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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 66: My Life Is Over Bahasa Indonesia

Yomite and Lumine approached the collapsed Jean.

“Yo, Acting Grand Master. Are you alive?” He curiously poked her exposed, muscular back with his finger.

(Squishy yet so firm. Very nice.)


Feeling that someone poked her, she turned around and looked at him with an angry, yet restrained expression, befitting of the Acting Grand Master.

(…Did she just say…Eeep? Cute…)

Her expression relaxed when she found out who it was.

She put a long tailcoat over her exposed back to cover it up and soon enough, a smile adorned her face, “If it isn’t Honorary Knights Yomite and Lumine. I’m glad to see you’re doing fine. Is the Resin Moon Inn hospitality good? I sure hope so.”

“Umu.” Lumine let out a single sound of acknowledgment.

The food was great, especially compared to things that Lumine was forced to eat before meeting with Yomite.

Those were scary times.

Hundreds of times, she restrained herself from actually eating Paimon or some random plants and mushrooms, but now she was glad that she didn’t do it.

And she had decided she would act nicer towards Paimon.

That thought had nothing to do with that scary nightmare that she dreamed of not too long ago.

Totally not!

She was just being a good friend.

“It’s pretty great honestly, we got a huge room and the food is delicious. I would like to thank you for that myself.”

“I’m glad, so why have you come here then?” She asked.

And so Yomite began explaining all the way from the beginning.

From meeting the Bard who turned out to be a guy and not a girl, to agreeing to help Dvalin, to stealing the lyre and then Diluc’s cooperation.

“So it was you… Frankly, I’m glad that we know where the lyre is located now…you should have said something…we would have given it away to you immediately if it could save the dragon…And as for the cooperation… Diluc…actually agreed to go with Knights of Favonius?”

Jean stared at him, wide-eyed.

Something like that was unprecedented. She knew the best out of everyone in Mondstadt that he would never team up with Knights ever again.

“Um…to be completely honest, I don’t think he knows about that…”

Jean put her hand on her forehead and sighed.

“Is something the matter?”

Yomite tilted his head at her reaction.

“Diluc is a bit…Let’s say he usually refuses to help the Knights and protects Mondstadt in his own way…If he hears we’re going with him…He might abandon the whole operation…”

(Well, he did say Knights of Favonius were inefficient so I knew that he wouldn’t be happy…That could be troubling.)

“In that case, I feel like if you mobilized a small force of individuals you trust, we can convince him.”

“I see. That’s a wonderful idea. Lisa’s elemental power was non-stop exhausted for a week straight so I don’t want to bring her with us…Let’s just find Kaeya for now.”

“Sounds good.”

“Alright, wait for me here, I will go prepare my sword and then we can go and search for him.”

As she was leaving the library, Yomite saw that Jean sneakily grabbed some kind of package along the way.

“Party leader, where are you going?” Lumine asked.

Yomite put a finger to his mouth and whispered, “My horny senses are tingling.”

“…Your…What…?” Lumine hoped she had heard wrong.

Without giving her an explanation, he followed closely behind Jean and so did a certain raven who changed his form into a small floating ball.


As Jean reached her office, she saw Noelle reading some kind of book with a completely flushed face.

Not realizing it was a book from her secret stash.

Inadvertently, when Noelle read, she usually murmured under her breath, and just as Jean entered, she heard her say, “With a slight force…he pulled his manhood out…amidst her convulsing body…he painted her white, followed by a string of cu—”

“—Noelle! Don’t read that!!! Stop reading!!” A shout of agony and embarrassment escaped from Jean’s mouth as she finally realized what Noelle was actually reading.

Noelle was so scared by the sudden shout, she dropped all the books that were stacked on top of her thighs onto the floor.

Some of the books slid across the floor right next to the doorframe and before Jean could pick them up, Yomite swiped some of them for himself.

(…Ah…So these kinds of books exist in this world as well…Pure smut…Interesting.)

She watched on in horror, watching his expression change from confusion to a grin.

“Acting Grand Master…You. Are. Pretty. Lewd.” He spelled it out for her with a whisper.

“Ple…ase…I-I swear it’s not like that!” Jean’s voice squeaked.

Her heart raced immensely. The feeling of shame she was experiencing right now, could not be described by words.

She had never been in such a humiliating situation before.

The expression on the woman’s face was incomparable to the image of the perfect and dignified Knight she usually looked like.

Despite wanting to keep her hobby a secret, not only one, but two people found out in just one afternoon!

One of them was even a guy…A person she called an Honorary Knight.

(My life is over.)


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