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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 85: All Over, All Good! Bahasa Indonesia

Iris inspected her body. The body of a female.

It was a new feeling for her who previously didn’t have a gender.

She put her hand on her chest and jiggled it up and down. She looked up at Yomite and frowned, “Mast’r, i’m w’rri’d I might be a bit big in the chest area,” she said in her grating raspy tone.

“I’m asham’d as thy slave to be so bacon-fed. Once the timeth cometh, I shall changeth into a bett’r body that fittest your needs!” She promised in a solemn tone, completely unaware of the effect of her words on a certain prinzessin.


Upon hearing that, something in Fischl snapped.

“You fette Kuh! Fette Kuh! Ich werde deine Brüste abschneiden und sie dann essen, du fette Kuh!”

She grumbled under her breath with some hostility, gritting her teeth as she did so.

Yomite put a hand on Fischl’s head, stroking it, calming her down.

Or rather, making her expression switch from a frown into that of shy embarrassment and slight satisfaction.

He immediately found Iris attractive, not only was she tall, her curves and breasts were also big. She really fit all his fetishes to a T, especially the milf aura oozing out of her was absolutely to his liking.

He nodded politely and suppressed a smile. “No, you look great. Honestly, couldn’t be better!

After everything was said and done, Venti went on to explain that he heard in legends that depending on the name sounding feminine or masculine, the body of a dragon, undergoing Godhood, would change its shape and since Iris was more of a name for females, it turned out Dvalin turned into one as well…




Now that the Stormterror crisis had passed, the skies above Mondstadt were clear once more. The gloomy aura of storms was replaced by the sunny aura of blue skies.

However, the memory of facing Dvalin in the sky amidst the domain standing on the swirling of storms was ever so vivid in his mind…

He would have to get much stronger and more skilled with both his weapon and his abilities for the upcoming future…

Iris, the Ex-Sovereign of the Skies was really knowledgeable and taught him a lot about Teyvat and the general lore of the world.

Although, unfortunately, it was still quite hard to understand her words, as she wasn’t used to speaking or using her vocal chords properly yet. Sometimes it was so harsh he thought he’d really bleed from his ears.

Not to mention, there was the fact that being a millennial old dragon made her unable to understand the common sense of humans.

She refused to wear clothes as she hated how it felt on her skin, as if there was an extra weight shackling her body, and ran around the room buck naked.

The girls in his team had to teach her how to dress, use toilet and act in public…

And so on… The list was incredibly long…

There were many issues, but they would get fixed with time…


Anyway, even as she had trouble speaking, it didn’t stop Yomite from asking her a few questions.

Even though he had to always take into account the danger of being induced with brain damage because of her raspy tone.

And somehow, jumping from one topic to another, they got to a subject regarding living beings.

Apparently, a living being’s lifespan was determined by the distribution percentage of two components composing its existence.

The Physical body and the Ethereal body.

The higher the percentage of the ethereal body, the closer the organism was to be termed as a holy spirit, and thus, their lifespans were far longer and so was their chance of attaining the state of Godhood in the future.

There were even those that restricted their bodies to contain more ether within themselves, in order to extend their lifespans, but Iris only met such a crazy alchemist once in the entirety of her long lifetime…

From what she explained…

All Humans had about 50% Physical body and 50% Ethereal body.

Gods like Venti had 5% Physical body and 95% Ethereal body and they could shapeshift at will, changing forms, genders, species was but a matter of willingness for them.

Although Venti had stated that he didn’t feel the need to change his appearance, so he stayed the same throughout the millennia.

Usually, Dragons had about 20% Physical body and 80% Ethereal body, but with the case of Iris, she managed to break through the bottleneck to unleash her true form and her Ethereal percentage rose all the way up to 95% which meant she was basically immortal when it came to aging.

The thing she found fascinating, however, was the fact that Yomite also had the same percentage as she currently held, despite being just a human.

Which was simply weird and incomprehensible to her.

There was no doubt he was human, at least he smelled like a human, but his composition was akin to that of a God, making her more and more interested in this master of hers.

That was also the reason she chose him as her master, rather than someone like Diluc or most of the girls who were nearby, as they were only normal humans, more so they were Vision holders which also would be detrimental to her in the future.

He was the best chance out of everyone to nurture her to her ideal goal and that too in the shortest possible time.

Lumine and Venti were also one of the choices, but they declined.


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