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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 80: A Second Phase!? Bahasa Indonesia

Yomite felt the weapon in his hand breaking apart, a few more hits and he was sure it would crumble into pieces.

Hence, he simply threw it away and quickly switched to his secondary claymore he had bought just in case something happened to his disposable one.

(Thank the lord I did…or else I would be fighting barehanded now…)

Yomite thought and sighed in relief for thinking of possible contingencies. It saved him in this situation.

Lumine’s elemental resonance attack had managed to injure Dvalin greatly, and now, Dvalin flew in the sky, silently observing its opponents while hissing in unimaginable pain.

They couldn’t exactly get to it, and even Fischl didn’t have enough strength in her arms to shoot the arrow that far into the air, without it slowing and falling down.

Even coating her arrows with her electro vision was useless. Not to mention, her arsenal of arrows was slowly running out.

So, for a while now, everyone relaxed as a few minutes of truce took place between them and the Sovereign of the Skies.

However, their peaceful time of recuperation was soon interrupted by an ambient singing of a female voice and the sound of violins reverberating in the air, throughout the trounce domain.

The group looked up, towards the infiniteness of the star-filled sky, so did the Dragon.

It seemed as though the entire sky was singing, glowing and pulsing— the melody of the ancients flowed in the tunes of overlapping notes produced by different violins and was combined by the melancholic echoes of the soft yet harrowing tones of the female voice— amidst the confused gazes of the party.

It was all a magnificent melody, a symphony of songs, an orchestra of instruments, all tied beautifully by the ethereality of the female voice.

From the vast membrane of the infinitely dark, star-filled, sky, the moon was singing— introducing a contrast to the ongoing performance— producing a vast spectrum of multicolored bright lights.

There were so many shades and colours, so many varieties and contrasts, that no one would ever imagine that they were all adhering to the same tune, combining in a gentle harmony to complement the symphony of sounds, echoing throughout the entirety of the domain.

It was a great concert; a concert full of righteousness and of great enthusiasm, of melancholy and of serenity, of nostalgia and of reminiscence, of longing and of acceptance.

The stars twinkled in all of their glorious colors, strutting across the darkness of space without being anchored to the bottom of the nether, as the melody filled their beings.

The songs gave tension to their surroundings, enthusiasm to their spirits, a sense of mystery to their psyches and a feeling of emptiness to their souls.

The tunes picked up notes, the pitch turning higher and higher until it reached its crescendo and the soft humming of the female tone rose in volume, echoing strongly, filling the minds of everyone present, as though indicating to them that the finale of their glorious fight was about to begin.

“Wait…What!? Music!? This is seriously turning into a Dark Souls boss fight!! That Dragon even got himself a freaking soundtrack!” Yomite uttered in shock, disbelief echoing in his tone.

He couldn’t fathom why out of nowhere a song started playing like in the final fights of video games, which had dedicated soundtracks to increase the immersion of the games.

“Oh, how lovely, that’s the ballad of the wind and stars! How beautiful!” Venti commented from the sides as though the phenomenon happening was a completely normal occurrence.

“Oi, Venti, explain to me how the wind can even sing like this!? This is clearly a flag for the next phase or something!! Attack Dvalin now before it transforms into the next stage!”

Surely, Venti was lying! There was no way wind and stars could sing like this, it was an unbelievable notion.

“Ah, I honestly have no idea where it’s coming from…Maybe…The sacred place of Celestia is enjoying the battle and they decided to spice things up a little? Who knows. But it sounds great and that’s all that matters! I almost want to join in with my lyre!” The useless God spewed out some more useless things which answered nothing and made way for even more questions to be asked.

“Whatever even is Celestia!? It sounds like something divine…” Yomite muttered, surprised at the new term he just heard.

Venti didn’t answer him and instead, motionlessly stared towards a plasma laser that was coming his way.

“What are you standing around for! Damn you!”

Yomite cursed and simultaneously rammed into Venti with his whole body, saving him from the laser blast, which further extended and exploded behind them, finally chipping away some of the stones embedded in the platform.

“Holy shit….that was way too close…”

Yomite muttered with a sigh, relieved that they had dodged that disintegration blast. He could almost feel the plasma beam touching his hair for a moment, making him shiver in fright.

“Holy…shit…?” Venti was confused by the string of absurd words he hadn’t heard before.

“Huh? What is it?” Yomite asked, his eyes still locked on Dvalin, cautiously scrutinizing the slightest of its movements for any signs of potential attacks.

“Oh, it’s nothing…I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, I’m just surprised at the weird vocabulary you speak of…For example, a ‘trap’, ‘next stage’, ‘second phase’ and so on…But this one simply takes the cake! I’m so curious…Please do tell…how can excrements be holy? It doesn’t really make sense to me no matter how much I think about it…” He put a finger to his lips and contemplated, his eyebrows scrunching as he did so, making him look cute rather than the intellectual look he was trying to go for.

“So that’s what you’ve been thinking this whole time!!? Focus on the fight!! Jackass!” Yomite spat out in anger and pulled away from him, while swiftly lifting Venti to his feet.

“Thanks for worrying about me! Te-he~.”

“Paimon keeps on telling you, but saying ‘Te-he~’ isn’t funny, you tone-deaf bard!!!”

The little fairy complained in anger, but soon enough, hid into Lumine’s pocket again, as she sensed a huge amount of energy coming from Dvalin’s location.


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