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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 89: A Brand New Look Bahasa Indonesia

It warmed his heart to look at the gentle flames in the fireplace.

Wearing a comfy cotton robe, he sunk into the couch and gazed at the fire. Somehow he lacked strength to move. It was like he was glued to the couch. He took a deep breath of the fireplace’s warm air. The pleasant crackle of logs provided a relaxing atmosphere. The amber flames cast flickering shadows on the walls of the mansion.

Someone gracefully offered a glass of wine to him.

“This is the wine of the highest quality from Diluc’s tavern, Party Leader, the Dandelion Wine.”

Lumine who passed the wine to him said as she sat beside him with a wine glass of her own.

He took a sip of the wine swirling in his glass. A smirk appeared on his face, “It’s delicious. I’m starting to like him more than Kaeya, not that I liked him to begin with.”

Lumine also couldn’t withstand the temptation and followed suit, “…Delicious.”

“You know, someone like you shouldn’t be drinking alcohol, being so young.”

He teased her, fully knowing she was way, way older than him by a long mile.

The Tempus of the Heart couldn’t exactly identify her age, but the first number was 9 and there were still at least two or three more digits after it…

“Party leader…not you too…” She pulled the wine glass closer to her, protecting it, “It just tastes so great…You’re like my brother in this regard…He also never allowed me to drink, saying I was too young, when in reality he is only five seconds older. Five seconds! Can you believe that! Not fair…”

Yomite let out a wry smile.

Lumine was indeed a woman of few words, at least she usually was, but once she took even a single sip of some beverage, it was as if her personality had completely reversed.

Her extroverted switch was turned on and once it was, there was no stopping her.

“You should have seen me when I was with my brother. I was such an annoying leech of a little sister…I should have learned some skills from him…”

Her true nature was that of a dissatisfied auntie that loved to complain about the simplest of things and compare herself to everyone around here.

“Ah…I saw a good looking girl with a nice butt today…why do I have to look so average…”

She complained and drank the whole glass in one go, pouring herself another one, and raising it up high, “Cheers!!”

She once again chugged down another glass of wine before Yomite could even finish half of his.

(No, no, no…this girl isn’t average at all…)

If he didn’t already know she was a traveler from another world, he would have thought she was a princess or something if he met her for the first time.

Those kinds of princesses who summoned heroes that would sooner or later defeat the Demon King for them.

Her personality didn’t reflect that though.

But her alluring lips were full in the middle and petite at the bottom.

Her curly blonde hair was down and shimmering in the light of the fireplace.

Her yellow eyes shone like gold when she gazed at him from the side.

Truly, like a princess.

She didn’t talk about herself that much, all he knew was that she was a being close to a God and that she was stripped away of her powers by some unknown and presumably much stronger entity.

That much was known, even from the story told by the Goddess Sia.

“Party leader?”

Waking up from his stupor, Yomite grabbed the bottle of wine and stood up.

“No! don’t take it!” She reached out for the bottle, but slipped and fell face first onto the ground, the empty glass in her hands fell with her, but luckily dropped on top of the carpet and didn’t break.

Once she laid on the comfortable cold floor, her vision slowly turned hazy and soon enough, she started snoring away.

“I believe you’ve had enough…” He sighed and put a blanket over the now, dozing off Lumine.

He thought life in the mansion would be better, but that wasn’t exactly the case…

At all…


Three months had passed ever since he came to this world, and Yomite was finally living comfortably in his newly built villa which was stationed in the vicinity of Mondstadt.

Together with Hu Tao, Lumine, Iris and of course, Paimon.

And even Fischl had decided to pack her things up and pick a room in the mansion as her own.

Back at home she was alone, as her parents were usually out adventuring around the world, and her old room was small, so being able to move into the mansion where her friends resided was quite great.

Although she did stay with them in the Inn for a while but that was a whole other thing…

All of this planning about a mansion and a new place to move into happened because of a few things.

After Iris joined their party, there were some… let’s just say… inconveniences…

The first one being that the Inn only provided them with a triple room, so Iris had nowhere to sleep.

Yomite proposed a good idea though, saying she could sleep ‘safely’ and ‘soundly’ in his bed together with him.

He would undoubtedly protect her and take care of her as he was her dear master, however, that idea was soon scrapped as both Paimon and Fischl lashed out at him.

Even Lumine was showing signs of disapproval, and only Hu Tao didn’t understand what was wrong with it.

As always.

Sometimes she was so bold that he thought that she was turning into a thirsty beast, but sometimes she was just so clueless…

It was as if she had a personality disorder, but once asked about it, she denied the claim and called him silly.

As for the issue with Iris, Hu Tao proposed that they could let Iris sleep on the floor like a cute puppy but for Yomite that was unacceptable.

(So, my idea was scrapped, but leaving my busty dragon girl cutie sleep on the cold floor is alright? Insolence!!)


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