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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 15: Savior Bahasa Indonesia

Edward turned his head to see all the professors looking at him; then he gave Professor Babbling a speechless look. The two of them were very close; however, Professor Babbling is what some people in his past life referred to as a “messy bitch”. She just loves to create drama.

However, Edward was used to this by now, so he just answered her:

“I have always found the idea that Harry Potter is the savior of the Wizarding World very odd or off-putting!”

“What is so odd about it? If it was not due to Mr. Potter, You-Know-Who would never be killed, thus ending the war,” replied Professor Babbling with a frown on her face.

“Well, let me put it this way. When Potter supposedly killed Voldemort, he was nothing but a one-year-old infant that probably had not even had his magic riot yet. So, there is no way that he was powerful enough to accomplish such a thing.”

“Everyone knows that it was his mother who sacrificed herself, thus casting a powerful magic protection spell that protected Harry. Then, when You-Know-Who cast the Killing Curse on him, it backfired, killing him in the process,” replied Hagrid, who was sitting not too far.

“Yes, you are correct,” nodded Edward. “But here lies the problem, why is it that Lily Potter is not considered the Savior of the Wizarding World? But instead, it is her son–who probably could not even use a proper Levitation Curse yet–is considered the Savior?”

The High Table of all the Professors instantly became quiet. However, Edward was not finished talking:

“I have always been curious about what happened that night and have investigated it quite clearly. The only reason that Mr. Potter survived that night was that his mother used very ancient magic to protect him: the magic of love.

“You know, ancient magic is a truly wonderful thing; it is an intrinsic form of magic that is part of the universe, a fundamental part of reality. A dragon or troll’s magic-resistant skin or scale is considered ancient magic as they are innate, and love is also a form of ancient magic.

“According to my research, no wizard can actively control ancient magic. Only by doing an act of pure selflessness, a pure act of sacrifice can some wizards use ancient magic. In the past few hundred years, only Lily Potter has managed to use this form of magic. Even the Unspeakables in the Department of Mystery–who has been studying the magic of love even before the Ministry of Magic was created–could not use ancient magic.

“Yet, Lily Potter could. So, shouldn’t such a witch be lauded and praised as the Savior of the Wizarding World? Shouldn’t she be written in our history as her noble sacrifice was the true reason that peace was brought to the wizarding world?”

(AN: the thing about ancient magic is real as I discovered it on a website called Harry Potter Lexicon. Google it if you want to learn more)

After a brief moment of silence, Professor Flitwick then asked: “Then, why do you think that she was not chosen as the Savior of the Wizarding World?”

Edward looked at him. “Isn’t it obvious? No matter how amazing she was, it does not change the fact that she is Lily Evans, the muggle-born witch.”

The table once again became quiet. Meanwhile, Snape–who was sitting at the end of the table–secretly clutched his hand under his black robe.

“Nonsense, Professor Bones,” suddenly said Professor McGonagall who had just finished with the Sorting Hat Ceremony and who was secretly listening.

“The reason that Harry Potter became the Savior was both because he is alive and because of the Prophecy that foretold the downfall of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name by his hand,” continued Professor McGonagall after taking her seat.

“Professor, in my experience, it is often easier to make the dead into martyrs. After all, they could not ask anything of the living. As for your arguments of the Prophecy, how many people were truly aware of such a prophecy? Let alone believe it?

“And even if what you say is correct, this should not stop Lily Evans from truly getting the recognition that she deserves? Frankly speaking, I do not think that one mere memorial statue of her in Godric’s Hollow is enough to commemorate what she has done for the Wizarding World.”

The table returned to a momentarily silence once again, however, this time, Dumbledore finally said something:

“Edward, I’ve always told you that the Wizarding World is not as bad as you think. Lily was a very loved witch, and by many people too. As for the reason that she did not receive the recognition that she deserved, it has nothing to do with her origin from non-magical parents.

“After the war, most wizards just wanted some sort of spiritual substance, and thought that they could repay her sacrifice by elevating her son to the status of a hero, a savior to be praised and looked up to.”

Edward took a sip of his drink before answering calmly:

“One of the things that most wizards felt to understand is that there are different types of discrimination. One does not need to openly say that they hate or despise muggle-born wizards to be counted as discrimination.

“Some forms of discrimination are more subtle, systematic, and sometimes, a person might not even be aware that their actions might be perceived as such. A perfect example of that is Arthur Weasley.

“He loves muggles and has no problem with them. On the contrary, he loves them and finds their ways of life, technology, and cultures fascinating. And he would jump at the chance to ask them all sorts of questions given the opportunity.

“However, do you think that Arthur has even thought of the possibility that his actions were demeaning to muggles? That his over-enthusiasm might be perceived as an insult? That his actions might make muggles feel like they are a rare piece of objects that is being studied?”

All the teachers had a pensive look on their faces. Most of them knew Arthur Weasley and knew that he would act exactly the way that Edward described him.

“The truth of the matter is the fact that all the wizards in the Wizarding World accepted the fact that a Potter–which is a very ancient and renowned magical family–as the Savior instead of the Muggle-born, first-generation magical family of Evans is itself a problem.

“Not to mention that none of you sitting here actually questioned the oddity of the situation until I brought it. Don’t you think that this is a problem itself? This mode of thinking?”

All the professors were a little ashamed after hearing these words as Edward was right. They never had such thoughts, and just accepted Harry Potter as the Savior.

After noticing the embarrassments of the professors, Edward added:

“No need to be embarrassed as I am not any better than any of you. Although I am aware of the situation, I never tried to do anything about it.”

This sentence did make them feel better, so Professor Flitwick asked; “So, why did you not do anything about it?”

Edward then answered with a calm face: “Because I and the Bones family can greatly benefit from the rotten system of the Wizarding World.”

Many people almost choked after hearing this, while the rest just sighed helplessly. Then, Headmaster Dumbledore stood up from his chair to say a few words to the students–who were staring at the High Table, confused about why they had to wait for so long.


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