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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 128: Full Of Energy! Bahasa Indonesia


A few weird sounds later…

Diona came out of her room, holding a drink that for some reason, didn’t look as horrible as the one she served him at the Cat’s Tail pub…

“Here. Have a sip.”

On the contrary, it looked like lychee juice.

It may have been because he asked for a non-alcoholic drink instead, so she might have decided to be nicer to him, but he would never know if that was truly the case.

It seemed more pink and bubbly than anything else, so he supposed it was safe to assume that the drink she was serving would be something completely different from anything he ever had.

(Maybe it’s going to be even better than the last one?)

Yomite took the glass from her hand and raised it to his lips. But contrary to his expectations, the drink didn’t particularly have any sort of taste.

“This is a gift from me. Be sure to use it well.”

Yomite didn’t know what she meant by that but decided to check out her status instead, as he was quite curious about the peculiar kitten.


Name: Diona

Age: 13

Title: Kätzlein Cocktail

Occupation: Bartender of Cat’s Tail tavern

Hobby: Hunting prey

Likes: Her father, fishes

Dislikes: If people pull on her tail, Vegetables, Alcohol, Diluc

Dream: To tear down the wine industry in Mondstadt

Current mood: Calm

Relationship Level: 5/10 – Acquaintance

State of Relationship: Recently Met

Afflicted Status – Blessing of the Spring Fairy (Lochfolk/Oceanid)

– User is unable to make a bad drink.


(Blessing of the Spring Fairy…So that’s the reason…)

“Say…Have you ever met a fairy?” He asked her casually.

“A fairy? I didn’t take you for someone who believed in stuff like that…”

She obviously denied it and didn’t seem like she remembered ever meeting anything even remotely close to a fairy.

“If such fairy did exist…she should have been here when people were suffering from the disease…”

She eventually said, almost like she was thinking out loud. Whichever part of her believed in such fairy was long gone after such vicious disease spread.

He took a moment to wait for her to finish and changed the subject, “So…why was this drink so much different from the previous one? I couldn’t taste anything.”

“I guess because you’re not used to it.” She answered with a grin.

Yomite raised an eyebrow at her.

Diona smiled as she looked up at him, noticing how his brows furrowed in confusion.

“It’s actually because it was special. It will make you more relaxed in the upcoming days and you will be full of energy. That’s my ‘thanks’ for saving not only my daddy, but this village as well.”

The drink she served him was apparently called a ‘Bruice’, and she further elaborated the process on concoction.

A drink that boosted stamina…

His suspicions were confirmed.

So far, Yomite deduced that Diona’s blessing was capable of two things.

One: the consumption of the Non-Alcoholic drinks she made could increase his stamina.

Two: the consumption of the Alcoholic drinks she made were good no matter what ingredients she used, or how disgusting it looked and smelled.

This blessing was great.

“Hero, come down here, I have prepared the fowls!”

A sudden voice interrupted his train of thoughts. It was Draff who shouted from the Kitchen.

Both of them went down, and Draff handed him the prepared fowls.

“I hope you like them!”

Draff shouted out loud, to which Diona jumped up and hit him in the head, “Stop shouting you drunkard! My ears are sensitive! We are right here!”

Yomite smiled and pet Diona’s head out of nowhere, this action stunned both Draff and Diona, but it didn’t upset her.

He very much loved animals and cat girls were technically just bigger and cuter animals.

They talked for a bit, but seeing as it was getting dark, Yomite decided to say goodbye and went back to his mansion, where he distributed the fowls for dinner.

For the first time in a while, Fischl agreed to eat meat instead of light salad because the food simply smelled way too good.

Paimon and Lumine gulped it down immediately, and Hu Tao ate at her own pace.

Yomite ate his share slowly, thinking about Iris.

He didn’t know when she planned on waking up, but he had to say it felt a bit lonely, not having that gluttonous freak around…


The following day.

8 am.

Yomite’s mansion.

Today he promised he would go on a date with Hu Tao. And he planned to deliver.

(So far, so good.)

The day was proceeding smoothly.

He got up early from bed and got dressed before making breakfast for his teammates who lived in his home. Everything was ready by seven.

Waking up early wasn’t fun and he disliked it very much. Yet for Fischl, he forced himself to overcome his laziness two days ago and he planned to do the same thing today.

Yet somehow, today was different. He did not mind waking up early, since it gave him more time to think about how to approach the situation at hand.

Not to mention he couldn’t fall asleep during the night no matter what he did. It seemed like Diona’s drink was way too powerful, his body was full of unused energy that needed to be released.

Most of his companions were currently still asleep, but two certain individuals would be up soon enough.

Yomite was sitting at a table, brooding over a cup of surprisingly good tea. He received these tea leaves from Lisa, apparently as a thanks for keeping Jean’s secret.

After a calm five or so minutes of him sipping on his tea, Fischl and Hu Tao both showed up, greeting him.

Of course, Fischl woke up very early in the morning to jog and probably just took a shower and stayed in her own room till now, so it was no surprise to see her, and Hu Tao also didn’t have a problem with waking up at this hour.

It seemed like he was the one who was acting a little bit spoiled by wanting more sleep in his schedule…

(Then again…both Lumine and Paimon usually sleep till afternoon if I don’t wake them up…)


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