces of information and categorize them.

A few minutes later, he opened his eyes. Edward suddenly took out a Philosopher’s Stone and held it in his left hand. He raised his right hand and a small sun appeared.

Olivier, who was next to him, was quite shocked. However, she soon found something was wrong. Veins started appearing on his hands, sweats dripping down his forehead, and he looked a little pale.

Before she could say anything, the mini sun disappeared, and all the mana that was coursing through his veins returned to the stone.

With the knowledge of God and a power source like the Philosopher’s Stone, he could accomplish the same feat as Father by creating a small sun.

However, he was not happy about this. Although his plan worked, the feeling that something was wrong kept growing.

(If anyone is confused about the whole concept of Earth Gate and Sky Gate, well, I’m also confused. I watched the anime many times and did a lot of research, but nothing was made clear. So, I had to come up with an explanation of my own.)


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