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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 12: The Gate Bahasa Indonesia

After answering the two most important letters, Edward then spent the next few hours responding to other letters. As he had correspondence with some of the most powerful and influential wizards of this world, he had a lot of letters to answer.

In his correspondence, they would discuss all kinds of topics; from potions to alchemy, from transfiguration to spells. There are also Ancient Runes and even the Dark Arts.

All the people he talked to are masters in the fields, leaders of Associations, and even members of Britain’s Wizengamot and the International Confederation of Wizards.

Although he always kept in touch with these people during his five years’ absence, it was only on rare occasions. But now, with news of his return circulating in the Daily Prophet, many people knew that he had shown and sent him many letters.

After finishing his correspondence, Edward went to a specific room in his house. This room was even more guarded than the one he placed his briefcase in.

There were so many Protective Enchantments in this room that it made Hogwarts look like a children’s toy. Even house-elves could not apparate inside this room.

Edward has spent a great deal studying the magic of house-elves to create Anti-Apparition Enchantments for them. Not to mention all the terrible curses he placed on the entrance of this room.

If someone other than him were to open this door, they would die a very miserable death.

Inside the room was a massive metal-like door full of strange symbols. The door was emanating powerful magical powers. The space around this gate was fluctuating greatly, and there was even a slight temporal wave coming from.

This door was called [The Gate of World] by Edward. Although it had a grandiose name, it was not as powerful as its moniker would imply. However, one could see the grand ambition of its creator.

Ever since Edward transmigrated to this world, he wondered why he came here? More importantly, he wondered whether there were other worlds out there based on the movies, books, and tv shows of his past life. And there were, how could he get there.

So, he started to study any magic related to space and time to break the dimension wall of the Harry Potter world and reach these other worlds.

After years of studying things like Apparition, floo powder and the floo network, and portkeys, Edward created this gate based on all his findings.

This Gate of World is his greatest Alchemical Invention–pooling in together all of his magical knowledge.

He had encountered many troubles before he could acquire all the knowledge to create this gate. A perfect example of that was the fact that Floo Powder was only created by one company in the entire magical world, and they were very secretive. It took Edward a lot of planning to get the recipe.

Unfortunately for him, he has not reached the level he desires. This Gate can allow him to teleport anywhere he wants in this world–even breaking through Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic’s Anti-Apparition’s Enchantment.

It even allowed him to teleport to anywhere in the solar system as long as the coordinates are calculated correctly. However, he was nowhere near his objective of crossing through dimensions.

Edward knew that he needed to also use the power of time to accomplish his goals, so he tried to study the Time-Turner.

However, in the third grade, when he tried to acquire one by taking all the classes at Hogwarts, Dumbledore did not allow him to get one. So, he had to use his family connection in the Ministry of Magic to get it,

However, his results have been very disappointing. Despite how powerful this gate is, it can only travel back in time for 3 hours, even less than an actual Time-Turner. Not to mention that he did not find a way to combine both the space force and time force in the gate; it can only use one of them at a time.

This is one of the reasons that Edward decided to go back to Hogwarts, There are many things he planned to use the plot to acquire. Then there is also the fact that he hoped to find something useful in the Restricted Area of the Library.

After spending a few hours researching the Gate of World, it was already time for his dinner with his aunt. So, Edward took a quick shower and changed his outfit.

Inside the Bones Family Manor, Edward was sitting at a dining table with a fork and knife in his hand. Opposite him sat a middle-aged witch–who was staring at him deeply with a strict look on her face.

“Now that you have turned into an adult, you think you can do whatever you want?” asked Amelia Bones as she slowly placed a piece of chicken in her mouth.

“Aunt, there is no need to be mad. Before I left, I told you about what was going to happen.”

“That does not absolve you of the fact that I barely saw you for five years straight.”

“To be fair, you are the only person who received a weekly letter from me.”

Amelia scoffed after hearing this. “So, I should be grateful that my nephew–whom I have raised as my son–send me one letter a week notifying me that he is still well and alive?”

Edward then almost choked on his food after hearing this, so he said, “How is work going?” Trying to change the subject.

“Do not think that this is the end of things. As for work at the ministry, it is just fine. Only Fudge’s incompetence can be bothersome sometimes.”

“You should have listened to me when I told you to run for the position of Minister of Magic.”

“At that time, Fudge had the backing of Dumbledore, so it was not easy for me to win.”

“If you had used the tactics I told you about, winning would have been an easy task. Well, soon enough, you will regret your decision.”

“Did you predict something else again?” asked Amelia with a more serious look on her face. She knew that her nephew had some divination ability as he predicted Voldemort’s downfall and even the death of a few people.

“In about 4 to five years, Voldemort should return, and shortly after that, the Second Wizarding War will take place,” replied Edward with a calm look on his face.

However, Amelia had stopped eating and had a serious look on her face.

“You do not need to worry about anything with me here. However, you should start taking power in the Ministry of Magic as a form of preparation.”

Amelia nodded before replying, “Well, with the magic potion you gave me and the tutoring you did for me, my magical ability has greatly improved beyond what I thought possible. So, it would be easier for me to train a few loyal people inside the ministry.”

“Well, you can use the lesser magic potion that I gave you to entice people to your side. However, I should warn you to stay away from the people of the Order of Phoenix. You can become close to them, but do not try to add them to your inner circle.”

“Boy, I know politics better than you,” replied Amelia, despite intending to listen to her nephew’s advice. She knew the reason for such a warning.

The people of the Order of Phoenix were loyal to only one person: Albus Dumbledore.

“Your cousin Susan will be attending Hogwarts this year, so do take care of her if you can.”

Edward nodded, then the two of them continued to talk about different topics before separating.


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