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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 96: An Invitation? Sure! Bahasa Indonesia


Speaking of the bath, their new bath was spacious and as many as ten people could easily take bath at the same time, as Yomite purchased ten magical shower devices for his party.

The reason why he purchased so many, was because the whole room was ginormous and so extensive, that it would look horrible with so much free space.

The magical device had a specific name, yet he didn’t really pay attention and just called it like he would a normal shower.

It almost felt like he had his personal hot spring, even though he didn’t.

At least not yet.

Making a hot spring in his backyard might be a great idea.

He also began building an area, which he planned to use as a farm and then another area for slimes, but both of them were nowhere near finished.

All of this, of course, cost him quite a lot.

Speaking of money, his current balance from normal quests, daily quests, personal requests, treasure chest finding, mob farming, and the reward as a hero for the past three months, was 97 million Mora and 8k primogems.

He was quite loaded from abusing the party system, just as he planned.

And he loved every single bit of it.

He would even have much more, If it weren’t for Iris, whose expenses ranged from 200k Mora to 500k Mora a DAY.

She just ate way too much and he had to do something about that…

Of course, part of the profit was the money of his party members, but all of them had agreed it would be better for him to safekeep or else there might be chaos with their finances.

He gave them all a monthly paycheck of 2 million Mora and if that wasn’t enough, he would give them even more.

They deserved it, as it’s thanks to them he was so rich right now.

He had yet to understand what the primogems were used for though.

He asked Iris but even she didn’t know.

Or more like, she wasn’t interested in such insignificant things when she was a Dragon, so she didn’t pay attention to them.

Other than basically swimming in money, after they’ve saved Iris, there were still hundreds upon hundreds of scales left over from the slave and master pact of Iris and Yomite where she shed her husk and formed a new body for herself.

Yomite ordered Lumine to collect every single one and put it into her inventory as maybe they could sell the scales later and get even more money.

While Lumine was painfully storing away all of the scales one by one…After half an hour of doing so, she noticed some weird things floating near the scales.


Name: Dvalin’s Sigh

Rarity: 5* Material

Description: A bit of power taken from the whirlwinds evoked by the Dragon of the East. Beautiful and transparent, both trade winds and tornadoes will work in its name. The winds move as its companion, its voice, and its freedom. Its enemies are the thousands who stand against its wind.


As the name implied, the bundle of wind that was connected to the scales was called Dvalin’s Sigh.

Lumine grabbed some bottles from her inventory and quickly stored them away.

They managed to obtain six of them, although they didn’t know their use, Iris mentioned they might prove to be really useful in the future for alchemists.




Currently, at Yomite’s mansion.

“What are these lumps of fat!? This isn’t feasible! It’s cheating! Cheating!” Fischl’s voice of outrage echoed throughout the building.

“Doth not toucheth mine divine body without mine own mast’r’s p’rmission.” Iris coldly replied.

She was certainly not enjoying the shower, but as it was her master’s wish, she had no choice but to oblige.

Fischl switched her gaze to Lumine and almost choked on her saliva, “L-Lumine!? I-I thought you were one of us! Inconceivable! You were hiding that huge pair of Schnitzers this whole time!?”

“N-No…I wasn’t trying to hide anything…They always looked like this…My clothes were just designed that way…Please don’t stare so much…”


“N-No! Wait! Ahn~”

He heard the voices of the girls, getting ready to take a bath together.

(Ah…happy thoughts…happy thoughts…happy thoughts…don’t get hard…don’t get hard…don’t get hard…)

Yomite chose to turn his brain off momentarily…

When it was shower time, someone had to go with Iris as otherwise, she wouldn’t take her shower willingly.

Iris hated showering and was very much against it.

When they asked her why she hated it, she said something about losing essential oils that nurtured her body and hair.

None of the girls understood what she meant and Yomite also wasn’t knowledgeable enough about the subject, although he heard that term before…

He was more than willing to shower with Iris, but…

“Thou shall imply anything venereal like that once more, and this Prinzessin Der Verurteilung shall bestow a divine punishment upon your majestic Archaeopteryx lithographica and cut it off!”


Yomite gulped down and backed away quickly.

This was more dangerous than he thought…


About a half an hour later, his peaceful break was interrupted by an overly energetic girl.


Hu Tao smirked before sitting next to him on the sofa.

“What is it now…are you so energetic that you want to fight again…? You already beat me down 4 times today…let me rest…I’m begging you…” The tone of his voice was low, and very much tired.

“No, no! Quite the opposite! I know today must have been truly tiring for you~. And you were doing your best!” She started with a smug tone, “So let me reward you personally, Assistant-kun.”

Yomite looked at her in confusion, wondering what kind of escapade she wanted now, until she pointed at her thighs.

He froze, a look of surprise appeared on his face while his female companion smirked.

Hu Tao patted the milky skin on her exposed legs and invited him again. With a sly smile, she watched as he tried to say anything.

“Come on, Hu Tao. No need to tease me like this.”

Past months he was subjected to hundreds upon hundreds of pranks, dry and cringe dad jokes and teasing…


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