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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 88: Book Two, Prologue Bahasa Indonesia

The city of Liyue.

One of the seven nations of Teyvat

A bountiful harbor that lied in the east of Teyvat.

It was the city-state that worshipped God Morax, the Geo Archon who sometimes took on a form of a dragon.

Just how many gifts from the Geo God lay in wait amongst the rocks of Liyue’s mountains?

Unlike in Mondstadt, where the God of Wind Barbatos didn’t show his presence at all, Morax on the other hand, showed itself at least once per year as a tradition, to bless his country and make all mortals bow to his excellence.

Towering mountains stood tall and proud alongside the stone forest, that, together with the open plains and lively rivers, made up Liyue’s bountiful landscape, showing off its unique beauty through each of the four seasons.

The establishment of the harbor kicked off Liyue’s seafaring trade.

As the Teyvat’s largest market harbor, the sheer amount of goods that flew into and from it was simply incomparable for other ports.

“We’re here!”

Hu Tao cheerfully announced.

She was finally back in her hometown.

“Yeah, yeah…just don’t run off too far…”

As they arrived into the grand city called Liyue, Yomite looked around in awe and took in the view.

The place was truly beautiful…

While the weather was quite hot and unpleasant, he was glad he came to Hu Tao’s hometown to finally witness it in its full glory…

Everything was going great…


“You dare question my integrity!? Scram!”

“Hmph! My father shall hear of this! Prepare to have your limbs broken!”

Two young men were shouting curses at each other in the middle of the street, and looking at how locals didn’t care about the conflict unfolding, only meant that this was a daily occurrence in the city of Liyue.

Hearing their words, Yomite stopped in his tracks.


There was no way…

“Your father shall drink my piss instead!”

“Fuck your nine generations! Just wait till he hears of this! You will be kowtowing before us!”

“Oh, no no no…”

Yomite’s face darkened as he unconsciously took a step back, his party gazing at him curiously.

“Assistant-kun? Is something the matter?”

“Party leader?”

“…I-I wanna leave…I wanna go back to Mond…Can we go back??? Please…I’m begging you…”

“Leave? But we just came!” Hu Tao frowned, “I wanna show you around!”

“No! We aren’t entering this city! I’m going back! This is full of Young Masters, I can already tell!!”

“What are you talking about, Stupid Tattoo!?”

Hu Tao climbed his back while, Lumine and Paimon pulled on his hand to make sure he wouldn’t leave.

Iris on the other hand just stared at all of them curiously, and since it looked like it would take a while, she lay on the ground and sunbathed.

(Sun is good. Praise the sun…)

And so began…

One hell of a journey…

In a new land…


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