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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 117: Arcane empire (III) Bahasa Indonesia

In another Dorm, Draco Malfoy was speaking to his son, Scorpius.

“I know the people of the Dark Magic Division in the school are strange, so be careful not to have an accident.”

Scorpius nodded his head without saying anything. Noting the distraction of his son, Draco said: “There is no need to worry. The stigma and infamy surrounding dark magic have long been removed by the Empire.”

“It’s not that; I’m just wondering why both grandfather and you insisted on me becoming a Battle Mage. Wouldn’t be better to become a Scholar Mage and even one day own a Tower like grandma.”

Malfoy paused for a moment before asking: “Tell me what you know of our family? In terms of status and power, how are we in the Empire.”

“Of course, we are one of the most powerful families in the Empire,” replied Scorpius. “As one of the earliest followers of the Arcane Emperor, Grandfather is the Commander-in-Chief of the Earth Defense Army. Basically, he controlled the entire army of the Empire. So, our family is very powerful.”

“This is where the problem lies.”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you know the Auror Department?”

“Yes. They are basically the police force of this planet. Anything a crime occurs–both magical and nonmagical–they are in charge of capturing the individual,” replied Scorpius in confusion.

“Ten years ago, the Auror Department was under your grandpa’s jurisdiction. However, the Council Voted to separate them and the Arcane Emperor agreed.

“Five years ago, the Space-Marine was also under your grandfather’s jurisdiction, but now, they are a separate division of their own. Do you see where I’m going with this?”

“Are you saying that grandfather’s power is slowly being divided?”

“That’s correct. Recently, there are even been rumors that the Earth Defense Army will also be further divided.”

“Why? Our family has always been loyal to the Arcane Emperor.”

“That may be true, but it does not change the fact that we held too much power. Adding to that the fact that my father has proven incapable of actually controlling such large forces, it is only natural for our power to reduce.”

Scorpius was silent for a moment, then he asked: “Is there anything that we can do to prevent it from happening.”

“No, but we can take measures to ensure that our family still retains some power. For example, I have been slowly climbing the ranks in the Royal Guard, and hopefully, I can one day become its commander.”

Scorpius knew about the Royal Guard–which was an elite army that reported only to the Arcane Emperor; only he has the power to dispatch them. According to rumors, under the same conditions and with the same equipment, the Royal Guard can defeat both the Earth Defense Army and the Space Marine, at the same time.

Adding to the fact that they are privy to the best and newest equipment, and resources, they are truly the elite of the Empire.

“As for you,” continued Malfoy. “Your grandfather and I want you to enter the Ghost Squad.”

“Ghost Squad? I’ve never heard of them.”

“That’s the point. Only a few people know of their existence, while the others are dead once they do. If the Royal Guard is the right arm and positive light of the Emperor, then the Ghost Squad is the left and dark side; the shadow.”

Scorpius was shocked by this sudden news, then he became scared thinking whether someone will kill him for knowing such information.

“Do you remember the rumors about the Royal Guard?” asked Malfoy who was unaware of his son’s internal turmoil.

Scorpius nodded his head.

“Well, they are not true. The Royal Guard can beat any of the other armies individually, but not at the same time. However, the Ghost Squad is different; they are simply unstoppable.”

“What makes them so strong?”

“Every member of this squad signed a contract giving his soul to the Arcane Emperor. In return, they are personally trained by him and with all the resources of the Empire. An example, even the Tower Masters need Arcane Points to exchange certain knowledge, potions or ceremonies from the Arcane Grand Library.

“It is the law that all the people of the Empire have to follow–except for the members of the Ghost Squad. Anything they want or desire, they will be given to strengthening themselves.”

Malfoy patted his son’s shoulder and said: “According to the Potential Test, you have a very high talent for dark magic. Develop that talent to the best of your ability, and after you graduate, your grandfather can ask the Arcane Emperor to give you a spot in the Ghost Squad.”

Scorpius nodded his head in acknowledgment before muttering: “Anyway, our family will still be more powerful than the Potter’s.”

“Don’t underestimate the Potter’s,” said Malfoy. “Lily Potter is one of the few individuals not a member of the Royal Family or directly served the Arcane Emperor to gain Level 4 Access; that’s how important she is considered by the Arcane Emperor.”

After having this chat with his son, Malfoy left.

—Scene Break–

Albus said goodbye to his parents, then he returned to his room. He saw Hugo who was excited at the prospect of not having his father around all the time.

“What are you going to do now?” asked Albus.

“I’m going to play some games. What about you?”


“Don’t be such a nerd. Come play with me,”

However, Albus ignored him and entered his room, and closed the door behind. To be exact, he entered his section of the dorm.

His so-called room or section was very large as an Extended Charm was placed on it. Inside, there was three room: one bedroom, one study room, and a bathroom.

Albus entered the study room and immediately took notice of the sleeping chamber inside. Without hesitation, he opened the lid up, laid inside, and closed it.

“Scanning Facial Recognition. Scanning Soul Imprint. Detecting Mana. Scanning Mana Signature…

“Welcome to Skynet, Sir Albus Potter. Reminder, your security level is 1-A. Do you want to use Neural Link or Soul Link?”

“Soul Link.”

“Warning: Although Soul Link has a 100% realness compared to Neural Link’s 90% of realness, there is still some potential danger that comes from it. Do you still wish to continue?”


“Very well. According to your soul strength, you can only stay connected for approximately 2h 39 minutes 23 seconds.”

“Activate the Soul Soothing Potion in the pod,” ordered Albus.

“As you command. Activating. Your current time is now exactly 5 hours.”

Soon afterward, Albus found himself in a white empty room, and his appearance was that of his virtual avatar. He waved his hand and a holographic image of different icons showed in front of him.

There was one for the internet, social medial, game, etc. Albus quickly picked the App for the Bones School and registered. Immediately, a list of online classes he could take appeared in front of him.

These classes contained lectures from different professors, Tower Masters, and even the Arcane Emperor himself.

Since Albus was interested in Illusion Magic, he chose lessons in those categories. Soon, Albus spent weeks studying illusion magic. From theory to practice, to application. He learned many things.

However, once the five hours arrived, he was kicked out from the Soul Link. So, he opened the pod to go take a shower since he knew he could not link again until the next day.

While taking a shower, Albus was thinking about all the things he just learned. Although only 5 hours passed in the real world, he spent weeks learning in the Virtual World because of Perception Time Dilation Magic. So, he had a lot to review.

Once he finished, he went to bed. Tomorrow was the first day of class, so he wanted to get some rest.



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