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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 33: What Are You Doing!? Bahasa Indonesia

Notice for fans of Berserk. Kentaro Miura, creator of Berserk has passed away…

A really wonderful series I’ve been reading for more than 13 years…

His death was confirmed a few hours ago.

I valued him a lot so I am currently not in the right state of mind to write, so this chapter might be trash.

*Silently Cries In Guts Theme*

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After the breakfast, Yomite handed the keys to their room to Lumine as she seemed more reliable than Hu Tao. She and Hu Tao went upstairs and meanwhile, Yomite went to take a shower.

‘Finally, after fighting so much, blood and everything else sprayed on me…’

He hadn’t showered since coming to this world, and with the constant onslaught of fights, his skin was greasy and sticky and just plain unpleasant to have to live in. Same could be said about his hair.

Not as a Japanese person, but as a person overall, he couldn’t lay down in bed while being dirty. He simply loathed it.

Glancing at the magical tool in front of him, Yomite wondered how it worked.

He noticed a lack of technology in this world as most things were fueled by magic.

He turned the knob but couldn’t get the water to stay at a temperature that was just right so he settled for just a little too hot and hissed softly as it rained down on his body.

“Ah… now that I think about it…my clothes are dirty too… I doubt there are any washing machines around…I guess I will have to do it with my own hands…”

He breathed heavily for a few moments as he watched the water dye his darker skin pink, but soon his body adjusted to the heat and he realized that it isn’t actually that bad and that he actually kinda enjoyed the tingling feeling the water brought, figuring that the extra heat would deal better damage to the dirt and blood that covered his skin.

“I might as well just do it now.”

He grabbed his clothes, the clothes that were granted to him by the goddess Sia together with this body, and started scrubbing. The soap was a bit weird, unlike the various soaps of his world, this one looked like a budget version where you could barely even smell a nice fragrance.

It seemed like soap in this world was a rarity so they produced it in small bulks of scuffed versions.

Yomite thought that might have been the case for common folks, but the royalty definitely had better soaps.

‘I need to buy some clothes later once I have time…’

After thirty long and devastatingly boring minutes he was finished, and went back to his room in a towel he found, ignoring the look of the perverted teen behind the counter.

His clothes had to dry up, there was nothing he could do about it. Not having another set of clothes was painful, and he wasn’t willing to stand in the bathroom until his clothes dried off, that’s for sure.

Once he arrived in his room, he noticed Lumine, sleeping soundly on her bed and Hu Tao jolting from side to side on the bed of her own, humming a slighy familiar tune to herself.

“Ah! Assistant-kun! I thought you have died~! I was about to rush in and perform a burial ceremony for you! I have waited for so~ lo~ng and I am very much bored, let’s go outside to venture!”

“Don’t you see? I have no clothes to speak off we can’t go out any time soon…” He showed her his wet clothes and hung them on a plastic wire near the window, right as the rays of morning sunshine welcomed him.

‘Would take a few hours, but they will dry off eventually.’ He thought as he stared at the crowded street outside.

It seemed like people were more willing to show themselves after they learned that Stormterror was badly injured and had to retreat.

A sudden realization hit Hu Tao, “Eh!? We can’t go outside like this!”

“That’s what I told you before…You can go by yourself if you want to, I won’t stop you…” Yomite helplessly sighed and sat down on his bed.

He glanced at the sleeping Lumine on the bed in front of him and wondered why she was so tired.

“Eeeh…by myself? That’s just not fun~! Let’s take the flying fairy with us and prank her!”

Hearing those words, Paimon appeared next to the sleeping Lumine and folded her small hands, “Paimon is here! Paimon can hear everything and warns you not to try something like that!”

Yomite gave Paimon one side glance before he said, “Well, we will let Lumine sleep and once my clothes dry off, we can go to do the daily quests.”

“Amber did mention they finished two temples in a row, and they didn’t get any sleep so that would explain why she is so tired~!” Hu Tao chimed in and took a look at Yomite’s wet clothes.

She stood up and placed her hands on them.

‘…What is she up to now?’ He felt warning signs activate inside of him, something bad was about to happen.

“Oi…what are you doing?”

“Drying your clothes off!” Hu Tao cheerfully replied.

“You can do that?”

“Yep! My Vision is Pyro, remember~? As long as I keep on concentrating, things will go smoothly.”

“I swear…If my clothes get burned…” Yomite sighed as he stared at her. He could see that she was paying attention to what she was currently doing, so nothing bad could happen out of that…

But he spoke too soon…

“–But where would be the fun in that? Let’s make it more exciting!” Hu Tao picked up his clothes and put them on her bed.

She shifted and used one of her hands as a support, feeling the ache in her wrists from holding her waist and feeling her legs wobble slightly. “Ah it’s been a long time since I did this. Hopefully I won’t fall.”

“What the…” Yomite couldn’t understand what was happening.

In front of him stood Hu Tao, doing handstands with one arm, while drying his clothes with the other.

“You said you need to concentrate! What the hell are you doing!?”

“Relax! I am training my mind, body and my Vision at the same time! Aren’t I a genius?”

“I swear if you burn my clothes I will be calling you Lolita until the day I die!”


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