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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 97: Pure Bliss, And Hell At The Same Time… Bahasa Indonesia


He knew she wasn’t serious about this.

She would soon say something along the lines of, (So you wanted to touch them that badly, huh? What a perv~)

He tried to laugh her ‘invitation’ off, but she seemed to be serious.

“No pranks! I will let you know, I’m a business woman, my dear assistant! You should know better! After all, you are the one who managed to stay with me the longest and I’m grateful for that! Think of it as a reward for being a good boy…or you can think of it as something else If your heart desires so~”

“Sure, let me dig in then.”

Yomite widened his eyes, without hesitating, he made a shameless expression and slowly made his way towards her legs.

There was no time to waste.

If it was an actual invitation, even if the chances were slim, he would never hesitate.

He said nothing as he lowered his head, face first onto her lap.

The aroma of her natural smell, and the smell of her shower gel filled his nose.

“So?” She asked with a teasing tone, while gently stroking his hair.

He bore his nose down the gap in between the two of her thighs and took a deep whiff.

He could live comfortably like this forever.

(Ah…I’m getting hard…)

Luckily, the sofa proved to be a good cover so she had no idea what kind of reaction happened to his lower part, as she was facing his back.

Soon after, he grasped her thighs with both of his hands, squeezing them, and chuckled, “Hu Tao…I must admit…You smell nice.”

“Thanks! I work around dead people!”


“Not funny? Aw shucks…I was betting on that too…One day I will make you laugh! My assistant! Mark my words!” She declared and one day, it might truly happen.

Yomite closed his eyes before answering, his face relaxing.

“Yeah, sure…whatever your heart desires…But I have to admit, this is great…”

He affirmed, earning himself a pretty giggle from her.

“I knew you would like it~! Assistant-kun is a pe~rv after all!”

(Well, of course…She was pulling my leg again…As expected…)

Hearing her remark, Yomite frowned and decided to act a little bolder.

“Of course I am! I have a proposition though. We should do this more often, like every hour or so. Or maybe after every training session! And who needs clothes, am I right? Directly touching skin is a much more pleasing sensation. What do you say?”

He pressed his lips against one of her thighs and planted a gentle kiss on top.

Hu Tao’s body fidgeted in return.

He couldn’t see her face, but he was sure his comment had some effect on her.

The corners of her ears turned a little red, but she couldn’t back down here, she was supposed to be the one pranking and teasing people, not the other way around!

“We~ll If you truly insist…We…could do it more oft—”


The door to the living room was flung open by Fischl!

“What in the damnation is going on here!? I smell heresy!” She surveyed the room and found out two heretics doing heretical stuff.

“Ah, Fischl, perfect timing. I’m giving my dear assistant my lap to relieve his stress. Want to join in?”

“J-Join in!?”

Fischl seemed a little abashed, albeit he could see she was struggling and hesitating on what to do.

“No, Fischl, it’s fine, I’m already getting up. She was just teasing me anyway.” Yomite was about to stand up, when he heard her continue,

“I-I will…do it.”

“Huh? Seriously?”

He couldn’t believe his ears.

She actually managed to force herself through her embarrassment!?


Yomite’s legs rested on the couch, while his torso and head lay on Hu Tao’s and Fischl’s lap respectively.

A double lap pillow! A dream come true!

Hu Tao started gently boxing into his chest, as if she was trying to massage him, while Fischl was panicking, ruffling through his hair in a hurry.

Yomite’s hair was flying around as if a hurricane went through.

“Relax.” He patted Fischl’s single exposed thigh, “It’s fine.”

At his words, she turned red and slowed down her movement.

And as she did, she started caressing his head again. This time softly.

He could feel the soft silk of one of her gloves brush past his hair in a gentle motion as it calmed him, while her other hand which didn’t have a glove on, reached out to his shoulder and massaged it, in an attempt to compete with Hu Tao.

He felt like a king, being tended to by his lovers.

His heart and mind were in harmony and bliss.

He closed his eyes and relaxed his body.

Slowly falling asleep, he let out a satisfied smile.

This was what he wanted. Gentle comrades that would show their care for him.

(Maybe…a reward like this after such hard training…was worth it…)

His inner peace was attained.




Much, much later…

Yomite was woken up by something.

He opened his eyes, but all that he was met with was darkness.

(This cliche scenario…Where am I? Could it be that I’ve been summoned somewhere again? It can’t be…right?)

He could feel something holding him in place, he felt like he could move his arms and legs, yet his eyesight was gone.

Just pure black.

His head was also bound and he could barely turn his neck, scratch that, he couldn’t move it even an inch.

His nose, however, was pressed into a warm and squishy thing, and he could smell an aroma of something very sweet.

It filled his nostrils and was stronger and more permanent than a scent of flowers or a shampoo.

It made him feel excited.

Suddenly, he heard a loud scream.

“Du wertloser, verrotteter Sack Fleisch!!! Get off of him! At once!”

“I’m charging backeth the en’rgy I hath lost from being too far hence from mast’r during his spar and the showe’r. Leaveth me be…”

“Act not unintelligent! You’re doing this with hidden intentions! This Prinzessin can tell!”

Despite the fact that he didn’t have the full context of the situation, he pieced the puzzle together and found out that he was still lying on the couch with Fischl and Hu Tao.

The only difference being, there was something on top of his face.

That something was…Iris, who currently happily occupied his face with her butt cheeks…refusing to leave…

(…I would rather pretend I’m still asleep and enjoy it a bit further…yes…that’s what I will do. Even if my oxygen runs dry…I wish I died like this…)

He was completely still, afraid to move even a muscle, despite the fact that one of his hands was badly itching to be scratched.

This was a dangerous moment.

Anything could blow his cover…

He was completely still, the only sound in the room was the voice of the wind.

The wind, entering through the open window, blowing onto his neck indicated that there was a breeze outside.

Yet for some reason…it was way too quiet…

(Come to think of it…why are they quiet…shouldn’t they be shouting at each other right now? Where are the curses? Why can’t I hear any of them anymore?)

They couldn’t have left, as he still felt the lap of both Hu Tao and Fischl under him, not to mention the huge thing on his face.

Something was up…

He could tell…

Little did he know that everyone stopped talking due to one reason, and one reason only.

All of them turned their attention, facing one direction, their mouths agape.


Unable to withstand the combination of the massage, the lascivious smell that filled his nostrils, and a huge butt that pressed against his face, Yomite popped a boner…in his ‘sleep’.

(Ah…now I get it…No…I can feel it…let’s just continue pretending like I’m asleep so that they think it’s just my sleeping reaction or something…)

But like…why would she even sit on top of his face!?

Did she do that on purpose or had no idea what she just did?

Was this the beginning of an unseen seduction?

No one knew…

Either way, the fact that everyone from his party had seen his erection through his clothes was a bit embarrassing…

But there was nothing he could do!

After all, it wasn’t his fault to begin with!

And from all tons of shitty isekai novels he read, he was bound to end up being the one at fault for all of this!

He was definitely not waking up to receive a beating! That’s for sure!


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