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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 138: Ehm…Police? Police! Bahasa Indonesia

After the training, both of them visited Deaconess Barbara who was about to close down the church for today, as it was pretty much night at this point.

When Barbara saw how injured they were, she almost collapsed from a heart attack.

She thought a dragon or something stronger must have definitely attacked both of them if they looked like this.

Once they mentioned they were just sparring, she gave them a death stare of disapproval and healed their injuries.

On Yomite’s request, she also checked whether they had any internal bleeding but luckily that wasn’t the case…

“For this check-up… *Cough* *Cough*… you need to take off most of your clothes for me to easily access the core of your body…” Barbara bashfully explained.

The words were barely out of her mouth as she immediately began working to strip him of all of his clothing, but the underwear.

He was sweaty and dirty, yet she didn’t even give him a moment to hear his answer.

The request wasn’t that bizarre considering most doctors would ask him to do the same, yet somehow he felt as if he saw a dangerous glint in her eyes…but that might have just been his imagination…

As he was practically naked, sitting on a bench in his shorts, the cold air inside of the cathedral caused a shiver to run down his back.

Barbara eagerly grinned and touched his chiseled chest with both of her hands, running her fingers over his exposed bare skin for a few seconds, gently massaging it with ease and familiarity.

Her hands glided across the firm muscles, working out any knots or stress that plagued him in practice, while he tried to relax.

His muscles were tense beneath her touch and the tension gradually melted away as she began running her palms up and down, admiring the beauty of his form.

He was a veteran adventurer, and had a body that would make many women swoon all over him.

Barbara trailed her hands down the slope of his stomach, pausing to run a fingertip trail down his chest. She knew exactly where to touch him, and every place she went to, made his skin tingle as he relaxed beneath her touch.

He was a bit ticklish, which she found very cute, as she poked him with her fingernails.

She ran her fingers down the gaps of his abs, trailing over the dips and curves of his abdomen, relishing in the feeling.

Barbara’s mouth was almost wide open with a weird smile as a string of saliva slowly dripped down her chin…

Before she moved to work on his shoulders, she cupped a feel of his chest once more, grasping it hard and lightly clearing her throat, “Your body is muscular and you look so amazin— I-I-I mean…you look healthy..so no worries! You don’t have any injuries!”

The whole process took roughly ten minutes, which was longer than he expected it to be…

(She’s a good girl, getting so worried about me.)

Yomite thought with a gentle smile. There was still the thing about the date of Jean and Barbara but that could wait.

Both of them were busy individuals, after all.

It seemed that Barbara even wanted to continue the check up for a while longer, making sure he was completely fine, but before she could…

Hu Tao lowered her brows at her weird behavior.

She could no longer watch how she ran her hands around him like that and stepped in front of him, speaking with a hint of irritation, “He is healthy, check on me too! I’ve been waiting here for a long time already!”

Barbara hid away a slightly displeased frown and placed her hand on Hu Tao’s shoulder, smiling yet not smiling with her eyes closed, “Mhm…I just checked and you are completely fine. No need to worry.”

Saying that, she promptly ignored her while pushing her aside and massaged his shoulder blades instead.

Yomite was dumbfounded as he stared at the young woman, giving him a massage with a smile on her face.

(Huh? Hu Tao didn’t even need to take off her clothes and the check up only lasted…one second? Wait a minute… something’s wrong here…Wait a minute!? Then why is it taking so long with me!?)

He widened his eyes in disbelief as the realization hit him…

(Am I just being…sexually assaulted? Is that it? Man…this world is disturbing…)

All of a sudden, without any warning, she ran her fingers down his hips, right between his two legs and massaged his thighs with a firm grip, making him shiver.

She moved slowly, carefully at first, as if to soothe the tight muscles there.

It took everything in his fiber being to not get hard from this weird sensual massage.

He sighed in pleasure from the contact, and his eyes slipped shut for a moment, letting out a soft moan.

He felt the vibrations through his core from her passionate massage.

After several long minutes she removed her hands completely from his legs and sat next to him on the bench, moving closer towards his ear.

“I’m ready whenever you are for our date.”

She cooed while, grasping his left hand with each of her own, staring at him from up close and if he looked closer, he could see her chest heaving up and down, as her warm breath made a cloud of condensation in the crisp, heating up the frosty air of the cathedral around them.

Somehow, this girl seemed very dangerous…

Compared to how he she usually was, the shy persona was barely around anymore.

Currently, her presence felt so strong that he could not seem to get out of her way no matter how hard he tried.

He could see it in the way she stared at him, that frenzied gaze, as if she was obsessed about him…

He was seriously being assaulted by a younger girl…

(Both of the sisters are perverts…)

He concluded.

Tired and hungry, Yomite thanked Barbara with some difficulty and returned to his mansion while carrying the displeased Hu Tao on his back.

By the time they returned, Fischl was already sleeping and Lumine with Paimon greeted them, but soon disregarded them as they were in a heated match of chess.

To Yomite’s surprise, compared to when Paimon lost every game playing cards, her chess game was solid and Lumine was falling behind.

He left them be and headed to the kitchen to make dinner for both of them.

After they finished eating, they played rock-paper-scissors to decide who would head out to wash themselves first.

As Yomite won, he went to take a shower while Hu Tao was so tired she couldn’t stand straight and had to lay down somewhere.


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