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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 108: [Authority] Bahasa Indonesia

Since Edward still had a month left before the duel, he went about his day as he normally would. He first visited Rowena and made sure that she was healing alright.

She had managed to remove the mysterious thing in her soul–which both of them have labeled as Void Energy–and transferred her soul to the clone. However, her soul was still in the process of healing. Even with the Soul Crystals, it will take her a few months to return to a peak state.

After that, Edward returned to his laboratory on the moon; he wanted to ask Albion a few questions. After entering a room, he saw the gigantic beast sleeping on a pile of gold.

With a sigh, Edward said: “Wake up, lazy bum. I have a few questions for you.”

Opening one eye, then Albion said with a nonchalant tone; “You know about our agreement, so pay up first.”

Meanwhile, Edward was secretly aggrieved after hearing this. Although he could control this dragon to do his bidding, there was still one major restriction: it was the information or knowledge he had in his mind.

Every time that he tried to read the dragon’s mind, memories, or even searched his soul, a mysterious power from his bloodline would manifest and block his way. Even if Edward ordered him to give him the information, the knowledge will be deleted from the dragon’s mind.

It was then that he learned that Dragons–especially noble king bloodline like himself–have their one security measure to prevent other beings from getting the Dragon’s Race secrets. And according to Albion, Edward should be proud to even acquire Dragon Chant Magic from him.

So, as a last resort, Edward had to make nice with the dragon and develop some sort of friendship or companionship with it. Unfortunately, this dragon is very greedy and would ask things in return every time Edward asked him a question.

At first, Albion wanted mana from the Philosopher’s Stone, and Edward gave it to him. However, he soon realized that this dragon was growing much larger with each absorption, and becoming more powerful. So, Edward had to control his growth lest he becomes too powerful and out of control.

So, they came to another compromise.

Edward then took out a mountain of gold coins and placed them in the room. Then, he took a few mana crystals and threw them at the dragon who instantly swallowed it.

“Not as good as the Sage Stone, but better than regular mana. So, what’s your question this time?”

“I want to know about the power of Law in this stone,” said Edward as he showed the Resurrection Stone.

“Power of Law? I have to say, wizards, sometimes your intelligence amazed me, and sometimes I want to laugh at your ignorance,” replied Albion.

“Are you saying that this is not the Power of Law?”

“Laws are the fundamental rules that govern the entire universe. Can you imagine how powerful a person would be if he could control such power? Across the universe, countless powerful civilizations searched for years in hope of acquiring such power, and you think someone in this deserted star system has achieved it?”

“So, what exactly is this power?” asked Edward, not remotely embarrassed by his ignorance. He never believed that he knew everything, nor did he believe that he was too mighty to learn from anyone.

“That’s the power of God known as [Authority]. To be precise, [Death Authority].”

“And what exactly is it?”

“When any being–magical or not–reaches a certain level of strength, he or she can get in touch with the Laws of the universe and receive the permission to use its power. Hence the name [Authority.]”

“So [Authority] is basically fragments of Laws.”

“You can say that.”

“By that information, I can guess that Herpo is not the only Death God in this universe, but probably countless. That way, it becomes near impossible for one person to control the Law, unless he killed all the people with [Authority] related to that Law.”

“Your thoughts are dangerous, wizards,” warned Albion.

However, Edward was thinking about something else. ‘Since [Authority] comes from the Law, and the Law is a fundamental part of our universe, what would happen if a God was sent outside of the universe: to the void. Would he lose all his powers, or merely weaken dramatically?’

“Do you know how to acquire the power of [Authority]?” asked Edward.

“Either another God grants it to you, or by gathering Faith from countless people. However, the amount of Faith required is tremendous, and no God will easily give part of their [Authorities] as that would weaken their strength.

“However, from my memories, I know that many wizards despise the idea of Faith, so they try to find another method to gain access to [Authority], but none have succeeded so far.”

‘If that’s the case, Herpo’s probably succeeded. However, there must be some drawbacks, otherwise, his fate would not be so miserable.’

“Could it be that this [Faith Method] has some problem?” asked Edward.


“What are they?”

“I think I’ve said too much for today, don’t you?”

“That’s true,” replied Edward. Then, he took out a few more mana crystals and gave them to him. After that, he left.

Albion looked at Edward’s departed back and thought to himself. ‘Many wizards had the same plan as him to search for different worlds to strengthen themselves, but none have survived. So, will this guy be any different, or will he create a miracle? I’m looking forward to it.’

Then, he went back to sleep.

Meanwhile, after leaving, Edward began to prepare for his battle with Dumbledore. He set up large televisions around the world, then had them magically enchanted with Divination Charms to broadcast the battle.

At first, he wanted to use technology, but knowing how crazy this battle might be, no camera could probably survive.

Unfortunately, there were currently only 7 people who could use Divination in the magical world. Including Edward–who could only use the most basic spell–they were: Nicolas Flamel, Professor Trelawney–who received a potion that strengthened her bloodline–, two African Wizards, and one very special centaur.

The last one was Luna Lovegood–who was also identified as having a powerful hidden bloodline. Unfortunately, she was too young to help.

So, with the help of these 6 people, everything was set up in one month. On the fateful day of the battle, all the wizards in the world gathered to witness this battle that many were already calling “The Battle of the Century.”

Edward apparated to the location of the duel. He then took a quick look around. The entire small island was deserted, and a forest was not far from them.

He looked at the headmaster and immediately realized that he looked much younger and energetic; his eyes were practically glowing.

“I had a feeling that this battle would not be so simple,” said Edward. “You manage to break the other two Limiters in such a short time. I wondered how you did it?”

Title: Battle of the Century (I)


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