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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 65: Dragon Attack Bahasa Indonesia

At the moment, three figures were currently situated within the draconian army.

One is the Flower Fey Demon King Chen Guoguo. She’s only a level 2 Elite and her specialization isn’t in combat either, so in this battle, she can only act as support.

As for the other two, they were Li Si and Wang Ar.

The draconian priest Li Si spoke, “We’ll have to leave that guy for you to keep busy!”

The draconian general Wang Ar spoke firmly, “Don’t worry. He is indeed quite strong, but with me here, he’s not going to get anywhere near you.”

The draconian army will be able to remain undefeated so long as the field magic isn’t interrupted.

The draconian priest stabbed his staff into the ground, called up his great mental might, and released it into the environment around him, which quickly formed into a field type magic.

“Healing Field!”

The draconian priest started off with a support type field spell.

So long as the draconian army remains within the bounds of the field, their HP will quickly recover. With that, their combat power greatly improved.

At the same time, the draconian general let out a roar and charged out from within the formation. His form quickly expanded and instantly turned into a black iron earth drake 3 meters tall and over 10 meters long as he charged into the Giantree City army’s formation.

Under the attacks of several hundred venomous flower feys, the Giantree City army’s magic barrier had already been weakened by quite a bit.

Thus, under the ferocious slam from the draconian general, the magic barrier instantly shattered like glass and several elves at the front were blown away.

“What’s going on?!”

Du Mingfeng reacted with alarm.

Wasn’t the Demon King supposed to be a sky drake?

How did it suddenly become an earth drake!

This is completely different from his information!

“Weakening Field!”

“Death Field!”

The draconian prist continued to complete the formation of his field spells. Two new fields enveloped the area within nearly a thousand meters and all the enemy army that was within that area were stuck with the effects of the debuffs.

Du Mingfeng had noticed the field come up, so he naturally also noticed the draconian priest in the center of those field effects.

The draconian general Wang Ar ignored all other attacks and charged straight at Du Mingfeng in his earth drake form before swinging a vicious claw attack at him.

With a clang, Du Mingfeng blocked that attack with his sword.

He had an ugly look on his face as he asked, “Just who is the Demon King of Darkness Valley!”

Wang Ar laughed as he taunted, “What need is there for our lord to appear just to deal with some worthless weaklings? A few of us servants are already more than enough!”

When he heard those words, Du Mingfeng reacted as if he was struck by lightning.

He felt like a bucket of cold water was poured on him. He felt a chill from top to bottom, both inside and out!

The draconian priest’s powerful bloodline and the great might that he had displayed made the Heroes misunderstand from the start. Even Du Mingfeng had thought that he was definitely the Demon King.

Yet, only now did Du Mingfeng finally realize that he had been under the wrong impression from the start.

The Demon King may not have even shown up. From start to end, the one that the Ironblooded Heroes have fought was merely the Demon King’s subordinate!

But that’s just unreasonable though!

Why is even the subordinate this strong?

Be it that sky drake priest or this earth drake general, both of them can be considered among the very strongest among even the Demon Kings for the current period!

Could it be that the draconian general was lying to purposefully mislead him?

But what would be the point of that?


Du Mingfeng realized that his mistaken strategy may very well end up causing major problems for him!

Not long after the battle of Myriad Flower Valley had begun, the Ironblooded Heroes Army was traversing through the Darkness Canyon.

Zheng Xiao had already received the message from the windchaser bird, so he knew that the Darkness Valley had sent heavy reinforcements to help the Flower Fey Demon King and the Nest itself must be very weakly defended.

It was a heaven blessed chance, so how could he possibly pass it up?

However, at this moment, the five Towers of Grudges appeared and started operating.

Hundreds of Grudge Ghosts filled the air over the Canyon.

This caused some commotion among the Heroes, but these Heroes are all fairly experienced, so they quickly calmed back down.

“Don’t panic!”

“It’s just the Demon King’s defensive structure!”

“Everyone, forward! Destroy those worthless towers!”

Zheng Xiao directed his army in preparation to attack the Towers of Grudges, but at that moment, around a thousand skeletons appeared from both ends of the Canyon and flooded in.

At the same time, up on the high ground, draconian battlemages, skeleton mages, and minotaur priests appeared one after another. In nearly the blink of an eye, Zheng Xiao’s army was completely surrounded.


“Boss, it’s bad!”

“We’re surrounded!”

“Where did so many undeads come from!”

