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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 99: A Dendro Slime Mutation? Bahasa Indonesia

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(I want to know)

Following his thought, a blue screen popped into existence up in front of him.

Despite trying really hard, he wasn’t able to shorten the sentence to a single word as he planned…

Just thinking about words like Observe or Properties would be so much faster and easier than an entire sentence…

How unfortunate.


Species: Dendro Slime Mutation

Status: Not Hostile, Not Friendly.

Dropps – Slime concentrate


The blue window in front of him looked way more hollow than it usually did.

(Indeed…That’s a monster….Come to think of it, I never really used it on monsters before…they kind of just die before I can even use the ability…The fact that it shows the materials it can drop is astounding, I should use it more often.)

“Aren’t you hurt…Are you alright?”

Yomite grabbed the shoulder of Lumine who was carelessly approaching the girl.

When they noticed his actions, not just Lumine, even Hu Tao and Paimon turned to look at him.

Seeing his serious gaze, they knew something was wrong.

“Iris warned me just now…And I’ve also confirmed it. That’s a monster in disguise.”


The group exclaimed.

He ignored the gaze of the little girl who was looking his way with a sad expression.

He knew her expression was fake, yet it came from a monster that mimicked an appearance of cute, injured, crying Loli…

He kept his guard up while taking out the map of Teyvat which he had gotten as a present from the Adventurer’s guild after reaching AR 20.

He finally had a map of his own, albeit inferior to Lumine’s, but it was still pretty good.

The current rank of their party was AR 36 and he could tell that the leveling up was getting harder and harder…

There were barely any quests lately, so they had no choice but to do some dailies and a few random requests from the people of Mondstadt.

Information about monsters found along the road was also published on the map and this seemed to fit the description pretty well.

(A Dendro Slime in disguise.)

That’s what it was after all.

Lumine said to him while he was reading through the details, “Party Leader..I think she’s hurt…I am going to help her…”

Yomite kept on holding the shoulder of Lumine who was saying that.

[A Dendro Slime in disguise. A new Slime variation of slime that changes shape into cute things…We don’t know much info as it’s a new variation, however from what we know, it’ll give travelers a strong urge to protect it, luring them to its side. The temptation is hard to resist, and if you become emotionally attached, you’ll be trapped until death.]

[Kill count of adventurers by this rumored type of slime is about eight. It is said that it releases some kind of pheromones that activate motherly instincts within nearby females as an urge to protect itself. Doesn’t seem to be affecting males. It’s rumored that this monster possesses high intelligence, but that’s still inconclusive. It might sound cruel, but any adventurer party that encounters this monster must immediately exterminate it.]

“Assistant-kun, she looks like she’s about to cry. Is that really a monster?”

It was uncharacteristic of Hu Tao to sound so worried.

(Was she already affected by the pheromones from the monster girl?)

“Since when do you care about people who cry? What about the poor Timmie you scarred forever with your sadistic jokes a few months ago?” Letting out a chuckle, his gaze turned serious, “Iris is without a doubt able to correctly identify entities around us. I also checked. It’s a monster for sure.”

He read further and frowned.

[As the monster will smile with relief when travelers stay by its side, it’s hard to leave her. It’ll show a crying face if you want to leave. The kinder you are, the more likely you’ll be trapped by this monster, so please proceed with caution.]

[Once you’re trapped, it’ll cling on to you, making it hard to get away. Also, when the traveler tries to leave because of hunger, the most dangerous thing this monster will do is pick the fruit it bears and offer it to the traveler. It tastes delicious and gives those who eat it a sense of being full… However, the fruit contains no nutrients, so whoever eats it will slowly wither away no matter how much they eat. The traveler will be stricken by their conscience when they see the girl cutting and offering the fruits it bore itself. In the end, they won’t even eat, and will die of malnourishment.]

“Ugh…! Even if she’s a monster, ignoring a casualty is…” Lumine bit her lip, she couldn’t bear it any longer and approached the Dendro Slime.

She believed Yomite that it was a monster as she herself had activated her Elemental Sight and it showed up as a Dendro Slime monster, but something within her forced her to act like this.

It was simply in her nature to help others, be it an injured monster or a trap set by the treasure hoarders, she didn’t hesitate and jumped straight in.

As the map stated that the monster was most likely not going to attack physically, Yomite didn’t stop Lumine this time around and continued reading.

[Eating the fruits of the Dendro Slime for prolonged periods of time will result in the danger signals sent by your body for hunger, fatigue, and pain being cut off. The fruits might contain something that affects the central nervous system or the brain in general. The fruits weren’t actually fruits but a dangerous toxic slime gel. Hence, travelers will stay close to the girl and grow frail in a dream-like state. No other information was provided so far.]


Yomite stopped after reading up to that part.

Everyone was hesitant about touching it after learning it was a monster and they all showed an uneasy expression, other than Iris, who was silently gazing at it from the distance, thinking whether she could finally eat the monster as a snack or not.

The Dendro Slime Girl in disguise seemed to be asking, ‘Are you going to stay by my side? Please help me. Don’t leave me.’, looking at the three of them with eyes filled with expectation.

The protective instincts of those three were probably already stimulated by her pheromones and her innocent gaze, as their hands kept opening and closing.

Lumine was the type that helped everyone, Paimon didn’t mind helping people and Hu Tao who was slowly opening up and learning about what emotions were, was also a bit conflicted.

He was surprised that Iris had no problems. It might have been that her divinity was protecting her.


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