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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 25: Primogems Bahasa Indonesia

The group progressed steadily through the temple.

Kaeya had the wolf cub in his arms and caressed it so that it wouldn’t focus on the pain but instead on the feeling of comfort.

They had to hurry both because of the Stormterror and this injured cub.

On their way, they encountered quite a few traps and hidden puzzles, they couldn’t pass without the help of Kaeya, so he reluctantly put the cub into the hands of Yomite, who was overjoyed inside and carefully stroked the puppy.

In response to that, the puppy lifted its head and weakly licked his hand.

‘Cute. We will definitely heal him up. This will be my first pet.’ Yomite decided while caressing it in a steady rhythm that was comfortable enough for the injured wolf.

Kaeya ended up being one of the most indispensable people on this team as he could basically walk on the water by paving a path through the water surface, freezing it with his Vision.

The underwater spikes made the area too dangerous to swim through, but with his help, they got to the other side effortlessly.

“Jesus,” Yomite muttered, gazing at the water.

Kaeya looked back at him through his shoulder, tilting his head, “Who?”

“No, it’s…nothing…”

As they entered another corridor, Kaeya spoke, “Stormterror was once one of The Four Winds. I am not aware of the exact details. So if you’re interested, you can ask the Acting Grand Master about it, but now that it is hostile, we will have to either take care of it or persuade it somehow, which I doubt we will be able to.”

“Killing a dragon, huh. About to get that Dragon Slayer Title in the tutorial.”

He knew that they could potentially do it, it’s just how many casualties would it take to do so. The enemy was a dragon, even if it was weakened to some point, there was no telling of what might happen the moment they encountered it again.

The dragon was badly injured, and fighting an injured monster that was backed into a corner, was the worst kind of monster you could fight against.

Some of the people he met yesterday, might not live through the ordeal, or even worse, he might be the one to take the short end of the stick.

Yomite was still gauging his limits, to see how far he could go before he had to be careful.

As they moved on,

It was the sound of loud cursing that made Kaeya stop in front of one of the closed temple entrances, his hand hovering over a mechanism, resembling a doorknob as he listened.

He could understand it pretty well since it was partially his mother tongue. The Hilichurls were angry about the intruders. It seemed like they didn’t take care of all of the Hilichurls, and a few of them had escaped, relaying the news to the higher-ups in charge.

‘One? No…Two Abyss Mages present. Might be a little bit of fun.’ He turned to his companions and whispered, “Cryo Abyss mages, and a few of Cryo Hilichurls.”

Yomite luckily understood what Cryo meant. During the small talk they had before raiding this place, a few new terms such as Pyro, Cryo, Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Dendro, and Geo were mentioned by Kaeya, so Yomite had grasped the basics of elements.

Quietly, Kaeya turned the knob and slowly pushed the door open to reveal two Cryo Abyss Mages, a herd of Cryo Hilichurls, and a totem placed on the ground as they bowed down next to it, seemingly worshipping the weird object.

That object looked to be their goal. They needed to destroy it right now and then move onto the next temple.

He stood in the doorway, watching as two more Hilichurl Archers appeared from the sides, pacing the cramped space, back and forth, guarding it.

One of the Cryo Abyss Mages reached his hands towards the totem and clenched it so hard Kaeya was surprised when the totem didn’t actually break from the pressure.

Soon enough, some kind of ancient power flew straight into the veins of the said Abyss Mage, powering him up as a magic shield around him has activated.

‘The magic shield will be a pain. I will leave it to the little girl as she is the perfect match up against that.’ Kaeya sighed as he signaled toward Hu Tao.

She noticed the Cryo Abyss Mage and it didn’t take her a long time to figure out what he wanted, she grinned and gave him a thumbs-up.

Kaeya’s Vision was the same element as the Abyss Mage’s shield, and that made it almost impossible for him to break through without external help.

He could be slicing, using his Vision multiple times against the barrier, yet it would barely leave a scratch on it.

This was why elemental reactions and elemental counters were highly based on the match-ups.

Even if you were a godlike entity such as an Archon, it would still take you a long time to destroy an Abyss Mage’s shield of the same element, when in reality, all you had to do was to find a Pyro Vision user.

The shield would be gone in a matter of seconds without trying too much. Such were the laws of this world.

“Now then, go in,” He signaled her to enter the room and she nodded.

She reached for her spear and entered the room.

Unfortunately for them, no one seemed to have noticed her as they were either busy praying to the Totem down on their knees, or currently facing the other way.

Taking the free chance to engage, she crouched down, severing one of the Hilichurl’s Achilles’ heels with her strike as the Hilichurl buckled in pain.

She then lunged at the next creature with a shout and struck at the base of its skull, just as she had seen Kaeya do earlier.

She slashed through the next one, and again, her blow was powerful enough to kill the creature.

Noticing her, the hilichurls were just starting to stand up when a magical red beam shot through the room and hit him in the head.

It was her spear.

The creature collapsed with a loud rumble to the ground.

She effortlessly dodged the incoming onslaught of attacks from other Hillichurls and picked her polearm off of the ground, begining the carnage once more.

“Gohus, Chiso Vonph…” The Cryo Abyss Mages seemed to chant some kind of powerful spell, but before they could finish, a single slash of fire cut both of their shields in two, effortlessly cutting through them as if through butter, making them fall to the ground.

The perpetrator was Hu Tao, whose range was basically the entirety of this small cramped room, making her spear deadly for all enemies in sight, but also slightly disadvantageous as Yomite and Kaeya could be hit in the cross-fire, so to avoid that, they were waiting outside of the room, observing whether she needed assistance or not.

Watching them helplessly rolling on the floor, Hu Tao laughed out loud and beheaded them, dodging two incoming arrows from the last survivors, the Hilichurlian Archers.

With another swing she burned them up with her flames, finally cleaning up the place.

She turned back to her party and asked in anticipation, “How was that, How was that?”

Yomite nodded and replied, “It was alright.” Not wanting it to get into her head and act almighty for the rest of the day. That was the last thing he wanted.

Kaeya simply clapped his hands and lamented, “Great, but you should have left some for us, now I am back to being bored.” His gaze then landed on the Totem and with a single swing he destroyed it.

The moment he did, a golden chest appeared in front of them, together with the portal they could use to leave the place.

“Oh an actual treasure chest… let’s open it…” Yomite suggested.

Kaeya had a thoughtful look on his face and said, “You two divide the rewards, I am rich enough. My Pirate bloodline guarantees that I could find million of Mora on a daily basis.” Saying that, he picked up the wolf cub and left through the portal.

“Yeah, yeah whatever,” Yomite shrugged his shoulders, his eyes not leaving the chest in front of him.

“Well, let’s dig in~!” Hu Tao couldn’t wait any longer and opened the chest

“Woah! So shiny~!”

The chest was full of shiny Mora, crystals, and a few weapons.

“Let’s see, I will take the new claymore and you take the spear, and we can divide the Mora inside… wait what’s this?” He noticed some blue starlike things at the edge of the chest.

Hu Tao took a look at them and concluded, “These are primogems. It’s another form of currency, maybe you’ve heard of it? In any case, they are useless for me as I have no idea how to use them so you can just take them~!”

Yomite has heard about this special type of currency from the Blacksmith’s disciple and he mentioned something about it being used for people with Visions.

He picked up the ten primogems, placing them into his pocket.


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