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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 124: No Thanks… Bahasa Indonesia


It was simply as if the God of Bartending themselves resided in that small adorable body of Diona’s, her small hands could turn anything and everything into a terrific, delicious drink out of every drunkard’s wet dreams.

No matter how many or whichever disgusting ingredients were used as a base for the drink, it would turn into an Asexotic delicacy.

Frog’s poo? Delicious!

Dusted butterfly wings? Delicious!

Eyeballs and fertilized eggs of a dead fish? Delicious!

And many other exotic and…horrific ingredients…

No matter what she used in her drinks, it would turn out to become absolutely delicious…

She simply turned garbage into a God’s gift that people fawned over and couldn’t resist, much to her dismay and utter confusion.

She simply never made a bad drink. More accurately she just couldn’t make a bad drink, such was her physique and innate ability…

But the huge minus here was her attitude…and Margaret still hoped to make Diona’s attitude better…Even if by a little…

“It’s alright, Madame Margaret! We don’t mind!!”

“That’s right, Diona’s cuteness…*ahem* I mean…quality drinks are why we’re here in the first place!”

The customers cheered in delight as they praised Diona without reservation.

“Tch, drunkards! Drunkards! All of them! If you don’t shut it, I will make you the most disgusting drink you will ever taste in your life!!!”

Diona yelled angrily at the rowdy and drunk group of people— her cat-like ears stood straight on end, twitching vigorously as if mirroring their owner’s anger— who once again laughed at her fuming and adorable small frame.

As if in response to that, a drunk woman from their group stumbled into one of the tables and fell over, spilling the drinks, causing all of them to roar in laughter once again.

“Tch! These…disgusting…wretched… stinky…Tch!” The little cat girl Diona cursed under her breath as she glared daggers into the party of drunkards. Her arms were outstretched towards her lower torso as she shook in anger, her cat ears trembling and twitching as her body quaked, her antics making her look all the more adorable.

She kicked into Yomite’s chair out of frustration, huffing again as her tail swiftly swished left and right, and then continued her annoyed stomping upon the wooden floor under her as if wanting to vent all her anger at the poor wooden furnishing.

Her hands were balled up into a tight fist and she was visibly agitated, trembling more and more by the second.

She had been in such a good mood earlier today when she was on the way to see her dear daddy and saw that he wasn’t drunk for the first time in a while, only to end up in this wretched pub again, surrounded by more addicted alcoholics…

But she couldn’t quit just now…

Her goal was to infiltrate the Wine Industry to tear it apart from the inside!

She couldn’t give up here! For her dream, she must hold on!

The easiest way to destroy her enemy was to take them down from the inside, right? That’s why she joined the alcohol industry to do just that.

It was clear as day how much she despised the people of this town for their drinking antics, and it did not matter where, who or when…as long as someone was consuming alcohol, she would bash them without any reservation…

As to her, alcohol was the source of all evil.

Everyone said she was a miracle worker of some kind, when it came to making cocktails that is, yet the truth in the matter was that she always wanted to make the cocktails and drinks as bad as possible on purpose, yet they still, each and every time, turned into something unbelievably delicious.

She was in disbelief, and till this day she didn’t understand this trait of hers.

It was like a boon, but to her it was nothing but a curse. The greatest curse in existence.

A curse she had to get rid of as soon as possible…

Diona wanted to make disgusting drinks so that people would stop buying alcohol altogether, yet her drinks were so good that she brought in even more customers!

Her plans were failing miserably!

Meanwhile, Yomite fell silent in thought.

Despite being a bartender…the best bartender at Mondstadt at that, from what he heard.

She was complaining that her customer was often visiting this tavern to get drunk???

(Isn’t she weird? Shouldn’t she be happy instead that they get to cash in on Kaeya as he is a frequent customer?)

“Sorry, sorry, Diona…please stop shouting at me…”

Kaeya laughed aloud, bringing his hands forward towards Yomite, “You should be thanking me instead! I brought you the man you wanted to see so much. The man, the myth, the legend himself…Here he is, in his full glory! Presenting my lil’ brother, the man of many mighty titles such as: The Hero of Mondstadt, Honorary Knight, Savior of Dvalin, The Ladies Man and The Cholera Destroyer!”

Yomite rolled his eyes at his frivolous words, especially on the Ladies Man Part.

How could he be so shameless to say something so disconcerting like that out loud?

Diona widened her eyes, and her cat slits immediately focused onto the visage of poor Yomite, her ears also stood on attention, who had no idea what was going on and felt like a victim that fell into yet another one of Kaeya’s ploy and was now about to be kidnapped and sold on some slave market…

(So much for a friend the moment I call him as such!!! This jackass…) He cursed vehemently in his mind for his foolish thoughts.

“…So you are the one? ‘That’ Yomite?” She surveyed him from top to bottom with her judging gaze and didn’t seem much impressed. “Meh…”

Yomite smiled at her wryly, and nodded as a dorm if reply, “I don’t know any other guy called like that, so I guess I am…?”

“You’re coming with me then! Hmph!”


She pulled on his sleeve hard, but her small frame did not have enough strength to move him from his spot.

She watched with a frown as he continued sitting on the bar chair with his hands stuffed in his pocket leisurely looking at her antics.

“Move! This instance!”


He replied lazily with an expression she could only describe as smug, and then yawned.

“Because I said so. My daddy wants to meet you, Yo-mi-te! For a hero, you sure are unwilling to accept a request!” She scoffed, her face red and eyes full of vehement anger, while her hands were shaking at her sides. In a word, she looked extremely cute.

“Ah, we’re already on the first name basis…I see, Di-o-na~ Then tell your father to come here, I will wait.”

He replied with a raised eyebrow at her arrogant words and leaned back onto his elbows, stretching his arms out to the side before turning to face her. “I’m comfortable here and ain’t moving, so no thanks.”

“Unbelievable! I’m so tired of this job! You’re not getting any drink orders until I get confirmation that you’re coming with me!” She crossed her arms over her petite flat chest and exclaimed angrily.

(Now let’s see what he will do about that!)

He was just like others, just another drunkard, she was absolutely sure of it.

He was bound to follow her immediately, if he baited her with drinks.

Little did she know…


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