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After waking up from his thinking and calculation, Edward asked: “Morgana, how are things developing?”

The little purple elf appeared out of nowhere and said: “Master, Olivier is really awesome. She killed General Raven without hesitation. I finally understand why you like her so much.”

“Of course, you have to trust in your master’s vision,” replied Edward with a smile on his face.

‘By now, the main characters along with Olivier have already learned of the purpose of the nation-wide transmutation circle. This also means that the conclusion of the story is nearing its end.’

“Tell Hughes about this information.”

“No problem.”

“Also, how is Nina doing?”

“She’s fine mentally, however, she seemed a little lonely. Probably miss her parents.”

Edward was silent after hearing this. If it was back in his world, he could revive the little’s mother so that she could have a family once again. However, in this world, reviving the dead was impossible–unless a terrible price was made.

And even then, there is a chance that it would not succeed. After all, unlike the Elric brothers, Nina’s mother has been dead for countless years.

“After everything is over, I’ll ask Hughes to adopt her so that she can have a new loving family,” muttered Edward, then he left his dimension.

After entering an office, he saw the beautiful Olivier looking at a map of Amestris. After entering, she did not turn her back, but asked: “Did you already know?”

“Know what?”

“About Amestris’ transmutation circle.”

“So what if I did? Would that change anything?”

She turned her body to look at him. “It would change a lot if you knew about it and did not do anything, or even say anything.”

“Well, I did know.”

Olivier continued staring at him.

“Are you wondering why I never interfered?”

She just stared at him. Edward sighed before saying: “To you, what is happening is or is about to happen is a calamity that will affect the lives of millions of people. However, to some people or things, this may be nothing but a game.

“As I said before, your world is too dangerous. Unless absolutely necessary, I will not be drawn in this vortex.”

Oliver frowned after hearing this, then she remembered how Edward said that there was a God in this world.

‘Could it be that what was happening was part of its plan?’ Olivier quickly shook her head and did not think about this kind of thing. After all, it was useless and could not help her in this situation.

“If I were to ask you to intervene and stop all of this from happening for my sake, would you do it?” asked Olivier.

“No,” replied Edward directly.

“Why is that?”

“Just like you previously said, there is not much emotion between us. Although I was attracted by your beauty, that’s not enough. If you were one of my wives, I would not hesitate to fight Gods, Devil, and Demons for you. I would not hesitate to destroy worlds for you. However, you’re not.”

Olivier was silent after hearing this; she did not mind Edward’s answer. In fact, one of the reasons she liked interacting with him was his candidness; he rarely lied or hid anything from her.

As long as she asked him something, he would answer. And if he could not, he would simply say that he could not answer.

“Furthermore, you do not seem like a person who likes to rely on others when you can deal with the problem yourself,” continued Edward.

Oliver agreed with him. She only asked because she was curious about his answer. After that, the two spoke for a few hours about the situation of Amestris before Edward left.

He teleported to a specific place in the northern area. He placed his hand on the ground creating a transmutation circle that soon disappeared. After that, he apparated again to another specific area in the north and did the same.

For the next few hours, Edward apparated to different places in the eastern, southern, western, and central areas. And in those places, he placed the same transmutation circle.

If anyone could map out the places that Edward placed these circles, they would also find a nationwide transmutation circle that was completely different from the ones Father was building.

Edward’s purpose was essentially an open plot. Father managed to absorb the Eye of God that was located in the world beyond the Gate of Truth and used millions of souls to contain that entity inside his body.

As a result of this, he also learned all the knowledge of that entity and became the God of Alchemy.

Edward wanted all that knowledge, but he also did not want to offend Truth. So, he designed this transmutation circle with the sole purpose of taking that knowledge directly from Father himself after he swallows God.

This is where Edward’s plot comes in. Whether Truth allowed Father to succeed for some plan or he could not intervene and prevent it, it was beneficial to Edward.

Either way, he will still get access to all that Alchemy knowledge without taking any of the risks that Father took. Of course, there is also the possibility that Truth will intervene and directly make Edward’s transmutation circle useless and prevent him from succeeding.

Despite this, he decided to try and wait. Even if he failed, he did not lose much anyway.

After making his preparation, he returned to his dimension. Inside one of the many living rooms, he saw Hughes with a frown on his face; the latter seemed to be pondering about something very deeply.

“Now that the truth is out, you can leave if you want,” said Edward.

Unexpectedly, Hughes shook his head. “That would be committing death.”

Over the past few weeks, he also observed the behaviors of the homunculi and knew how they operated. As such, he knew that if they learned that he was alive, they would do everything to kill him and his family.

“Do you have a way to mask my identity?” asked Hughes.

“Yes,” replied Edward who gave him a magic item that could change his appearance at will. As he watched Hughes leave, he was wondering whether this guy’s action would change anything, or whether his actions would have little effect.

After that, Edward continued to observe things behind the scene.

Title: The Promised Day


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