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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 13: Heading Out. Bahasa Indonesia

I was thinking for a while and decided not to use Primogems for anything related to summoning as it would make no sense, so I will improvise and change it a bit to something like Constellations you get from the Wish after rolling the same character.

Basically after spending a certain amount of Primogems, it will upgrade your Vision or something, giving your Vision a level up on strength or more stamina or something. I have still yet to decide but for now it’s going to be this.


Yomite left the smithy with a smile on his face. He bought a pair of shoulder protectors and a two-handed sword, or how the residents of this world called it, a claymore.

Yomite knew that this claymore was of pretty poor quality but seeing as there were no better options, he picked the best-looking one.

It was an expendable weapon after all. He even got a 30% off on both the weapon and the shoulder protectors, so it was all worth it as he only spent about a thousand Mora on all of the items.

The weight of the weapon was ideal and he even got something like a scabbard with it.

Once he paid for the things with Mora, Yomite asked about the types of currencies in this world. Will it be copper, silver, gold, platinum, or will it be something else?


Schultz, the disciple of the mighty blacksmith explained, that there were apparently two main types of currencies in this world. There were also a few side currencies although not many people used them.

It turned out it was something completely different from what he had in mind.

Mora and Primogem were the main batches.

Mora was used in every city, every part of the world. You could buy anything with it. From housing to food to weapons.

Primogem, on the other hand, was very special. From what he said, it was an ancient currency useful for people with Visions. However, it was pretty useless to others.

Apparently, you could use a certain amount of Primogems to make your Vision stronger. So your power level would basically jump by a huge mile.

Yomite already saw what a Vision can do. In one instance he was almost beheaded and the other had enough magical power to penetrate a dragon if Kaeya managed to hit it, but that wasn’t really the goal there as he just wanted Yomite to get aboard the dragon.

Just how strong would a Vision be if it was upgraded by the Primogems? Could the power he received from Sia also be upgraded? He had to conduct research later on but right now, he was starving.

‘I am hungry…where is she at?’ Yomite pondered as he leaned on the door of the closed Inn that Jean mentioned before.

He went to check or maybe make some sort of deal with the owner of the Inn, but they were indeed closed down. It was empty as if they fled.

‘Probably due to the Stormterror’s attack…Jeez, I am starving…’

Just then, Hu Tao walked from behind him, holding apples, other kinds of fruits, and what appeared to be meat on sticks in her hands, “I bought food~! Let’s eat and wait for others~!” She announced with a droll. Her stomach must have been just as empty as his.

“I thought you were lost.”

He could finally satisfy his hunger. He ate the meat vigorously and had to admit it was delicious. “Good job, Hu Tao-chaaan~.” He praised her for bringing it to him.

Upon hearing his words, Hu Tao almost dropped the food on the ground out of disgust, “Assistant-kun…that was really… repulsive. Please refrain from calling me like that…” she felt a chill down her spine. Seeing him suddenly act all friendly and happy and not grumpy made her feel weird.

“Jeez…you are so hard to understand.” She huffed.

Yomite scoffed, ‘She gets to call me whatever she wants but doesn’t want me to do the same…so much for my new daughter, what a brat.’ he showed a thin smile.

“Ah, now that I remember.” he pulled out a few coins from his sack.

He wasn’t sure how much she paid for everything, but he handed her 1000 Mora in return because after all, a part of that was also his food and she paid it off of her own budget.

“Thank you~! Payment received~!”

“Don’t make it sound like I just paid you for some questionable services…”

“No worries! No worries! I am old enough~!” she said with a mischievous grin.

“That doesn’t make it better…” Yomite was getting lightheaded from her. It was a really troublesome child.

He was wondering how long it would take till he fell over and died from exhaustion while dealing with her.

‘Nah, I can’t afford to do that, or else she would laugh at me…’

He could already imagine him in his soul form, ready to pass on in peace, only for him to be kidnapped, held prisoner by her, telling him bad jokes on a daily basis and teasing him about the way he died.

“Fu-huhuhu~! Assistant-kun! Good morning~! You promised me to go fishing next week, but you got a heart attack today…Too bad~! Well at least even after your death you are keeping the promise of collecting worms! Badum tss! Funny right~? Got you there didn’t I~?”

Just thinking about it made him pissed.

‘At this rate, I want to live as long as I can to not meet this dumbass.’

They were about to leave the town when Hu Tao stopped to look at something.

Yomite had a bad feeling. He followed her gaze and saw that she was looking at the Adventurer’s Guild.

‘Oh god…not again…’

He spoke with a slight frown, “Hu Tao…Please don’t.” He didn’t want to see another desperate attempt to make a deal.

She looked back at him with a smile, “Don’t worry~! Don’t worry~! The Acting Grand Master said she would resolve this for me after all! I was just thinking if we should make a party or not?”

“A party? That might actually be interesting. There might be quite a few benefits.”

Hu Tao nodded and replied, “It’s actually very beneficial. Normally, you complete quests and get a reward. But in a party, you can get twice as much money for each party member.”

“Isn’t that kind of…abusable?” He frowned. “It seems like a very dangerous thing for them to do. What if someone makes a party of fifty people and completes ten quests daily? Wouldn’t they bankrupt in a few hours?”

“No silly~! Of course, there is a rule to balance things out. They make much more money from the materials and from the clients posting these commissions! Besides, there is a rule that says that no matter how many members there are, you can only get this bonus up to four members!” Hu Tao explained.

“It’s weird but I understand.”

Being called silly by Hu Tao herself, made Yomite question reality.


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