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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 117.1: – Challenge Accepted, Prayers Fulfilled! Bahasa Indonesia


After the infuriating cockblock from Lumine, he spent a few hours playing cards with the rest of the group as he glared at Lumine the entire time.

Although she didn’t seem to particularly notice his gaze, filled with venom and murder, as she was too absorbed by the cuteness Paimon generated as usual.

He noticed Hu Tao’s gaze, glancing at him from time to time. However, the moment he looked at her, or even tried to look towards her general direction, she looked away.

(Oh, so we’re playing this kind of game then? What is up with her!? Is she actually embarrassed or is it something else, I’m not privy to?)

It wasn’t until one game later that Lumine and Paimon went to get themselves something to drink, and both of them were eventually left alone.

He finally decided to approach her and ask what was going on.

“What’s up with you?”

She paused for a bit before responding in her usual playful tone.

“O-oh nothing…just enjoying myself… playing card games~! Yeah…”

He could tell that it was a blatant lie even if it was subtle but he continued anyway.

“If you say so…Come to think of it, would you wanna do something tomorrow?” He asked meaningfully, with a wink as he put his arms around her waist pulling her closer to his chest.

“A-ah…Y…you…want to…to…to…train already? Sure we can!”

She uttered quickly, with a shy smile adorning her face and a slight stutter accompanying her tone, as she tried to calm her violently beating heart.

“That’s not what I meant! And don’t be so shy!” Yomite chuckled at her antiques, leaning down and kissing her cheek.

They were already pretty much a couple. What was there to be embarrassed about now?

Or maybe he was going way too fast for her?

No, that couldn’t be it…

Just moments ago she asked him whether she could sit on his face without even batting an eye, and the next moment she was blushing from being hugged and kissed…

How innocent!

He could see the red blush creeping up her ears, coloring them in a pink tone, but he didn’t care.

“I worded that poorly. No, not training, just the two of us on a date. Walking through the streets, eating, drinking, and maybe even going near the outskirts of Mond to enjoy the view or something.”

“…Just…the two of us? You pe~rv.”

Hu Tao seemed to have slightly recovered from her embarrassment.

She could still feel the blush staining her cheeks, making them hot, but she tried to ignore it as best she could.

She hoped he didn’t see the crimson color that had dyed her face.

“…Unfortunately no…I have some business to do tomorrow. Shortly after we were released from the quarantine today, I received a letter from the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, giving me enough work for a few days, and I plan to focus on that. They also told me I should return soon.”

Her reason was more serious than he anticipated, and she didn’t seem to be lying to him like before.

“Alright, I will just ask Fischl then.”

She nodded, saying it was a great idea.

He stood up and left the room, alone. He had enough of playing, the card games were starting to bore him.

He had to move his bones a bit.

Taking a walk around his mansion, he stopped in front of a familiar door that was decorated with gothic design, contemplating.

The door was made out of solid iron and unlike the rest of his mansion, this specific door had been carved out of a black marble, decorated with intricate designs etched into it that formed into a large F with two dark black bat-like wings spanning across it with a couple of purple lightning bolts drawn on top, which was obviously the inicial of Fischl.

It was tall enough to be a foot away from the ground, if not taller, and looked strong and sturdy, forming a rectangle about one half its length. The two handles of the door were inlaid with dark brown wood, and a doormat with a design of a black cat laid in front of the door.

Everything about it looked edgy and chuuni-like and it totally didn’t fit in this mansion, yet he agreed to her request a few months ago, to recreate something that would fit the Prinzessin, and she was more than satisfied.

He reached forward and knocked on it three times. Then twice for good measure, just to be sure.

(Would she even agree? Well, I mean…it’s not like it matters. If she doesn’t want to go out either, I will just stay home then.)

There was a pause of silence, before he heard a rustling sound and then a loud thud, as if someone fell from the bed.

(Nah, she couldn’t have…)

The woman on the other side of the door answered, “Y-Yes?” and he heard shuffling as if someone was getting dressed.

The voice was familiar and warm, even if a bit out of breath— it was obviously Fischl.

“I want to talk to you, can I come in?” His words were spoken with such certainty that it took a moment for the meaning to sink into Fischl’s head.

She stared at the door and tried to ignore the erratic pounding of her heart.

“Come! Come on in!”

A small smile formed on his lips as he took one last look at the large edgy door in front of him before reaching out to take a hold of the handle.

The door was opened easily with a small push, the sound of metal hitting metal echoed through the hallway and the door closed behind him as he entered Fischl’s room.

Fischl appeared in his view, sitting on top of her bed in her pajamas with a worried look on her face.

Her hair was all messed up as she woke up not long ago, and she had a blanket thrown over her body wrapping her snugly.

“I’m all ears…what is it that thou wish to discuss with this Prinzessin? So late…at night…”

Her gaze was radiating expectations and worry.

“I’ve been thinking of going out tomorrow, would you mind tagging along?”

Fischl perked up a little bit upon hearing his question, “To go on a quest? Why, of course. This Prinzessin shall accompany you at any time. Tis only given, no?”

She was a reliable companion.

She would help him with anything he wanted.

“Well, we could do quests, or maybe just enjoy ourselves in Mondstadt. We could eat something in the Good Hunter’s restaurant as I heard they have a new dish. Frankly there’s not much to do in this city so I would rather just leave and try to look for some good scenery which both of us would enjoy.”

“Yes, that’s within the boundless possibilities we can explore. This Prinzessin Der Verurteilung has no doubts tha—”

Fischl stopped speaking and perked a brow up, after deeply thinking about his previous statement, something didn’t add up.

Enjoy ourselves in Mondstadt?

Eating a meal in a restaurant?

Good scenery?

Why did it feel like he was… proposing something to her?

Something like a date???

“Ehm…Starlord Yomite.”

“Yes, I’m Yomite.”

“…Who else…is coming?”

Fischl asked, her voice cracking a bit at the end, expectations and the slightest bit of exhilaration threatening to leak out of her voice.

“It’s just you and I,” Yomite said calmly.


(Isn’t that basically a date then!?)

She thought to herself, the corners of her mouth twitching up, almost forming a wide grin she was currently holding back from showing.

She saw through all of it now.

This was a challenge laid by him to see if she was worthy of him.

She shall accept this challenge and pass with flying colors!

“I’ll go!”

This was like a chance straight up from the heavens.

It was as if the Gods of Celestia had finally heard her prayers and granted her the opportunity to spend time with the person she secretly loved.

“Great, which time is good enough for you?”

“…Early in the morning at 4 am.”

He looked confused by her reply but decided to agree anyway.

He will be waking up early tomorrow…

Meanwhile, Fischl was worried whether it was way too early for him…


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