Zheng Xiao was shocked as well, but he hurriedly attempted to calm the army down and restore order.

“Everyone, don’t be afraid. The Demon King’s elites are all away from the Valley. While these skeletons are numerous, they’re just cannon fodder!”

This calmed the army down and restored morale somewhat.

“That’s right!”

“Kill them!”

“The vast majority are all skeleton soldiers!”

“Those weak mobs are easily crushed!”

Although it was a bit disadvantageous being heavily surrounded, the elite warriors of the Hero army are all very experienced, so they wouldn’t end up freezing in fear.

Besides which, in this situation, it’s not like they can retreat either way, so they had no choice but to push forward regardless.

Zheng Xiao swung his greatsword and smashed through 20 to 30 skeleton soldiers in one go like he’s reaping stalks of wheat. Then he went on to cut down several skeleton commanders.

At that moment, a large blade was swung right at him, and Zheng Xiao was forced several meters back.

“Oh shit!”

“There’s a strong one!”

The draconian general Zhang San came forth and pulled his polearm from where it was stabbed into the ground.

“Just you worthless weaklings think you can threaten the Darkness Valley?!”

His gaze was freezing cold, “That said, since you’re already here, there’s no need to go anymore. None of you are leaving here!”

As he spoke, the draconian army entered the battle.

Although the draconian priest had taken the vast majority of the draconian soldiers with him, several hundred were still left behind and they were not to be underestimated while under the leadership of a draconian general!

Besides which, they have the terrain advantage + undead army + Towers of Grudges + minotaur units acting as support here.

How were the Heroes supposed to fight against that?

Zheng Xiao’s army were all assembled from various native tribes.

This army’s discipline and ability to work in tandem can’t even compare to that of the Giantree City army. He never imagined that he’d end up facing this much resistance when he came to the Darkness Valley!

Something’s wrong here!

Given the formation that had welcomed them, it was obvious that the Darkness Valley was completely prepared for them!

They knew far in advance that the demon subjugation army would come!

How did the Darkness Valley have such detailed understanding of the Hero Guild’s secret movements? The deployment of this army was kept a secret after all!

Could it be… That they were infiltrated?!

Zheng Xiao had no time to think about it. That’s because Zhang San was already swinging at him with his polearm. Although Zheng Xiao did have the strength of a level 2 Lord, he was still obviously losing against the draconian general.

Zheng Xiao was forced back after just four or so exchanges of blows.

The draconian army swarmed forward and the Heroes and demon subjugation army completely lost cohesion.

The two battles started at nearly the same moment.

While both sides were fighting furiously, Giantree City was still as calm and peaceful as always.

The elven elders were all awaiting news from Du Mingfeng.

As for the result of the battle? That’s something that they never had any doubts about. The official Giantree City army was the one deployed this time, so there was no way that they could possibly lose.

Thus, they just need to wait for the good news.

At this moment, the young lord was sitting in her study.

She started getting a strange jittery feeling.

The young lord was born with very sharp and powerful instincts.

Given her experiences from countless previous events, this feeling that she got was practically a premonition. Something bad had likely happened!

Just as she thought, they shouldn’t have been so reckless.

She should have stopped the military action back then.

But now, the arrow has already been loosened. It’s already too late for regrets. All she can do now is pray for the protection of the Goddess of Nature in hopes that it won’t end up a major problem!

At this moment, without any prior signs.


A roar filled with kingly majesty filled the air.

The entire Giantree City shook from it!

The peace and quiet here was completely shattered.

Countless clouds blocked off the sun and cast their shadow over Giantree City. Lightning flashed within those clouds and every bolt of lightning was an inauspicious scarlet.


“It’s a dragon!”

“A dragon is attacking!”

The soldiers and citizens of Giantree City were shocked to discover that a mysterious and majestic looking dragon over 30 meters tall and covered in dark gold scales was flying toward them through those thunderclouds.

Killing intent and Dragon Fear enveloped the sky and earth alike!

The sheer pressure from it made it hard to breathe!

Everyone could clearly feel just how terrifying and powerful this being was.

This powerful being’s target was clear. It was attacking Giantree City. It dropped like a meteor from the heavens and viciously slammed into the barrier.


The entire city shook!

The shaking was as intense as an earthquake!

The dragon was attacking the city!

Terror spread!

At that moment, everyone could clearly feel just how terrifying and powerful this dragon was. However, just how did Giantree City manage to provoke such a being?


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