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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 7: A New Storm? Bahasa Indonesia

Uff chapter took me some time to make as I didn’t want it to just be a shitty fight, its like 3k words too so yeah…hopefully you will enjoy.


A goliath? A colossus? A sentinel? A Monster?

Maybe everything combined. A Dragon.

Usually an end game monster in a lot of role-playing games.

A mighty, prideful, and intelligent creature capable of human speech and also capable of annihilating cities by itself was currently flying around the city of Mondstadt. The monster has long revealed itself in its full glory.

The old protector of Mondstadt has for some reason turned against his own people, time and time again.

Having such an enormous build, he was surely one of the largest beings in the world of Teyvat.

His entire body was colored in a shade of blue, with his main body being a lighter shade of azure blue.

Six large wings spanned across the sky and perhaps that was what made him different from all the other dragons Yomite had encountered in his role-playing games.

His laser-like pupils brought fear even into the most skilled of mercenaries.

‘If I don’t count Hu Tao, I have yet to encounter a single hostile enemy. There was no slime, goblin, or wolf. No tutorial monsters. Nothing. But now, the first thing I witness is a freaking dragon!? Isn’t this a bit too stupid?’

Feelings of anxiousness flooded his mind. He was indeed reincarnated into this world to go on an adventure, but for him to meet a dragon this soon could be his doom. Not only did dragons have a thick skin that couldn’t usually be penetrated by normal weapons, but most dragons also had special abilities like a fireball or in this case, most likely a destructive wind or a tornado spell.

‘My third ability, The Tempus of The Particles might be able to do something, but I have yet to try it out. I might injure an ally. So the logical thing to do would be not to use it unless it comes down to eat me… Shit! Couldn’t you have come much later once I trained myself or something you big lizard!’

He looked to his right at his two companions.

Hu Tao was frozen stiff, holding her polearm in her trembling hands, while nervously mumbling, “…Is it…my time…”

Anyone could tell she was frightened. Maybe not frightened of death, but the process. No one would want to be torn apart or in the worst case, eaten alive by this kind of monstrosity. This kind of monster was an ultimate enemy that could cause multiple casualties, and even then they might not be able to beat it.

Kaeya, on the other hand, just observed the situation with a frown, “Attacks like these were happening a lot lately. Confrontation should be avoided at all cost, but looking at the damage it’s doing to the city, I guess I should go and intercept it.”

Yomite looked at him in disbelief. Was he crazy? That’s an actual dragon. “Do you at least…have a plan?”

Kaeya looked his brother into his eyes and replied, “I don’t. But don’t worry, brother. Your big bro is a master at escaping. Diluc calls me an unkillable cockroach all the time. I will try to drive it away. It shouldn’t be long before other Knights hear of the commotion outside, and I already sent two Knights to relay the message, so I should get reinforcements soon.”

He raised his sword and gazed at the creature with one of his star-like eyes, “There is no way for me to fight it in the air, I will have to wait till it comes down. Seeing as you don’t have a Vision, please stay back, brother. It’s dangerous even for people with a Vision. The dragon can be merciless.” He turned to Hu Tao and continued, “I might require your help, so I would appreciate it if you snapped out of it, kiddo.”

Hu Tao clenched the polearm in her hands even more, “Hehe~…I am not scared, don’t worry~! I am just excited that there might be so many people to bury after this incident and that the Adventurer’s Guild might finally consider and accept my proposition~!” Despite what she was saying, the tone of her trembling voice told differently.

“Tch!” Yomite was upset. Being sent to the back lines…Kind of pissed him off.

He clenched his hands and put an end to the annoying feeling of being scared, by overwriting it with a strong feeling of pain.

He hit himself in the leg with his right fist. The force was strong enough to make him kneel for a bit, but he recovered rather shortly.

Both Hu Tao and Kaeya looked at him in wonder.

“I might have a plan. Hear me out.”

He had a plan. It was a dangerous one, but if executed properly it could work.

Kaeya saw his determination and nodded, “…Let’s hear it then. If it helps, then Diluc can do nothing but accept you into the city.”

“Could you, say, float a mountain of ice or shoot up a huge icicle right up close to the bastard…? How strong is your Vision?”

“Let’s see, hmmm…a mountain of ice would be quite impossible for me, unfortunately.”

Yomite gave his reply a simple wave of his hand to say, ‘it can’t be helped’, and looked up to the sky.

“What a beautiful dragon…”

If he wanted to survive in this world, Yomite knew he must use his abilities fully without hiding anything. While it might give him some trouble, he was not the type to lie or the type capable of holding a secret.

