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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 11: Rewards. Bahasa Indonesia

Was busy making 4k smut chapters for the future, so at least you know what you can look forward to now. Will post one more chapter today if possible and then three tomorrow as I am pretty free. They gave me a day off at job. Yaaaay.


Kaeya stepped forward and started explaining the current situation to the Acting Grand Master of Knights of Favonius, Jean. From the situation near the gate to the Stormterror attack and so on. They had a lot to discuss, and as mentioned previously, Kaeya wanted to give them some form of a reward for their heroic actions.

During that, Yomite stole a few glances at the Witch in front of him. She was silently reading a book while listening to the conversation. It didn’t seem like it interested her much, or rather, the book itself was more intriguing than what Kaeya had to say.

He peered at her secretly, but not too long as to not seem rude. He can appreciate beauty without acting like a disgusting pervert. She was his type, so acting like a creep was not the way to go here if he wanted to strike the gold.

‘Top-notch figure, tall, mature woman with an insane sex appeal. It seems like coming to this city was a really good idea after all.’ Yomite pondered.

As if she could read his thoughts, the Witch lifted her head and noticed he was gazing at her. She teasingly smiled and sent him a playful wink. Yomite smiled in return, and for a while, they just stared at each other in silence.

Hu Tao noticed that the woman was staring at Yomite and nudged him, “Hey, is that lady your acquaintance? Because she is looking this way!”

Without breaking eye contact with the Witch, Yomite replied silently, “Nope, I said I was a wanderer, right? There is no way I would have ever met her. We are just getting along. We are just greeting each other, nothing more.”

Hu Tao glanced at the Witch, making her lose focus and look away from Yomite. She gave Hu Tao a friendly smile and a small wave.

“…and once it was over, I brought them all straight here.”

“I see. Thank you for your thorough explanation.”

Kaeya was finally done with explaining so he stepped back and awaited any further orders or questions from the Acting Grand Master.

Jean steered her gaze and spoke, “Mondstadt welcomes you, windborne travelers. I’ve already introduced myself earlier, so I believe there is no need for such small formalities.” She pointed her hand towards the woman next to her and said, “This is Lisa, our resident Librarian.”

Lisa slightly bowed and asked in a teasing voice, “Oh, you sweeties, are you perhaps here to help us out? You are all so adorable!” The tone of her voice changed as she continued, “Sadly, your timing is regrettable. Stormterror has caused quite a ruckus in the region of Mondstadt since its recent resurgence. Simply put, Mondstadts elemental sphere and ley lines are now akin to a yarn ball in the paws of a kitten.”

“For a mage, things couldn’t get any worse. My skin is one elemental particle away from a full-blown breakout…”Lisa sighed while examining her skin.

“I think that you are good as you are now,” Yomite replied, gazing at her unashamed.

“Ara~ Ara~ Thank you for the compliment, Handsome~” She once again, sent a wink his way. Both of them were flirting with each other disregarding the others around them.


Jean cleared her throat and spoke, “Travelers. Lumine, was it? If it weren’t for the interference of the Stormterror, the Knights of Favonius would have better ways to help you than putting up a few missing posters…We simply ask that you repose in Mondstadt while we help you seek out your brother for you.”

Lumine was touched by the good nature of Jean, “…Thank you…I really should help out somehow as well…Finding my brother is my wish, but for it to be fulfilled I need the help of…everyone I can find.”

Paimon floated around and announced, “Paimon shall help as well! Everyone can count on Paimon to beat the bad guys up and steal their treasure!”

“In that case, I the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor shall help with something as well! Of course, after appropriate compensation was given~”

Everyone was getting excited and then there was Yomite.

“Hey, I kind of wish to get some reward money and to find myself a place to sleep in if you don’t mind.”

Jean shook her head and replied, “Of course not.” Jean reached behind her to something that resembled a safe, but it looked like it operated with magical power, or rather, resonated with her Vision.

The safe opened, revealing quite a few bags of money. She pulled two bags out of the vault and handed them to Yomite.

“Here, both of these bags are one million Mora each. Hopefully, it will serve you well. As for the lodging, currently, the Inn operating in Mondstadt is closed down, but I have a place in mind. It’s a small house not too far away from here, although there is a small problem.”

“Small problem? What kind of problem are we talking about?” Yomite asked.

Jean sighed and replied, “Well…you see…there is a seal of some kind…blocking the pathway…so I wasn’t sure whether to talk to you about it or not…But best just forget the place…I will try to see if the Inn doesn’t want to reopen.”

“I see…a seal…that’s quite troublesome.” He had no power that could help him break through a seal so he was back to square one. Trying to find himself a place to stay.

‘Wait but now that I think about it,’ he turned to Hu Tao who was jumping around like a dog waiting for her reward in the form of a contract with the Adventurers Guild. “Hu Tao? You seal away evil spirits, correct? Is there a way for you to also unseal something? For example, the seal that was mentioned just now?”

Hu Tao shook her head and replied, “Unfortunately, I have no experience in this kind of thing. Also, the sealing ceremony for the dead is a completely different kind of sealing ritual. I am sorry I am of no help.”

‘Go figure, well at least I gave it a try. What to do now? I did get the money…Should I just leave the town to search for another settlement or a city where I can stay at?’

Kaeya pondered for a while before replying, “In that case, why not just stay in my home? I get kind of lonely sometimes.”

Yomite thanked him, but it simply wouldn’t work, “Hu Tao also needs a place to stay at, considering she plans to stay here for a while, and even sign up her contract with the Guild, but thank you for your offer.”

‘Haah…why is everything so complicated, can’t I just summon myself a new house with some kind of overpowered magic spell?’


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