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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 150: Decision Bahasa Indonesia

Edward raised his hand and approached Olivier, “If you do not mind?”

She frowned for a moment before nodding her head. As such, he gently placed his hands near her temples. “This is going to hurt.”

Immediately afterward, countless pieces of information poured into her mind. After only slightly grunting, she quickly processed the information and learned a basic understanding of the Arcane Empire.

From what magic was to the development of technology, and even a little bit of history. Of course, it was not like she was privy to highly classified information; she was only granted enough knowledge to know what it was like to be an ordinary citizen of the Empire.

And even then, the information was only the bare minimum. At this point, Edward is working under the assumption that Truth might know everything about him. Even then, he still decided to remain cautious.

Olivier took a few minutes to process all the information inside her mind. “I did not think that you were such an impressive individual.”

“I do alright for myself.”

“You know, sometimes humbleness can be seen as cockiness to others.”

“I’ve been told that many times.”

Oliver glances at him, then she begins to ponder for her next action or decision. “So, you’re just going to let me be in charge of such a powerful force? Just like that?”

In the information she received, she saw a space fleet leaving the solar system, and she was truly amazed.

Edward shook his head, and after seeing this, Olivier frowned; “Are you going back on your words?”

“That’s not it. Although with my power, I can indeed make you the commander of the Empire’s Marine Force. However, I will have to deal with the political force that comes with it, and that’s too much trouble that I don’t care to deal with.

“So, I plan to allow you to enter a fleet and become an ordinary soldier. Through war, you can slowly climb the rank. And when the opportunity arrives, I will appoint you as the Chief Commander of the Marine Force, no one would dare to question.”

“Aren’t you afraid of people talking? What if the masses do not accept your decision.”

Edward looked deep into her eyes, “You seem to have misunderstood something. This is my Empire and I can do what I want with it; the only reason that I want you to go through all that trouble is that it will be easier for you to control such a large governmental body, and also because I’m too lazy to slowly deal with these politicians.

“Otherwise, I could just appoint you for the position, then send a while to appease some of them. Heck, if I wanted to, I can just appoint you and not care about their opinions. After complaining for a while, they’ll just accept the fact.”

Oliver immediately understood Edward’s meaning. As an Emperor, he has absolute control over his Empire. However, as a wise ruler, he understood the concept of not abusing such power or at least, not showing it so that it is easier to control the people and prevent them from constantly rebelling.

After that, Olivier took more than half an hour to ponder Edward’s offer, then she said: “Unfortunately, I still have to decline.”

“Tell me your reason,” replied Edward calmly.

“First, I have a duty to Amestris. Even though compared to your Arcane Empire it is a weak country, it is where I was born and raised. My goal and dream have always been to lead it to prosperity.”

“Loyalty to one country: that’s a good reason. So, what’s the second?”

“The second reason is the fact that there is no emotional connection between us. I’ve only met you for a few days and you cannot expect me to marry you. Although you are truly handsome, and more importantly, very strong, this does not change anything.”

“I did not expect that the mighty Ice Queen would care about love; how shocking,” said Edward with a smirk.

Unfortunately, Oliver ignored him. “Finally, now there is the fact that you have more than 4 wives.”

Edward nodded his head, then said: “Anything else?”

“No, that’s about it.”

“In that case, I have a solution to your concerns. When it comes to your duty to Amestris, I have no problem waiting for you to accomplish your goals before we leave.

“Anyway, even if it takes you 50 years and you become an old woman, I can still revert you to your youth. By then, as long as you do not have any more attachment to Amestris, I can take you and your family to leave.”

Olivier squinted her eyes and asked, “How old are you exactly?”

“Well, my physical age is probably over 60. However, my real age is probably over 200 years.”

“How does that make sense?”

“Well, I’ve traveled through time a few times, I’ve also hibernated for a long time. So, it’s hard to count. Anyway, I’m immortal so I don’t really care that much.”

Olivier looked at the young man who looked no more than 20 years old and a little shock quickly flashed in her eyes. Although she knew that his Empire was capable of many unimaginable things, she did not expect them to have found a way to achieve immortality.

“So, how can you deal with the other two concerns?”

“When it comes to your second concern, well, just like the first one, time is the only way to deal with it. In the next few years, as you deal with your political ambitions, we can get to know one another and build an emotional base for our relationship.”

Edward paused for a moment, then he continued; “As for your last concern, unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about that. As you can imagine, I’m a womanizer and I have no intention of changing my ways.

“So, if you accept my terms, you have to slowly accept this flaw of mine. And if you cannot, then that can only mean that the fate between us was not meant to be.”

Olivier began to ponder about this issue. She asked herself whether she could accept him having multiple women?

And the answer was yes. Her idea was always the survival of the fittest, and the strong are respected. Since Edward is so strong, why can’t he have as many women as he wants?

“I can accept that, but I have a condition.”


“If one day I become stronger than you, then you have to dismiss all your other wives.”

Edward placed his hand on his chin, caressing his nonexistent beard. “Although I know that they will be upset after hearing about this bet, I’m still tempted. So, I accept your offer.”

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