That just how he was, an honest idiot.

‘What did it matter if I were to show my ability to someone? I would have to use them one day anyway, so why not now, when we are all in trouble?’

He resolved himself and told Kaeya and Hu Tao about the plan.


“Hmm. That sounds interesting. But it might be hard for me to do. So give me a minute.”

“We can definitely pull it off if you manage to aim it well. I trust you.”

“Trust me? Heh, you shouldn’t. I don’t trust myself, but I will try my best. Oh, and before we do something, here, take this.” Kaeya handed him a weird tool.

“This is…”

Yomite stared at him for a moment before he understood.


“No problem, you wouldn’t have probably survived otherwise.” With a smirk, he closed his eyes as his Vision activated. He concentrated all of the cold energy he could gather within him and aimed it at one place.

Yomite told him to concentrate all of his power into one point and wait for his signal to release it.

“What about me! What should I do? What should I do?” Hu Tao eagerly raised her hand.

“You should go and check around the city whether there is someone injured and bring them to safety. I am counting on you too!”

Hu Tao let a faint exhale trickle out, and as Yomite awaited her reply, she narrowed her beautiful crimson eyes with flower pupils and said, “Understand! Leave it to me!” Despite her worries, she dashed off into the city to look for any civilians that needed help.

Death would eventually come anyway. She wasn’t afraid of it. What she was afraid of, was being unable to pass on in peace.

She searched hard, for years, but she couldn’t find her grandpa nor the previous directors of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, which only meant one thing.

That they were all able to pass on in peace without a single regret.

Right now, Hu Tao still had a lot of tasks she needed to finish. She couldn’t die here. Not yet. Otherwise, she would have plenty of regrets to share.

She looked at the cute apparition hiding behind her ponytail and smiled, “Hu Tao shall pass on once your wish is fulfilled! As stated in the contract! So until then, don’t worry, and enjoy the ride!”

“Kyuuu!” The cute apparition squealed.


“Shall we begin the plan?”

Kaeya looked into the sky, waiting for Yomite’s signal. His plan was simply reckless, and he loved every single bit of it. He loved the excitement and interesting things so this was right up his alley.

Just as he was waiting for the signal, he witnessed something weird. A blond-haired girl, ascended into the sky with a wind glider, as if she was some kind of fairy or maybe, an angel.

Small beams of green magic light ignited in the sky, visibly damaging the Stormterror. The girl was trying to force Stormterror to retreat.

“Oho~ It seems like something intriguing had appeared. We might actually win this battle. We just need to provide some kind of support.”

Kaeya and Yomite both gazed at the visual spectacle in the sky.

“Kaeya, are you ready?”

“Yep, I will start now…”


From afar in the sky above, Stormterror, the Dragon, furiously roared. There was a bug in the form of a flying human being, throwing magical spells his way. While his shield was able to nullify most of her attacks, and his natural regeneration was helping too, he wasn’t fond of pain.

Stormterror didn’t know what was wrong. He felt his mind being invaded by a foreign entity of some sort, telling him to destroy, kill everyone. Get his revenge on the humans he once protected.

“Kill…humans…get…revenge…kill…devour…bug…” His mind was almost completely corrupted, and he was being controlled by the emotions he shouldn’t be feeling.

Just then, he felt a powerful swirl of magic power from the city. The magic condensed was so strong it was starting to leak into the heavens.

Having detected such threat, the Stormterror gazed down, “Third grade…Vi…sion…dan…gerous…”

A navy blue-haired young man with an exotic appearance was standing in the center of the vast vortex of magical power.

Over time, the magical power swirled around his legs, building up as the man gave it direction, gently constructing a very long lance of ice with a sharp tip protruding from it.

The vile frozen weapon was in the thirty-foot range, and its sharp spear tip was aimed at the center of the Stormterror.

Even from the distance, the might of the weapon appeared to be menacing, but the Stormterror noticing it before he fired it was fatal.


Hearing the words, Kaeya chuckled, “Aw man, that’s not nice~…I am getting bullied by an ancient dragon…Diluc my dear brother~, where are you when I need you~? Come and find me~! I need you to bully this dragon for me…I am helpless…”

His smile slowly turned into a face full of scorn, “Hey…Cool…it…”

He coldly mumbled as the icy spear launched from the ground towards the sky. Right after that, Kaeya dropped to his knees out of exhaustion. His energy and magical power were completely spent.

Of course, the target of the icy spear was dead center in the torso of the flying dragon. The icy bloodlust accelerated rapidly with a force sufficient to break through the sky, but the time it took to achieve that acceleration, and being seen at the moment of its launch, meant the plan had failed from the very beginning. The objective unfulfilled.

