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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 41: A Dendro Tentacle King? Bahasa Indonesia

After the previous confrontation. The group moved out and arrived in front of the Adventurers’ Guild.

There were various kinds of tasks in the guild from monster subjugation, collection, investigation and there were even unusual ones such as babysitting too.

The reward for the babysitting one was surprisingly high, but Yomite didn’t know how to act around children, so he immediately dismissed this one.

They have completed several guild tasks today, so their guild rank went up.

From non-existent rank to AR 0.

They’ve basically graduated from being beginners, and their team cards held rank 0 respectively.

While their party was hella strong, they could still fail if they were careless, and if the quest was difficult, there would be some danger to their lives. They needed to brace themselves much more.

But such was the life of an adventurer. Full of danger and excitement.

“Hmmm…Kill the Dendro Tentacle King? Sounds pretty nice.” Yomite read it out loud from an outlet that hung down the taskboard.

The reward was 200k Mora, meaning they would get 800k from the bonus. It was a great quest.

“Hey, I think this one could be nice…”

“””Absolutely not.””” The girls refused in unison.


All of them had disgusted expressions on their faces.

Upon further interrogation, Yomite understood why they were so annoyed about it.

As it turned out, the Dendro Tentacle King was currently in a faraway country called Sumeru, and it would take them months to get there by foot.

But that wasn’t the biggest problem they’ve had with this quest.

Apparently, it was reported, that numerous parties of adventurers fought it and returned back buck naked while screaming. Be it guys or girls.

The acid it produced was capable of removing clothes, yet it didn’t harm the human skin in any way.

This kind of acid was rare, and almost nothing in this world could produce something with a similar effect.

The boss monster was completely harmless and didn’t have any lethal attacks. Other than spitting acid, it didn’t even touch anyone and just laughed at the defeated parties loudly while having a degenerate smirk portrayed on its face.

Their equipment and weapons fell apart during the battle and seeing their naked companions, the parties were too embarrassed to continue so they ran away, while cowering their private areas.

The news of this reached every part of the world. Raising its bounty from 20k to 200k Mora.

Even Lumine, who wasn’t an inhabitant of this world for too long, knew about it and of course, disliked it.

So in conclusion, the girls just couldn’t stand being near sticky, slimy tentacles that could remove their clothes.

‘Ah yeah…so even a cliche like this exists…shame, shame….’ Yomite let out a sigh as he looked over the other quests.

“A new Cryo Regisvine sprouted near the area of the Thousand Winds Temple. A Cryo Regisvine? What’s that?”

He read further as he noticed the description at the end.

A monster formed from a vine that was imbued with the essence of biting frost within the ley lines.

Some studies suggested that plants are like the organs of the world, harmonizing the turbulent energies of the ley lines.

Concrete examples of this were Mist flowers and Whopperflowers, and the like, which brim over with elemental energy.

In certain circumstances, some plants will turn into creatures of monstrous size and intent. Such as the Cryo Regisvine did, in the course of many years.

The next upcoming Cryo Regisvine was estimated to sprout in a few years, however, it seemed that its growth sprout was sped up, and this Cryo Regisvine went out of control.

Now, Yomite had no idea what some of those words mentioned meant, but he was sure it was a huge dangerous monster flower that needed to be exterminated.

The reward for defeating it was 300k Mora. Meaning he would be able to get a million in one swoop.

“I think that this one is fine. What do you guys say?”

He glanced around his companions, and they seemed okay with it.

The danger was, after all, part of the adventure. There was even some thrill to it.

“How long will it take for us to get to that location?” Yomite asked his party.

At least two people here were good enough to remember the locations around Mondstadt.

One of them would be Hu Tao, who had apparently traversed the entire world which Yomite still didn’t believe was true.

The other one was Fischl, who was supposedly an investigator of the Adventurers’ Guild or something like that. She must have gone on countless scouting missions to gather info, she would for sure know how long it took to get there and where it even was.

“It would be as long as it would take thee to run away from thy destiny,” Fischl replied and Oz chimed in, “Mein Fräulein said it’s about two hours by foot…”

Yomite spread his hands in a gesture that was half helpless and half-amused.

As expected, even he had no idea how to translate this one. He had to thank Oz later.

Fischl had a small grin on her face. It seemed like this time, her words were encoded well enough. It was her win!

Oz noticed his lady’s triumphant smirk and continued, “From what we know, it would take about twenty minutes with a carriage, however…After the attack of Stormterror, all roads in the Mondstadt territory were closed down and no one is willing to use carriages anymore…”

“Tch…Stormterror again…We really need to take care of it…” Yomite sighed. There were simply too many problems regarding that dragon.

“That would not be wise…That chap could eat us and use me as the toothpick…” Oz’s post-traumatic stress disorder was acting up.

He remembered the times his Fräulein ordered him to infiltrate the Stormterror’s Lair, to gather information about the huge Wind Formation that was surrounding the Lair, and the Stormterror itself.

He was lucky he wasn’t discovered or else he might have actually been turned into a sparkly toothpick.

“Stormterror? Why, one never would have thought that a being that one might have kept as her pet could, in this world, be capable of causing such calamity. Pitiable are the incompetents of this world…” Fischl chuckled in amusement, merely flicking her blonde hair aside.

“Paimon doesn’t get it…How is Stormterror her pet?” Paimon held her head in her small arms, seemingly trying to understand what Fischl meant but to no avail.

Lumine also pondered about what Fischl meant. If Stormterror was her pet, then wouldn’t that mean she was extremely powerful?

Hu Tao was dosing off, as she could barely understand what was said.

“Alright, we are taking this quest then,” Yomite announced, trying to bring some sense to the party.

After hearing what he said, Hu Tao immediately jumped up and cheerily ripped the request notice down from the board, taking it over to the receptionist.

When she came back, she told them that Katheryne wished them good luck on their adventure.


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