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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 81: Caelestinum Finale Termini Bahasa Indonesia

Just then, Dvalin lifted its enormous head towards the sky, the energy gathered in the air soared to unimaginable heights along with it, twisting space itself with its power.

Something terrible was about to happen.

They could feel it in their bones.

It opened its mouth wide— gathering all the energy in the air and its surroundings, focusing all of them around its beak-esque jaws—and then unleashed it towards the sky in a torrent of thin needle-like Energy Pulse Bombs.

The scene was almost as if droplets of rain were pouring, only inverted as it was going from the ground towards the skies.

The sky lit up— as the torrent reached the darkened clouds— and numerous energy bombs started falling onto the platform, from the sky, they were currently staying at, almost akin to meteorites falling from space.

Its goal was obvious, to destroy the platform they were standing on, with unimaginable destructive power.

The Energy Pulses hurtled downwards with unimaginable speed, randomly smashing into the platform and in the area surrounding them.

The dragon’s wind breath was almost silent compared to the loud sounds generated by the pulsing energy

It continued to breathe out wind and roar at the top of its lungs as it made its violent entrance.

The ground was hot, like a furnace, cracks formed like the webs of a spider throughout the platform as torrents of greenish blue colored flames of energy rained down from the sky.

The air was so unbearably hot that it was searing the lungs of those who dared to try and breathe it.

Despite it being a Dragon of Wind, the heated wind bombs it was hurling at them, felt like scorching fireballs, that could melt and disintegrate a human in a matter of seconds.

Yomite’s eyes narrowed in confusion, restlessness settling inside his heart, as the explosions around him began to grow more frequent, and showed no signs of stopping.

(Is it ever going to stop?)

He thought in worry, droplets of sweat dripped down his face in an ever flowing torrent. The heat was making his vision blurry.

Venti was more than happy to explain the ongoing events.

“A-ha! This is Dvalin’s ace in the hole! Caelestinum Finale Termini!”


“Paimon feels like Dvalin has a strange taste when it comes to naming things…”

The group agreed with her while Venti just laughed, “Not really! I named it for him just now!”


Literally everyone voiced out in disbelief.

“Yep! But anyway, the energy flooding out of the fissures is hot. We need to fly towards other platforms with the wind gliders, or the foothold which we are standing on currently, might crumble within a few seconds. Be sure to watch your step!”

The party agreed with him and used the gusts of wind created by Venti to fly to another platform, and soon enough, the one they were standing on, crumbled into nothingness.

They sighed in relief that they made it, however, they still didn’t have time to relax.

Dvalin landed on the side of the platform, on the one they were currently situated, charging every ounce of its strength for the final attack.

Its long neck filled with stripes of galaxy-like designs, glowed and pulsed with energy indicating that it was going all out.

It unleashed a powerful breath— consisting of a beam made of concentrated pure anemo power and plasma energy that could disintegrate everything on its path— onto a part of the platform, slowly moving towards the party from left to right, cornering them as the platform next to it had already been destroyed in Dvalin’s previous attack.

“We need to stop him! Kaeya’s brother, now!”

Diluc commanded, chanting in a mysterious tune while simultaneously igniting every last bit of his power he had left in him.


He exhaled in a tone filled with all of his power. His voice activated his vision to its maximum capacity. In the next moment, an explosion of scarlet colored flames were generated from the vision, all of them concentrating towards the tip of his claymore.

The flames coalesced to create the shape of a bird— a phoenix; the being of immortality and destruction. The construct as if alive flapped its wings, a screech resounding from its flame adorned beak and Diluc not wasting any more time hurled his claymore, slashing it towards Dvalin’s mouth.

This action led to the phoenix to fly directly into Dvalin’s breath, the flame-made construct striking precisely at its mouth, wrestling with the dragon with its flame adorned claws, blocking the attack for a few seconds.

A chance was created. A chance to finally grasp victory.

“Jeez, could you stop calling me that? How annoying…”

Yomite berated, grasping his claymore tightly, and noticed a spot just under the dragon’s neck, where the barrier seemed to be barely holding on.

With a diagonal swing, he bore the claymore down into its neck with all the might of his body, the tattoo of the fallen flashing red for a second.

Victory or defeat. All will be decided in the next clash.


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