The Stormterror easily dodged the magical spells from the flying girl behind him and waved its tail. He was swimming through the sky by slicing the wind. That alone threw off the icy spear’s aim. The pathetic spear of ice sailed wide of the mark, passing by the Stormterror’s flank, on its way to the distant sky.


The instant the icy spear passed by, the very gentle sound of something shattering reached the Stormterror’s hearing.

“…I gotta admit, you look much cooler from up close, but knowing that you are an enemy…”

An exceeding light sensation mounted the back of the Stormterror.

At the same time, it realized that something had landed atop its back, the icy spear, supposedly flying past, vanished without a trace, and the Stormterror once again, caught a whiff of even bigger torment of magic, now, coming from its back instead.

“Hopefully this works, if not, I am dead meat, but oh well, don’t take it too personally… You attacked first after all.” A burst of wicked laughter echoed across the sky, as Stormterror faintly listened to his words.

“What is…that…Get…out…”

The dragon tried to shake him off, but it was as if the human was rooted in his scales.

The blonde-haired girl stopped her fire and observed the situation. She almost didn’t notice that a man, was currently sitting on top of the dragon she was attacking all this time.

“Paimon thinks we should just get away for now…Paimon feels a huge amount of magical power coming from that crazy guy…Who would willingly sit on top of a dragon!?”

The girl nodded at the words of her companion, and retreated into the distance, still quietly observing the situation from afar.


‘The ability summons a cube of particles, that can erase the nearby structures or enemies from existence, so be sure to keep it in check and not to use it around other people. It takes a bit for you to charge it before you can use it.’

“While I don’t know how effective it will be as I’ve never used it before, it should still do quite the damage.”

He held his palms together and clenched them tightly.

“I guess it’s time for me to try and say something cool…hmmm…nothing comes to mind. Either retreat or die here!” Yomite shouted and slowly, small particles of white light, energy, and magic morphed together into a medium-sized cube of destructive force.

A burst of energy swirled and it almost felt like space itself was twisting and distorting. All three of the forces blended together and rested between his two palms in harmony. He held the force in his trembling hands and aimed it towards the back of the dragon.

He noticed something weird on his back. It almost looked like a purple blood clot. There were two of these weird things on his back. It felt like those were his weak points. They were so conveniently placed there for him to attack.

‘He might have arteries around these parts, let’s try attacking it…’

With a mighty yell, he unleashed the cube into the purple blood clot.

In one instant, the light enveloped the sky, and, in the next, a sharp sound was born. The light and sound chained into each other, intertwined and resonating, a simple, clear melody filling the air.

The moment the cube came in contact with Stormterror’s shield, it completely crumbled into molecular pieces that soon disappeared together with a huge part of his scales and one of the blood clots.

A large amount of blood spilled from Stormterror’s back. He was dealt a fatal injury.


Stormterror bellowed in pain, shaking Yomite off of him. Yomite was about to try and make another one of those cubes to repeat his attack, but the dragon simply retreated far away. Stormterror had regenerative properties, so his injuries would eventually recover, but it would take him more than a month to have a full recovery. That meant that Stormterror wouldn’t be bothering anyone for the time being.

Everyone was watching the spectacle with bated breath. Knights, residents of the city, Hu Tao, and obviously, Kaeya.

Soon enough, the violent torrents of wind had gone away, clearing out the afternoon sky, returning to the shining sun.

The blonde-haired girl elegantly descended from the sky, as if she was a professional at flying with the wind glider, training for years, while Yomite was wiggling in the sky like a bird without wings.

“Sh-Shiiiit! Kaeya! How the hell does this thing work!?”

He was never good with heights. It took a moment for him to stabilize himself in the air with his fake wings and drop safely down on the ground.

“Just don’t panic~! Everything will be alright~!” Kaeya weakly shouted, still tired from his last attack.

“But ey, my younger brother sure is something else…He chased Stormterror away when he doesn’t even have a Vision.” Kaeya frowned but soon, his expression relaxed, “Everyone has secrets. He will tell us eventually once he feels like it.”

The moment Yomite touched the ground, he relaxed, ‘I am alive…that would have been scary if I fell from such height…it was almost goodbye isekai world, welcome Sia, long time no see…Still, I have to thank Kaeya for this device later, without it, I wouldn’t be in one piece right now.’

Before they initiated the plan, Kaeya gave him his own wind glider, which was a really popular device. As the name implies, you can glide in the sky for a short period of time. A pair of fake wings if you will. Although you need a license first…


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