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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 139: A Nice Idea? Bahasa Indonesia

A mischievous idea popped into Hu Tao’s mind.

She entered his room with a grin plastered across her face and lay her sweaty body on his bed.

She was thinking about hiding under his bed at first to scare him, but that idea was already getting old, thankfully, she came up with a much better one instead. A completely new way to annoy him.

She knew he hated when someone touched his bed when they didn’t shower. He was bound to flip out and her desire to witness his reaction was apparent.

(Time for revenge! Both for the spar and for what happened at the church!)

She was about to get a double payback.

Today’s training was hard, but overall, she enjoyed it, even if she lost. Her passion carried her through.

She rolled around in his comfy sheets for roughly about twenty minutes, closing her eyes and letting herself drift off into sleep.

Her sweat made the blankets sticky and the sheets felt like they were soaked with it. She couldn’t take the heat anymore so she had to lie down and rest for a while.

Her soaked clothes and hair were sticking to her back and face, causing her to sweat in a way she would never admit out loud.

The air that blew from the opened window was cold and it felt so refreshing after all of that.

It was only then that she heard footsteps approaching from the distance, before the door to the room opened.

Yomite had finished showering, and returned to his room in his towel, all ready to relax and lay down on his comfortable bed after getting kicked around whole day…only to see that she was already occupying it…

“Lolitao! You’re sweaty! Don’t lay on my bed, people sleep there you know!” He pointed towards the door while shouting.

What he hated the most was when someone dirty even just slightly touched his bed or sat on it without showering…And she knew this very well.

Hu Tao lay there dressed in the clothes she just sparred in, just like this. Which indeed poked at his nerves, she didn’t even take a shower yet.

She only wore a simple black cloth over her breasts as always, together with black sport shorts…both of which were soaked in sweat which made it pretty much see through…

There were countless places his eyes could linger. She was basically naked, lying on his bed which looked so inviting he could hardly help himself.

“Get out before I conduct punishment for betraying the empire!” He pointed towards the door, resolutely.

“Aw…come on you killjoy! Let me rest! I get tired too!” She raised her butt pointing to the ceiling and wiggled it in denial, as if saying that she would not move from there no matter what.

Yomite was confused. Why was she not leaving? If she lay there for a bit longer, he would attack her for sure!

“What? Are you mad that you didn’t get to enjoy the massage from Barbara? Did you want one as well?”

Hu Tao rolled her eyes at his remark and rested her face on his pillow.

She felt so tired, yet she was feeling restless as well, it seemed like a combination of both.

Seeing her like this, Yomite had an idea.

“…How about I give you a massage then?”

Once his words fell, she lifted her head and stared back at him weirdly.

“I might not be a professional, but I could still help you relax.” He shrugged his shoulders.

She had to admit, his words did sound promising. She never had a massage before, but from what she heard, it was a very relaxing process.

Upon seriously thinking his idea through, Hu Tao sighed in resignation.


As long as she could rest and relax her shoulders and her body she didn’t really mind, although it was indeed a bit embarrassing to have him touch her. Still, it was only a massage.

Yomite’s smile broadened.

“Good! I promise you’ll enjoy it.”

She squirmed on his sheets beneath the warmth of his gaze, trying vainly to maintain her modesty.

Yomite caught her wrists, and gently pushed her hands back to her sides.

He leaned his mouth towards her ear, “I will make you feel good.” and reassured her.

Hu Tao swallowed, heat flooding her cheeks. “Al-alright…” She mumbled, glancing away from him.

For some reason, when Barbara was all over him like that, her chest tightened. She simply felt uncomfortable to look at that sight.

Maybe it was because she felt jealous? Or maybe simply because she wanted him to pay attention to her instead of Barbara at the time…

Either way, she was more than happy Yomite was currently focusing purely on her…

His smooth fingers glided up her arms, and over her shoulders.

Yomite cupped her face in his hands and tipped her up, pressing a lingering kiss against her mouth.

His hands then wandered over her curves; down her back, then around to caress her waist.


Hu Tao was surprised by the unexpected kiss, but had no strength to reject him and simply indulged, and accepted his love and caressing.

“Don’t be so nervous. Just let me take over and we will feel good together, alright?”

There was something about his gentle expression that made her want to hug him and allow him whatever he wanted to do with her.

“Mnmh…” She nodded.

But she didn’t know that with that consent, she sealed the deal with the devil.

After the passionate kiss, her knees nearly gave out as heat flared between her legs.

She didn’t know what was happening, yet he knew it all too well.

Reacting to his touch, Hu Tao was slowly being stimulated and aroused.

Lifting her feet up with his hand, Yomite set a pillow beneath her hips while she made herself comfortable.

He left her side only briefly, returning with a pot that looked like—and altogether unlike—a teapot.

“What’s…that?” She asked, dazed, lifting a curious brow.

He smiled as he folded her knees, resting her feet flat against the floor. “Oh, this? It’s oil.”

It was the premium oil he bought from Marjorie a few months ago.

He primarily used it on himself, to do…Yeah… ‘that’.


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