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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 32: Resin Moon Inn Bahasa Indonesia

After Venti left, the group met up with Hu Tao, who seemed to be acting high and mighty, as if she had done something good and expected some form of praise.

Yomite was afraid to ask what happened, but the curiosity got the best of him. Luckily, it wasn’t bad at all. It was great, in fact.

Apparently, after fixating the contract with the Adventurers Guild, Hu Tao was bored out of her mind, so she went back to the Knights Headquarters and talked to Jean, telling her that the Inn was closed down and that they had nowhere to rest.

Jean knew about this of course as she was the one that told them about it, but she thought Yomite and his group had already found someplace to stay.

But it appeared they didn’t.

She stormed the Inn, trying to convince the owner to allow them to stay.

The owner was hesitant at first, but when she mentioned that they managed to drive Stormterror away, he immediately agreed, saying he would even give them a discount for multiple people.

Once in a while, Hu Tao actually managed to impress…in a good sense…

After showering her with praises, the group was headed towards the Inn.

Walking for a while, the signboard of an inn called Resin Moon came into view.

The logo made of a crescent moon could be seen, easily recognizable.

The building seemed to be three stories tall. It was made out of wood and bricks and looked considerably sturdy.

When they passed through the double doors, the first floor appeared to be a bar but also resembled a dining room.

On the right side was a counter and on the left side, a staircase leading to the second floor could be seen.

“Welcome. I’ve been informed of your arrival. We will make special arrangements for you. Is it for a meal or to stay for the night?”

A younger girl in maid clothes, staying behind the counter cheerfully called out to them.

‘Hmm…Maid uniform, huh…nice.’

A pretty looking girl with blond hair tied in a ponytail. She felt like a very lively person.

Yomite guessed her age to be around fourteen years old.

“We would like to stay, how much does it cost per night?”

“For one night, with a meal included in the morning and evening is two hundred Mora, oh and pay in advance, okay?”

‘Two hundred Mora…’

He couldn’t decide whether that was cheap or expensive.

Well, he thought it was probably pretty cheap as Hu Tao mentioned they even gave them a discount of some sort.

He pulled out six thousand Mora from his bag and said, “For now…we are staying for one month. This should be enough, right?”

“Yes for a single room…but seeing as there are three of you…then, um~, what about the rooms? Although there are double and triple rooms which are quite huge…”

The girl looked at Yomite and his party with curiosity. She was in her puberty after all and seeing that the guy in front of her had two beauties at his side, served all kinds of fantasies in her head.

“Aa, the triple room please.”

Yomite said that without any hesitation, handing her more Mora.

“Wa-Wait…in one triple room? All three of you?…”

The inn’s girl, with a reddened face, looked alternatively between Yomite Hu Tao and Lumine.

Yomite glanced back at his party and asked, “Is that alright?”

Both Hu Tao and Lumine didn’t seem to mind, but there was one person or rather, a fairy that wanted to complain but couldn’t.

It was Paimon. Lumine told her to stay hidden so that they could sneak her in with them without having to pay for an extra head, and while it might have been a good idea, she was regretting accepting it now.

Paimon felt like she should warn her friend, as their leader Ugly Dragon Tattoo was leading her to a wolf’s nest, ready to be devoured.

‘He better not try anything while I am there! Or else I will punch him!’ She thought to herself as she huffed.

The young girl corrected her posture, but when Yomite looked at her, her face became flushed once more,

“…Tr-triple room in this kind of situation…I-in other words…three people…A-amazing…How…lewd…”

The girl’s mind had gone for a trip, she took something from inside the counter that looked like a hotel register, opened it in front of him, and presented a quill pen dabbed with ink with her trembling hand.

“Th-then, please sign here…”

Yomite grabbed the pen from her shaking hand and signed it as Hissha.

“W-well then… this is your room key. Don’t lose it. The location is on the third floor the innermost room. It’s the best and biggest room that faces the sun. The toilet and the magical device for showering are on the first floor, meals are here…I-If you don’t m-mind me asking…are you t-three…d-doing…that…”

Just then, an older woman, presumably also an employee from the establishment appeared behind the young girl and dragged her away behind the double doors leading to the kitchen.

Yomite could hear that the girl from before was being scolded by either that older woman or the owner itself.

For a moment, Yomite felt his cheek twitch, then he assumed his calm and sat down on a seat.

Immediately, the inn girl from before came as the waitress in a maid uniform and said with a reddened face, “I-I am sorry for before.” Although she apologized, she couldn’t hide the curiosity in her eyes.

“Want to eat breakfast?”

“Ah, yes, we would like that, please.”

“T-Then, I’ll make something light, so wait for a little. Yo-You should check your room now and take a short break!” With that she dashed off, still feeling embarrassed and deliberating about what they could be doing during that short break.

“Got it.” Yomite helplessly sighed. He forgot how kids in puberty acted.

The group went up the stairs once Yomite received the key.

He opened the door of the innermost room on the third floor. The room was huge and consisted of three beds and desks, a couple of chairs, and a few closets.

“Alright, lay down for a bit and make yourself comfortable. We will be eating in a few minutes.”

The group nodded, and just as Lumine was about to place some of her things on her desk, Paimon materialized herself and began screeching at him, “Don’t you dare try something! Ugly Tattoo! Hmph! I will keep my eyes open at all times!”

“Huh? Try something? What do you mean?” Yomite acted obliviously and felt like teasing the little cutie.

“W-well… you know…that…when you…try to…Argh!! Just know that Paimon is watching your every move!” With that, she disappeared and both Lumine and Hu Tao questioned what she wanted to say.

Yomite felt great after obtaining a temporary home for himself. What he wanted the most right now was to take a shower.

Of course, he would like to just lay down on the bed albeit he was too messy to do so.

Ten or so minutes of relaxing and a small chatter later, the group left the room.

Yomite locked the door to their room, and all three of them went downstairs. On their way there, they could already smell something good.

“H-here you go. S-sorry to keep you waiting!”

Once they sat down on their seats in the dining room, a soup and something that looked like a sandwich and salad were carried over.

Lumine was salivating. She hadn’t eaten since yesterday afternoon.

Earlier, she asked Paimon whether she wanted to eat as well, but apparently, she wasn’t feeling hungry which was unusual for her.

She concluded that Yomite must have angered her somehow.

Hu Tao dug in before anyone else could even smell the aroma, and Yomite slowly blew on the hot soup, carefully putting it in his mouth.



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